Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Again, reaching into my treasures for vintage style- textile photo albums (2)

Hello to all who stop in today!  Thank you for your most welcomed visit~
I spent many months ( a few years ago) posting pictures of my art work and 'rambling' on my blog; with -0- followers!  And I was fine with that being the case~  I needed an outlet for my heart and thoughts; and I needed a place to share my work.
  I told myself, "Even if no one follows, this will be a good experience"  and it was; it is!
* Simple fold canvas covered with some white burlap, vintage (and not so vintage) laces, Maja papers  (April-so pretty! : ) along with white corrugated board and beads.  On the right edge there is a piece of lace with elastic button-hole loops~

I've learned so  many  things  since starting this blog, and have made some friendships I believe will last me a lifetime~  There are so many out there (YOU! : ) who have taught me so much about art, and many who have shared emotional and spiritual support that has carried my faithless little heart and my tiny wings through many a troubled waters.
*Open album with lace pocket and Battenburg lace doily pockets.  White felt heart covered in vintage white buttons.  Maja paper 'spools' for holding special photo's or journaling.  (PS thats my moms parents : )

Reaching back into my early years of work I'm able to see I had an abundance of creative energy (though perhaps only a few friends to share it with,) and my crafting time was so limited - I remember staying up till 2 a.m. to finish things I could not get out of my head!  And then have to go to work in the morning~ (I still to this day work a full-time job)
 Whereas at this point in my life I have almost -0- creative energy, have a more flexible work schedule, and more friends and acquaintances to share with!  Try making sense of that! : ) LOL
But part of life for me is learning  that God gives lessons in everything~  And I want to learn; not just in one category - but in many categories!  So I will continue my path as I'm lead, and if I've nothing 'new' to share - I'll keep digging up my favorite things as time (and inventory ; ) allows~ Who knows!?

*Here is a teeny mini canvas album that tucks into the right side pocket.   Held with a T Holtz pin and some ribbon~ The clock is a stencil and Gesso I think.

For my 2nd album, I have a  bit larger one I made a few years ago for a dear craft friend~ This one is quite "Froofy' too!  ; )   [The lighting was soo poor for pics]

 *White netting and vintage buttons~  Cotton tags and paper.  Wedding pearl strip.

 *Butterflies stamped on (T Holtz.)   The photo (a copy) is edge-punched.

Much of the fabrics and laces came from my late-husbands grandmother.  Actually most of it did!  Except what I've picked up at sales.  Some stained or unusable hankies had great lace edges to be cut off and reused~
*Quite lacy and 'froofy'!!  The rossette was not made by me; but isn't it lovely?  I would like to find more of those.
  ~And who in the world could that little girl be?  hmmmm . . . . . ( I inserted copies of some family photo's just to give her reference)

(Again I ask,who is that girl?! . . . )    On the right I made a pocket from a vintage dinner napkin.
There is a piece of jewelry (necklace?) adorning the fold.
I think that is a Maja Designs photo; train conductor.     Looks like I 'beaded' everything! lol
*have a beautiful day ---<3
Made these little flowers from a lace edge; running a seam through and pulling the tail string to gather it. 

Well, there are 2 more blasts from my past : )  I hope you enjoyed.
I am still soaking in my Summer.  How about you?  Though the nites are getting quite chilly!  the daytime temps are still flip-flops and Tshirt weather! : ) And that brings me joy.
Loving hugs to you,

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Needle/Sewing book~

Hi friends!
I'm hoping your Summer (or Winter ; ) season is going well?!
I have been keeping busy with family; and that, for me, is the best kind of busy!  I am going to start creating a project soon I hope - - But my heart is still reluctant - as my mojo's been on an extended vacation  (sigh : / )   So,  once again I am bringng a treasure from the past and sharing it with you today : )
I shared this story a few years ago~
I was at my sisters house and we were trying to mend something - but she had no sewing basket or even the basics for hand stitching!  So I got it into mind to create a little needle book & basic sewing kit for her, using this favorite pic of our grandmother.
It started out rather simple, but grandma's photo inspired me to embellish it rather 'fancy-like' ! And I gifted Mariann with this.
The outer layer is white burlap; the inner layer is muslin.  I used a vintage brown handkerchief  to create 'pockets'  for some essentials - and I stitched a piece of wide (cream colored) bias tape across it horizontally, to create some slots for scissors & etc.  I enclosed all the necessities for a basic repair : )

The front cover is a combination of Maja Designs papers (love love love . . .)   Some machine stitching and pearl-like beads, silver micro-beads, seam binding ribbon, die cut flourishes, bits of glitter and laces. Whew!
The little metal 'envelope'  embellishment was a Hobby Lobby find : ) The key is chipboard.
So there she is, grandma at about 15 years old~  (circa 1925)
And Mariann  now has a sewing kit - should the need arise!!  :  )

Wishing you a blessed day today and a wonderful week-end to come <3
Loving hugs,

Monday, July 8, 2019

Observations Journal; in with the old!

Hi friends~  How is your Summer going?  I'm so thankful you stopped by today!  I appreciate you  peeking in.    I am finding myself busy and not all-to-very-creative I'm afraid~  So rather than leave things go, I'm posting an Observations Journal I made in the summer of 2014.  Hope that's ok!?

I was noticing some burlap posts elsewhere, and it reminded me of this mini I made.  I usually give away as gifts most of the things I make, but this one is a treasure to me : ) and I've kept it for myself to enjoy~
Created with a burlap base, this little (aprox 6"X4") field journal contains lots of organic/textural elements; including mulberry paper, velum, seam binding, older papers from Graphic 45,  some metal and lace - - I guess a bit of everything!  Here are several pics below:

 The Daisies are a tissue paper, decoupaged on to page one.
 A velum pocket on the left side to hold a tag. 
 The bird is a Graphic 45 die cut, and the stem is 'fussy-cut'. 
 Twigs from the yard, and the birdhouse is a stamp~
 Fussy-cut butterflies from Mr. Tim Holtz paper!
 Pockets and envelope to hold tags and notes of observation  : )
 Here is the back
It all ties together closed with some white twill tape~

Thank you so much for looking in today!  I hope you have a blessed week ahead!  We are warm and sunny, so I'm a happy girl : )
Hugs <3  Karen

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Step on out baby girl!

Hello friends!  Did you enjoy your week-end?  I had some great quality time with grandkids and my daughter too~
Quick post - another rather grungy card with a vintage family photo, once again featuring  my mother-in-law.  I believe she is about 5 years old in these photo's.
I've always wanted to use these 2 photo's : ) In the first one she is kind of hiding in the shadows of the front door - and then she "steps on out!" into the sunlight, and the camera's view~
This card was very different, even for me I think.
I used some pressed flowers from several years ago.  My husband made me a flower press and he even grew the little Jump-up flowers you see here. 

 There's a titch of cotton lace, MS wild flower punch on the bottom, and some bits of my usual embellishments~  I snuck in a piece of that washi I've lately come to love, but I now think it was a bit out of place here. What do you think?   I'm a dare devil ; )  LOL!
Thank you so so much for taking time to peek in and see my card!
 I appreciate each one who stops to look. You mean the world to me~
 Hope your week  ahead is filled with beauty~
Hugs,  Karen

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Family Photo Birthday Card~

Hi Friends in blog world! We are having a sunny day today, and I am so happy!  We hit a patch of  very cold  rainy weather - and I'm so eager for Summer~ Perhaps she is here <3

I'm sharing another birthday card, highlighting a photo of my (late) mother-in-law; when she was about 2~
  These post  pics were taken during our few weeks of  cloudy weather- so the lighting is terrible!
The base is white cardstock; stamped.  Then a (generous! ; ) layer of cheesecloth.
I used  My Minds Eye papers and washi tape  
for the layers.  I wish you could see the tape better -
Well wait, you can!  Let me take a pic and add it here*

 I love that stuff! : )
   I added a few sequins and micro beads as well~
 Thank you for stopping in!!  It is back to work now for me~
Is your week going well so far?
I am busy enough : ) with my bookkeeping and accounting (I know, *yawn* ; )
Looking forward to this warm sunny day~
Hugs to you,  Karen

Friday, May 31, 2019

A bit of this and that~

Hi friends~
Your visit is Very Much Appreciated!!
I hope all is well for you?  Are your days warming? (or is it snowing yet! : )  [Our friends in Australia are heading into their Autumn and Winter seasons.]   We are warm and a bit rainy in Montana; but I love to look out my apartment window and see the lush green grass! (rather than mountains of snow : )
I have just a few cards & whatnot to share with you today.

A birthday card for one of my dear sisters-in-law.  I made a copy of a vintage photo.  This is her (& my late husbands)  Poppy - [top left.]
Simple, quick and easy card using some My Minds Eye papers; layered and edges inked. The 'paper-clip' looking cut out is from an old die.  I stamped the tag with a fun sentiment and bike. Twine for good measure! : )
This is quite the vintage shot, isn't it : )
Look at that poor skinny boy next to Poppy!  He should share that candy bar!

 Next is a small tag I made from a piece of recycled Prima packaging~
 When I fell in love with scrapbooking/card making it was both vintage And shabby-chic that made my heart race!
 A little 'ticket' under the bow. A small piece of Kaisercraft brand 'sewing' paper.
The stitching was already on the tag (I think some resin pieces came on this?)
I 'fussy-cut' some small flower clusters from pattered paper and loosely attached.

The last one is a simple 'envelope-style' card made quickly! I needed a Thank You for two special friends~
 This (env. style) idea was shared a few years ago on a blog (no longer active) -  I really liked the look!
 I like to use postal stamping~
 This envelope style is so simple, but I think it dresses up the look of a card so pretty~
Thank you sooo much for peeking in! 
 The warmer weather has brought on baseball and soccer; and so I've been busy enjoying my grandkids games. 
Wishing you a blessed week-end~

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Finding a little time to create~

Hi friends!  I'm still here : )  and have had a bit of time and a little creativity~  Hope you are well?  Are you heading into a busy Summer season?  We had a few very warm days - but (sigh) still in the midst of 'rainy-cool' weather. Perhps this coming weekend we will warm.   That's OK; Summer is bound to be late some years : )  she can get lost along the way - Montana is so far . . .

Here's a large tag    (from >  Graphic 45 )
I used some vintage book paper (Lesson Hour with the Little Ones . .)
I've also used papers and washi tapes from the My Minds Eye paper collection called "Gingham Farm." > 
I added some seam binding in black and gold; and a chipboard hinge from Dusty Attic.
I covered the hinge with white paint, clear crackle medium, distress ink; and some micro-beads~

The chipboard butterfly is covered in micro beads as well : )  There's a little felt flower under the ribbons,  created by a dear friend.
 I always seem to go a bit crazy with those teeny beads!  You should see my desk . . .(they roll all over the pace! : )
That's a little chipboard heart near the top, held fast with a black mini clothes pin.
I attached the hinge with a little "give" so it can hold a few photo's or notes~
Sorry about the shadowy post pic's   : /  There just hasn't been much outdoor light during these cloudy days ( to take good photo's with my phone.)

I think I must say goodbye for now.  I hope you have a blessed week ahead!!  I have one or two small things to share when I can get back~ I'm glad to have been at my craft desk and actually create! LOL ; )
Loving hugs to you'