Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Again, reaching into my treasures for vintage style- textile photo albums (2)

Hello to all who stop in today!  Thank you for your most welcomed visit~
I spent many months ( a few years ago) posting pictures of my art work and 'rambling' on my blog; with -0- followers!  And I was fine with that being the case~  I needed an outlet for my heart and thoughts; and I needed a place to share my work.
  I told myself, "Even if no one follows, this will be a good experience"  and it was; it is!
* Simple fold canvas covered with some white burlap, vintage (and not so vintage) laces, Maja papers  (April-so pretty! : ) along with white corrugated board and beads.  On the right edge there is a piece of lace with elastic button-hole loops~

I've learned so  many  things  since starting this blog, and have made some friendships I believe will last me a lifetime~  There are so many out there (YOU! : ) who have taught me so much about art, and many who have shared emotional and spiritual support that has carried my faithless little heart and my tiny wings through many a troubled waters.
*Open album with lace pocket and Battenburg lace doily pockets.  White felt heart covered in vintage white buttons.  Maja paper 'spools' for holding special photo's or journaling.  (PS thats my moms parents : )

Reaching back into my early years of work I'm able to see I had an abundance of creative energy (though perhaps only a few friends to share it with,) and my crafting time was so limited - I remember staying up till 2 a.m. to finish things I could not get out of my head!  And then have to go to work in the morning~ (I still to this day work a full-time job)
 Whereas at this point in my life I have almost -0- creative energy, have a more flexible work schedule, and more friends and acquaintances to share with!  Try making sense of that! : ) LOL
But part of life for me is learning  that God gives lessons in everything~  And I want to learn; not just in one category - but in many categories!  So I will continue my path as I'm lead, and if I've nothing 'new' to share - I'll keep digging up my favorite things as time (and inventory ; ) allows~ Who knows!?

*Here is a teeny mini canvas album that tucks into the right side pocket.   Held with a T Holtz pin and some ribbon~ The clock is a stencil and Gesso I think.

For my 2nd album, I have a  bit larger one I made a few years ago for a dear craft friend~ This one is quite "Froofy' too!  ; )   [The lighting was soo poor for pics]

 *White netting and vintage buttons~  Cotton tags and paper.  Wedding pearl strip.

 *Butterflies stamped on (T Holtz.)   The photo (a copy) is edge-punched.

Much of the fabrics and laces came from my late-husbands grandmother.  Actually most of it did!  Except what I've picked up at sales.  Some stained or unusable hankies had great lace edges to be cut off and reused~
*Quite lacy and 'froofy'!!  The rossette was not made by me; but isn't it lovely?  I would like to find more of those.
  ~And who in the world could that little girl be?  hmmmm . . . . . ( I inserted copies of some family photo's just to give her reference)

(Again I ask,who is that girl?! . . . )    On the right I made a pocket from a vintage dinner napkin.
There is a piece of jewelry (necklace?) adorning the fold.
I think that is a Maja Designs photo; train conductor.     Looks like I 'beaded' everything! lol
*have a beautiful day ---<3
Made these little flowers from a lace edge; running a seam through and pulling the tail string to gather it. 

Well, there are 2 more blasts from my past : )  I hope you enjoyed.
I am still soaking in my Summer.  How about you?  Though the nites are getting quite chilly!  the daytime temps are still flip-flops and Tshirt weather! : ) And that brings me joy.
Loving hugs to you,