Thursday, October 29, 2015

letting Autumn in . . .

A (9"X6")  $ store Composition notebook I covered with paper, washi tape, fabric, a pearl swirl, lace & hearts.  The canvas heart was zig-zag stitched around the edge and 'frayed' and distress inked~

Though I was born and spent my early childhood just outside Detroit MI, and then at the age of 12 my father moved our family to Colorado Springs CO, my very favorite season has always been the Summer Sun~

Please don't get me wrong!  I loved the snow as a child.  There were several years I remember when my dad would 'flood' a portion of our large side yard and make us a skating pond!  In Michigan it would often last all winter long.  And so did the snow,  piled high in the neighborhood yards till Spring~
And I loved 'snow fort' building (remember filling old sand buckets? how many times!?! 100's of buckets of snow and hours of play...) 
 Then moving to CO just before turning 12 gave me an even greater appreciation for all that cold fluffy white stuff!  We moved to Colorado Springs, which sits near the bottom of Pikes Peak.  To see that Rocky Mountain range covered in the silvery-white frostiness convinced me of it's grandeur~
And the Autumn season is unmatched in Michigan I think.  The beauty of it all is incredible!
You could plan a vacation just around those colors~

So, where is this going?  Oh yes, 'Letting Autumn In.'    : )
I'm on a 'learning curve' right now; after my recent losses, and much prayer and study - -  and one of the things I am consciously trying to do differently is to live in the present; in the 'here and now' and enjoy where I am.  I used to grumble about Fall, because I knew winter was coming.  "I hate being cold!  No garage to park in and our winters here are so long!  Getting up when it's dark and cold, coming home from work when it's dark and cold . . .BRRR . . ."    just a brief sample~
BUT this year, this 'here and now', I don't want to be that way : ) I want to TRULY  'Let Autumn In' and enjoy all it has to offer. 

This is my mothers family.  She is front left, ( a bit of glare on here white dress.)  I printed the description on top of the photo! (rather than on the back which was my intention. That was one of those 'happy mistakes' I think : )  Scrap paper, paper doilies, some of my favorite gold ribbon and some canvas triangles & burlap strings~

Letting Autumn in doesn't mean  "Horrors No! Winter is coming!"  It means: One of the most glorious times of the year has arrived~  and I will, this time (and henceforth ever ever : )  offer Thanks for all I have and all God has done for me.  : )

A photo book (maybe about 6X7"?)I made quite some time ago, using absolutely all scrap bin stuff! (except for the front and back covers which I believe are (click >) 7Gypsies.  The heart is canvas and stenciled w/Gesso medium. Lots of paper scraps and a bit of string, eyelets, ribbon and lace.  The image is from (>) Maja Design papers

I'm just at that vulnerable place we all find ourselves - maybe only a  few times in life; but  I'm learning to give-way~
Wishing you a wonderful week-end!  As for me,  I'll be raking leaves . . .   : )  and hopefully some crafting!
Karen O

Sunday, October 25, 2015


 I'm so happy to present this 'framed' photo of my wonderful Mother-In-Law at about age 11.
She was so very kind to me and loving; and we were so sorry to loose her two years ago.
 I created this 9"X5" frame with a base layer of brown corrugated cardboard, then several layers of linen and laces. The pale pink & green background is a journal card from Bo Bunny papers. Fancy corner punch was used on the photo~
I like to use the edges of handkerchiefs, and included some beads, buttons and a twill tape bow~ there are a few twirls of tulle and a soft lace rose in the top corner.

 I miss her deeply! But when I look at my granddaughter, now age 12, I see 'Barbara Ann' so much!  (They look like twins really : )  She was a delightful wonderful person and very missed by all of us~
I plan to enter this photo of Barbara Ann in to AppleApricot's   Linky Party ( > )  SIMPLY NEUTRALS TUESDAY! 
Lots of vintage loveliness there! and I'm sure you'll enjoy stopping in each week to see some truly beautiful 'neutral' (color based) contributions. 

 How is the early edges of Autumn treating you!?  It is beautiful here in Colorado.  The colors are in full bloom and the air is crisp during the day now~  My heater is kicking on during the nite! Brrr....


This is a birthday card I made quite some time ago.  I used several layers of   (>click) Maja Design papers - 'Walking In The Forest'         I made a few rolls of paper and tied them together with some twine; run thru an eyelet.
I stamped the 'postal' designs, did some machine sewing along the right edge, punched a butterfly to grace the top, and included a few home-made little flowers and beads and glitter in the bottom corner~
 There's also some checkered ribbon, a knot of rust colored seam binding and some raffia here & there.

Thanks so very much!  I always appreciate any who stop in to take a peek!
I hope you have a wonderful and creative day~  For me, working a full-time job : /  I am usually restricted to crafting during evenings and week-ends.  But even more so then that, I am of late restricted by my 'mojo' !!!  I want so much to create : ) but it just isn't always there.  I can say though, that in lately starting to blog, I am INSPIRED BY YOU!! and enjoy stealing away (during the day @ work) on breaks and lunch to visit around and see what you are up to and enjoy your encouragement!
Have a wonderful week!!
Karen O

Monday, October 19, 2015

White Burlap and Lace Photo Album

Welcome and thank you for taking time to stop in!!

I am home from my  journey to Ohio with my eldest daughter and grandchildren.
(My dear husband is buried there and we went to mark the one year anniversary.  My heart is full and even breaking;  I miss him so very much.    And he would have loved this trip -  my sweet wonderful man~ So much beauty to behold.)

We saw SO MANY LOVELY THINGS along the way. The gorgeous fiery colors of the trees and shrubbery.  And wonderful old barns! (I am an avid fan: ) The views were spectacular as we drove the nearly 3000 miles to and from~  Each state offering something unique and interesting~

Today I am sharing a small  photo album I made (maybe 5"X6"), using white burlap, canvas and lace.  There is a piece of 'bird' paper (isn't it pretty! : ) from  (click here>) Pion Designs Scrapbook paper from Sweden, (I inked the edges w/distress ink)
a bit of white corrugated board, and a mix of beads & glitter, and some ribbon.

I am planning to link this album to Wen's ( click >)  SIMPLY NEUTRALS TUESDAY !!!
She is currently hosting a wonderful weekly Linky party posting photo's showcasing neutral colors.

Once opened, There is a lace pocket on the left (lace is from Etsy > TreasorsdeLuxe laces; etc)
A place in the center for photo's (green gingham fabric, and I stamped a rose on some thin cotton)  I also included a few 'tags' (for photos or journaling.) 
On the right there is a Battenberg pocket to hold a small note pad, and on the far right is a pocket made from a cross-stitch doily.   Inside is a teeny (3"X3") mini photo album made with canvas.

The  mini  is pinned together with a Tim Holtz 'I don't know whatcha call it do-dad pin! : ) The clock is stenciled with Gesso.  I used some vintage buttons on the heart and added a few beads as well.  Oh, and the wedding photo is my grandparents! 

The album has a simple button and loop closer.  I included a close photo  so you could see.

This album was gifted to a neighbor who has been a big blessing to me since loosing Alan~

Well, Autumn is truly here in Colorado Springs, CO : J
We usually experience warm days and chilly nights!  And such is the case since I've returned.
My daughter and grandchildren will be leaving soon to make the trek back to their home in Montana.
I miss them already!  : /

I have enjoyed blogging again; and I thank you so much for reading and commenting too~
It's nice sometimes just to "shout out" and share.  And I am  Learning  So  Much since I found some of you in Blogland.
Your posts are amazing and so so inspiring.  I am encouraged to keep crafting~
Have a blessed week!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Paper Bag Anniversary Card~

I used a flat paper bag (like the one's you get at Hallmark when you buy a greeting card) and I simply folded it in half and decorated it~ I used scrapbook paper, a silk flower, some (canvas-like) gathered trim/ribbon and bits of stuff I had around! Beads, micro-beads, glitter and a paper doily...
There is a 'knot' of bright salmon colored seam binding to gather the bottom corner: ) It matched the paper so beautifully.  (Of course you can use the opening of the bag - now the back page of the card- to slip in a gift card or photo, etc.)
I will often do some kind of  sewing on my paper-crafts too.  I stitched a little along one edge of the bag.
The "Love Is..." scripture was a rub-on I've had for a long time~

Another paper bag card (vertical - one size smaller than lunch bag size: ) made with (>) Maja Designs scrapbook paper from Sweden~
There are beads,  washi tape, and some handmade paper flowers. I used seam binding for the bows and added a button, mini paper 'scrolls',  and a stick pin.
* A hint I'm sure most of you know about already! but if you want a nice 'stiff' bow, dip your seam binding in fabric starch (full strength or diluted,) squeeze out the excess and  let it 'mostly' dry. When it is slightly damp, iron it. Makes a nice crisp bow! : )

Neither of these cards contain any vintage fabrics or lace this time : /   but the style and quality of this Maja
paper brings a vintage-like  'look'  to these cards I think~

Thank you so very much for stopping in.  I have not been @ my computer for a while - I've been traveling with some of my family - but was able to hook up with my blog and thought I would post a few pictures.
I am a titch road weary and ready to be home; but our travels were lovely and probably very good for me : j
There is some emotional healing going on~

We have seen so much beautiful countryside - and Ohio this time of year is gorgeous.  The drive home to Colorado will bring wonderful scenery I'm sure! Though I am a  fan of the Summer months,  there really is no rivaling the Fall in terms of beauty;
 is there!?!  I have seen some wonderful old barns along the way, and wish I could stop and photograph each one!

Wish you blessings today~

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's a Good Day (Birthday card)  and a Thank You note with a sewing theme~

Made with bits of scrapbook paper and journal cards, there is some punching (for the doily edge and the 'ticket' strip)  and the film strip piece along the bottom is from Tim Holtz~

Here is a Thank You card made with a base of Kraft paper, then lace and checkered scrapbook paper.
The maniquin is chipboard with glass glitter and I've added paper rolls to imitate 'fabric' : ) and some buttons and beads.  The scissor washi tape is some of my favorite!  I rubber stamped "you're sew nice" on a piece of twill tape~

 I hope your day is going well.  I am still busy with family and travel, but have found a place to take a few minutes to blog : )
My THANKS!! to you for stopping in to take a peek!  I appreciate that so much~

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Remembering You~
Always     Forever     Still . . .     my  LOVE

October 10th 2015 marks the one year anniversary of the day I lost my brightest star and deepest dearest friend.  My love for over 36 years; I still cannot fathom you are truly gone.  But, alas, it is true, and you are no longer here with me.  The pain and loneliness (like the Grand Canyon)  are still too overwhelming for me to try and convey. My grief and sadness cannot be expressed in words - so I will not dwell there.  
Instead, I want to commit my memory to the wonderful and comforting thoughts of you dwelling in Heaven - and in the arms of Jesus!  Thoughts of you fishing on the shores of crystal lakes, with your faithful companion "Sydney the cattle dog"  at your side : )  (who, for the record, could not bare life without you and would not eat enough to live- dying 31 days after you.)
I want  thoughts of you now living free from the raging pain of Multiple Sclerosis and freedom from the cancer that finally took it's toll.
I think of our  wonderful little life together : )  & how we would find happiness and fun in the smallest ways.  Contentment! even in the midst of the limitations life  inflicted.  I loved our life together and I love you~ Your daughters & son-in-laws, grandchildren, your family and friends, all miss you     so.   very.   much.

Though our circumstances were sometimes difficult, there was so much joy to be had! Whether  you were well enough for us to  'steal away' to Montana to see the kids, or, if the weekend  consisted of a day on the back patio and a Friday nite pizza~ Life was Good my darlin' man, life was good.   Your courage has moved me, and encouraged me.  I am still learning from you. And though without you, my life will never be the same, you have given me both roots and wings~

I am realizing as I write this, that, I probably wasn't ready to write this : /   (tears tears tears) but I want to mark your anniversary and honor you the best way my little heart can right now.  So I will end with the words of a song from:

 Nichole C Mullins - I Will Always Love You

Tell me,   if you break the hour glass
can you hold to what you have?
 - can you make the moment last?
And tell me, if you give away your heart
and then, life tears you apart-
Is it the end - - or just   the start?

Well no matter how far you go
I will always love you
Like a thousand rivers from my soul
I will always love you

I miss you, and the funny things you'd say
I remember every day
In a hundred different ways
And I miss you, being here with me
And though you've been Set Free
I hold you in my memory

I love you~
No valley is too wide
I love you~
Across the Great Divide 

So - - soar through the skies above, or
Conquer the earth below,
There's one thing I want you to know

No matter how far you go
I will always love you
Like a thousand rivers from my soul
I will always    love    you~
Alan ("Poppy" to our grandchildren) ~ Nov 1961- Oct 2014
              The sweetest thing,  I've ever known,  is loving you.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

VRAI AMOUR (true love)

Paper and Fabric  wall hanging~

 This was done for my parents; celebrating 60 years together!

This is their High School Graduation photos.
Using heavy chipboard as the base; I added various papers, linen, hanky edges, lace, netting, & punched paper. Some of the laces are vintage. There are a few silk flowers from (>) Treasors Deluxe  and ribbon... even a bit of washi tape (my dad is a musician so I added a bit of music washi tape.)  Well...  there's lots on here!  I rubber stamped  all the 'postal' stuff and the Vrai Amour.
 The wall hanging is Approximately 10"X10" & hangs from a sheer taupe colored ribbon.

I would like to tell you a little of their story~
They met in 6th grade and fell in love!  They started dating as soon as social norms would permit; and have been together ever since! Married 1 year out of high School.  Dad absolutely adores her to this day, and Mom is such a loving and faithful wife.  I could go on and on, but I will just stop here and say,   theirs, is a story of  "~Vrai  Amour~"
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Matchbox Treasure Boxes~

I'm so happy you stopped in!

Our weather is starting to coooool down.  I knew it would be coming~

I thought I would get a post or two ready ahead; before I get busy with some visiting family.
 I like the matchbox style! and it's so easy to find various size templates on the internet.
The larger one is made from Prima papers;  the smaller is a mix of papers.  The cute  image is from (click >)  Pion Designs  scrapbook paper from Sweden.

I added some beads and glitter, netting and a wide silk ribbon to the larger box.  It is about 4 or 5 inches long.   The "once upon a time" is a tag cut from a Sizzix die. 

On the small box - is lace, cheesecloth, narrow gold ribbon (I love this ribbon! wish I could find more,)  bits of linen, and 3 little flat-side beads for a crown.  The bird and text were cut from Pion papers.  This is near true-to-life matchbox size~  I added a teeny pull chain to the box bottom.  OMW! I thought I'd never get it secured! (but, I did ; )

Thank you Ever-So-Much for stopping in! 

Blessings to you!