Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 "Look Alike"  cards today~

Hi there friends!  Thanks for stopping in : )
Just posting 2 cards I recently made.  One for a birthday, and one, unfortunately, a Sympathy card.

I recently purchase several sheets of this beautiful paper and the neat die-cut pieces;
created by  Kaisercraft   (scrapbook suppliers.)
And though usually we see "sympathy" cards in more 'subtle' tones; I thought my friend (who just recently lost her husband of 42 years : (    would perhaps appreciate this style~~

Below is the Birthday card - actually made this one first~

Do you like the faux 'stitch-stamping' along the edges?  It's from a stamp designed by Gabrielle Pollaco for a company called Scrapbook Diaries - an on line store.

well, I guess that's all for today!
I do want to tell those that follow, that I am feeling SO MUCH better these days!
Thank You Lord : )

Have a great rest of the week~

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Forever  Beautiful

Hello dear friends!  Thanks ever so much for peeking in today~
I created a simple 12"X12" lay out of my 2 incredible daughters~
I could talk of them for weeks, and never finish all the good things I want to say about them.
(love, Christian kindness, concern, generosity, fun! friendship, and a unique genuineness to say the least.)
Their love has been the best! - I well with tears and just can't express how much they mean to me.

I am using the beautiful  'Vintage Artistry' paper collection by 49 and Market Co.; purchased on line @ - - >
https://www.thescrapbookdiaries.com/product-tag/49-and-market/   (The Scrapbook Diaries)
This is Quality paper!; super thick and so beautifully created.
Now, does the photo look a bit - - distressed?  : ) This was taken at "Chuck-E-Cheeze Pizza Palace! : )
It was one of those 'sketch' machines;  But I love it~

I kept this very simple, letting the photo and the paper shine.
The branch is a Memory Box die, and I embellished it with stickles glitter, sequins, and old mis-matched jewelry pieces that I purchased (for creating : ) at a garage sale.
The flower was cut from a 'Tim Holtz' die.  - - > http://timholtz.com/tim-holtz-products/  I also used some of his products listed below (the blending tool and ink.) 

The 'burlap looking'  texture I added was not  stencil and paste,  but I used an embossing folder (dry) and my rolling pin!   (Very Sophisticated!  : )
Please experiment on a scrap piece of paper; but I hope you will give this a try!
  Instead of using the folder on a piece of paper and sending it through a 'Bigshot' or embossing machine,   I put the corners of my project in the folder and used the edge of my rolling pin (the circumference edge near the handle) to rub (hard!) the areas where I wanted texture.
  Then I used a sponge blending tool (or you could use a make up sponge)   and some distress ink to highlight the texture.

I sure appreciate you taking time to stop in and see what I've been doing!
 I mentioned I was working on my craft room in an earlier post, and it has renewed some creativity in me  *smile* albeit simple.

I will be sharing this lay-out @ - - > Wen's blog; "AppleApricot" for her "Simply Neutrals Tueday"
Bi-weekly she hosts a wonderful array of neutral projects and photo's.  So much creativity awaits when you visit her blog!  Please stop in and see!   *(I was not 'recently'  featured, but the other pic won't load properly! *sigh*)

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings to you,
                     Amanda and Melissa, the greatest gift I've ever been given~  Thank you Lord~

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A little vintage style décor;  and a few little thoughts too <3

Hi friends!  I've been doing some thinking (well, OK, a lot of thinking! : )  and I wanted to just talk about it for a bit . . .
But first I would like to share a small piece I put together last year, but never did post.

This is a small washboard (maybe 10" X 4") that I've added a scrapbook paper design to.
The papers are from Graphic 45 company; and the collection is called "Raining Cats and Dogs."

I first cut out the umbrella girl and the surrounding flowers.  (Isn't she a cutie!)  I inked some of the edges to add vintage flair.    Then I traced the design on a piece of black cardstock, adding a 16th inch 'shadow' edge - and I mounted the design to the black paper.
Then I took that and traced it onto the checkered paper - adding about a 3/8ths inch? shadow edge.
I used some  'pop dots' adhesive pads to stick the girl image to the checkered paper, for dimension. 
I had at one point added a ribbon & bow to the washboard (it was a beautiful coral color) but later didn't like it! so I took it off.     Anyway, It was a fun little project I really enjoyed creating!

And sooo, on to a few thoughts I'd like to send 'out there' to Blogland!   : )   : )
It seems like so long ago, but it was only early June when I was driving through the Colorado mountains and  saw the burned trees (remains of the forest fires here)  and the flooded area's as well.
I blogged about it here on   JUNE 12th  Titled    "MAKE ME NEW AGAIN" - - but right now my blog won't let me insert a link  for you!  *sigh*   but you can find it in my archives.
Here are a few photo's I had included: 
I was talking of the desolation I saw that day in the forest fire and flooded areas of our Rocky Mountains - - and comparing myself to that;  feeling like a dead tree : (  in my circumstances as a widow)

 But then I mentioned how I kept seeing those little "peeks" of green,  little 'green signs of hope'
flying by my window as I breezed down the mountain highway!  And my heart changed.  And my thoughts turned.
 And I realized  - God would "Make Me New Again."  : )  as time goes on.  There was much to hope for.  I will be green again~


                            And only a few weeks after writing that blog (on 6/12)  I started getting sick. 
HEY, wait a minute!!  I was supposed to be  'being made new again!'  I was supposed to be transforming from a blackened burned dead tree - to a new sapling!  This was my time for change and growth!  For renewal and strength and hope and gratefulness. 
Yet what happened to me over the next 6+ weeks was not seemingly those things -   but rather sickness and stress, weakness, numbness and confusion.
And. Some. Fear.

What was happening? !?  Well, for one thing, I think  - - some, character building? 
Some testing of one's faith?! (hmmm? : )   some more time to consider and reflect and learn . . .
  Perhaps I was . . . breaking the seed shell and starting to push my way up through the ground! 
In other words,  I'm not a "ready made tree!"  or a transplant.  I must be re-Grown~
And so often, one of the ways I learn, change and grow - is through adversity.  Through struggles and difficulties.  Yes dear friend I often learn best that way, because I draw so close to God in those times,  - and He can always seem to get my attention~
Like the story of the little oak tree, and how it is best formed to be a strong and sturdy tree through the winds and rain and heat of the sun.

Well, to sum up my thoughts - -  during these past weeks I feel very much like I've grown : )
Through the adversity, I've grown.      Oh friends I sure hope so~
And as I re-read this post, I don't know if you can relate - or even make sense of what I've said; - but that's OK too : )    <3  I've been in a pretty tough battle, but I think  I'm breaking through the ground!  A sapling who wants to be a strong and lovely tree when I grow up! LOL 
Yes, - I want to change my landscape~

Thanks so much for listening to this crazy lady talk your ear off!  I appreciate you.
Oh, and I didn't go to any detail, but in my reflections lately,  I've realized I need  to continue on the path of DE-CLUTTERING  my house and life.  So, I have!   And  I've been working on my craft room!  And I like it so much better.  Re-organized and de-junked.  Lets hope I can get in there and create something soon. 

hugs & Blessings to you,