Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweet little things~

I was reading somewhere lately that it's  'the little things'  in life that mean the most.  And I do tend to agree.  There are many  'sweet little things'  in my life that have great significance and importance~
And when you think about the little things, like, someone who genuinely smiles at you, or, sends a note or gift 'just because' (thks Shirley, thks Marylou:) or a simple hug or prayer sent just for you - well, that really does mean a lot!
But as I was sitting in my kitchen/dinette area   I was thinking about how those 'little things' usually link to something much much bigger.
The little things in my life usually link to - Relationships.  And those are BIG things to me : )
And of course I'm sure you feel the same~
I recently made a 'stick hanger'  to hold this sweet old toddler slip, and finally got it hung up where I could see it (not just sitting in a basket of linens:)  This slip was in amongst a small box of linens that came from my dear mother-in-law  (who passed away in 2013.  I blogged a bit about her  in Oct, but I can't get the link to go there ~ *sigh)

I do not know if the slip was hers as a child, or something she acquired from elsewhere - but if I could guess, I would say it came from HER mother (who I knew for many years also; "Grandma Kate" : ) and may very well have been moms.  There is no way now to know for sure~
I just know I love it and cherish it!  And it was 'moms.'  She had it in amongst some beautiful hankies and other linens; and my sweet and generous sisters-in-law were kind enough to think of me. 
Here's a few more shots,  for those who like a closer look! : ) LOL

The hem is so sweet.  I like the scalloped edge~

I had to repair a rip in the bodice; left side near the arm hole.
I'm probably not the one to be entrusted with a job like that!  I can sew, but  
I worry when something is truly vintage and special.  I did my best~ 


Would you like to see a few other treasures I acquired in that box?! <3
Baby doll sox!

Oh.  My.  Word.  These stockings were hand made.  I turned one inside-out to check: )
So sweet.  So simple.  And you can see they were well played with~

There were several handkerchiefs in the box as well; and I've lately been cleaning, ironing and placing them on an old baby crib rail I found in a "freebie" pile.  I hope to show you the crib sides in another post.
My photography leaves a lot to be desired! : J  (I need lessons.)
Beautiful details on this one~
So, there you have it.  And there are several more special pieces that I hope to display.
Isn't this last one so pretty?! : )
And each one makes me think of 'mom' (my MIL) and grandma (GMIL).  And it's interesting, even without knowing for sure if these were 'family heirlooms,'  or just acquired 'little things' along their life's pathway,  my heart only knows them as "moms."  And that relationship means the world to me~

As you ponder the little things in your life, I hope (and am quite sure) you will find the "link" to what makes them matter most.  And often times it is our relationships~
Let's make the most of them. : )

I am late and not sure if there is a deadline - - but if I can, I will be linking up to > AppleApricot Blog!  Where our dear friend Wendy is hosting the by-weekly "Simply Neutrals Tuesday"  party!
Weekly linky partyI hope you will take the time to visit if possible.  She hosts a beautiful array of neutrals photo's, fabric, paper projects... I think you'll find some wonderful ideas there.

May the Lord richly bless you dear friends!  I am honored you took the time to stop in; and especially if you made it to the end of this long post!! :) Thank you~  Karen   PS:  It was snowing on my way to work this morning~

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Sewing Kit - with a bit of family history~

Hello dear friends! 
So glad you could stop in today.  I have wanted to share this for some time now.
Made (exactly) 2 years ago~
This is my Grandma; my fathers mother~
I have been blessed with several dozen good family photo's; so I try to include them when creating.
This is actually a sewing kit! - that started out as a card.

I was making a card for one of my sisters and she didn't have this particular photo; so I thought I would use it.  This was grandma at 15 years old.  She was a bride's maid in a wedding in 1926  I believe.
Well I was at my sisters house and we needed to sew something; but she had no essentials!!
So when I got home, instead of finishing this as a card, I decided to make it the front cover of a mini sewing kit! It is maybe 7"X5"
He name was Alberta; but her family called her "Bert" or Bertha from what I gathered.  : )
She was born on a farm in Gagetown, Michigan - 1911.
Both her parents were from Eastern Canada; and both were French. 
I don't know the story of how they made their way to Michigan at the turn of the century,
but I think perhaps my father does.  He has done quite a bit of study~
Alberta's grandparents & greats came over from France to Canada in the mid-1800's
from what we can tell from my fathers genealogy studies.
There were 14 children in her family; but 2 died  young. : (
Grandma lost her own mother when she was only 9 years old~
But she did have several older sisters who were able to take care of
the younger ones.
Even in her old age, and for as long as I can remember back, Grandma would cry if ever she talked ablut her mother.  She never did get over loosing her so young.  She told us there was sickness in the house (maybe scarlet fever or something quite severe.)  Her mother nursed the children back to health and then died herself from it. 
My My.
I didn't realize what a sad and troubling thing this would be to post~ I just started telling her story! and it lead to this.   But life can be so hard at times. 
Yet, she really was a jolly sort of person to be around : ) She loved the little things in life, and one of her favorite things was to rock us little kids to sleep.  Even 4 & 5 years old - if it was nap time, you could crawl up into grandma's lap and she'd sing and rock till - -z z z z z z z  ; ) !!
And she loved a porch swing!  And she loved the breeze in her face.  Yep~
Well, let me tell you a bit more about this mini sewing folder/kit~
The base is a medium canvas; covered on the outside with white burlap.
The inside pockets are made from a vintage brown hanky. 
Since my dear sweet wonderful  : ) sister did not even have a needle or thread!
I simply set her up with the basic essentials. The right pocket is full of small spools.
There are needles, pins (tucked in the rosette)  and scissors tucked in a piece of wide 'twill tape' ; sewn @ points to the back.  On the left side is a box of buttons and misc. stuff.    I included a  measuring tape and a roll of fusible web for quick hemming~
All of the sewing I did on this kit was of course done before adding the photo or embellishments to the front.  I added (sewed in to the sides)  2 long strips of twill tape to tie it all together. 
I added bits of my favorite lace (which is almost gone! - that's OK; I'll find a new favorite; )
and also some seed and micro beads.
THANK YOU!!!!  For stopping by and meeting Grandma Alberta : )   
and peeking in to see my sisters sewing kit~
We are still in the throws of snow here in central Colorado *sigh*
But it is not surprising : J  And I'm learning to enjoy whatsoever season I'm in.
(well, trying to learn - - more than just 'patience'; but true contentment where I am)
Spring comes to us when she is good and ready! 
I mostly say, we don't really have a Spring.  It's the end of Winter with some warm days mixed in; then . . . SUMMER is upon us!
And Summer is my favorite~
Blessings to you all and may God direct each and every day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You are not here by chance~

Welcome friends!  So happy you could stop for a moment today~
I was visiting @   Sue's blog   "Miss Phoebe's Perch"  last week and she mentioned
finding a quote on the piece of cardboard that was packaged in a new calendar she had gotten.
It reminded me "Hey, that happened to me a couple years ago!"  so I thought I'd share that little experience with you today.

I opened our new (then) 2014 Barn calendar and found a 12X12 piece of cardboard slid in the back; helping to keep the calendars' shape of course.  But as Sue said, it wasn't just a blank piece of cardboard,  it had this wonderful quote printed on it! What a nice surprise~   I thought perhaps it would come in handy &  I knew I wanted to make something for my sweet Alan with it.
Fathers Day was not far around the corner, so I put together this framed (I called it a plaque, but it's really just a framed)  quote : )  The frame itself was a gift from Al's mother (who passed away the year before Alan did  : (   so it was special to him.
 Who knew, just a few months later, his purpose would be fulfilled and he would be gone.
Missing him with my whole heart . . .

I'm grateful for the reminder Sue : ) and I will be entering this in Wen's bi-weekly linky party!
at: > 
Weekly linky party
Please stop over to visit Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday link up.  You'll find a host of neutral treasures there!

For this project I used:
*some vintage style paper behind the quote
*some white corrugated board under the quote
*a leather zipper pull
*and 3 truly vintage nails
*The heart is made from natural batting; stitched to look a bit primitive and pitiful! LOL  A button from  grandmas' jar was added, and a stick pin and seam binding bow.
 The frame is glassed, ( you can see the glare.)

How are you this week?  I just came down from a busy week-end of cleaning, clearing and sorting.
It's time for some household changes : )  And less junk and clutter is already helping me feel - - better~
 There is truth to the saying that less is often better.   There is a peace and joy I feel from my surroundings when I 'rid' it of superfluous stuff!  It just sneaks up on me.  I don't realize how I add to the landscape until months or even years later; and I start looking around going Oh My Word!  : P

I hope your days are filled with blessings! And let me encourage you to undertake some de-cluttering this Spring season.  Oh, I bet many of you are already in that mode? : )
Hugs to you,  Karen

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

 (my 40th post, wow! : )

Welcome dear friends!!  I have been away for a bit; and trying to find my own 'pace' in this wonderful world of blogging!
 (tks Tam: )
I recently had the pleasure of visiting my 2 daughters and their families for Easter.
Oh my did I need that! And although the visits are always "too short" : )  I enjoyed it so very much~

Here is a 12X12 lay out I did of the girls about 2 years ago.  (the photo was taken when they were 7 & 4 years old.)
The papers and embellishment are from My Mind's Eye Company, the "Find Your Wings And Fly" collection.
 I added a few bright buttons, gray & white cotton twine & and some checked washi tape~

FIND YOUR WINGS AND FLY~  They surely did.

I absolutely adored those girls! (Melissa, and Amanda the younger)  and I still do today.  Though far away, they are my sweetest and best friends.  They take great care of me and are so diligent to make sure I am getting along well.  Melissa checks in with me every day~  Their hearts are filled with the love of God, and they are wonderful women; with love and honor for me, their mother.  They're simply the best!
Just a bit older here~
We were sitting in the car and they were watching for their daddy to return.  Amanda had recently gotten one of those "wedge" haircuts!! Oh dear!! What can I say, it was the 1980's! : )
Here is my elder daughter Melissa, with her nephew (my grand son!) Tom.
My eyes well with tears just thinking of her kind nature -  she is so wonderful!
Below is Amanda my sweetie! Full of fun and good sense too~  Those are her girls, my granddaughters Emilie (left) and Olivia.  The little boy is a cousin of theirs~
(Tom pictured above belongs to Amanda)
Children really are a blessing aren't they!? 
My hope is to some day live near them; and soon! (Please God: ) 
I think that will be the end today : )  I need to get back to work! LOL
Please know your visits and friendships mean the world to me!  and I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to pay a visit~
Love & hugs,  Karen