Monday, August 27, 2018

sometimes . . .

Hi friends~
How has your 'nearing the end of Summer' been going?  I hope you have been blessed~
I've been visiting around Blogland (not always leaving comments, but just enjoying your spaces and artwork,)  And all the while - hoping, waiting . . .(tic-tic-tic . . .) wondering if my 'creativity' will come back and re-friend me :)    Even  just for a little bit.

And then a few days ago I really needed a birthday card and small gift bag~  Hmmm what would I do?
I just couldn't come up with anything new or clever or different.  And I said to myself;
 "now, myself!!  You need a card and your mojo just isn't stirring.  Forget new and clever and different!
And go back to your roots  & just make a card"

Sometimes I need to go back to what I first fell in love with (when it comes to paper crafting)
and visit those simple idea's, those 'roots' from long ago.  Those places when it was all new to me and held such
lovely possibilities : )
                                            ~ Simple Shabby-chic~
So I put together this paper bag card with a few pretty papers, ribbon, bits of lace and tags.
The 'stitching' is stamped on (I know - - -)
The 'spool' shape tag was traced from some old Melissa Francis packaging; used as a template.
  I used some older Bo Bunny & My Minds Eye papers 

 I just attached my layers to the front of a small Kraft paper bag - & added the small gift and tissue~

Let me share with you two of the websites I used to frequent  when I was first learning to scrapbook and make cards~    I used to spend hours visiting around blogs and what-not, just looking . . . but these old friends truly caught my eye and inspired in me a lasting love of papercrafting!

 Beatriz Jennings (@ iralamija)  taught me how to tie a bow many years ago (don't laugh! I couldn't do it right, and she has a great little video that helped me discover the trick to it) and she made me swoon over her beautiful shabby-chic style; to whom I still mimic~
And though over time I grew toward a love of grungier/vintage shabby;  She still influences me today.  She has a wonderful shop on Etsy where she sells her creations and also many papers and tags to print out~

Gabrielle Pollacco was so kind to be a friend to me and encouraged me greatly in my early scrapbook years.  Her style is absolutely
and unforgettably gorgeous.  I found her blog (I don't even know how) and was hooked on watching her Youtube videos and reading her blog  tutorials on "how to" create~  Some of us need lots of help!  LOL
She was always there~
Gabrielle's blog is here -->  Such A Pretty Mess blog
 Gabrielle has spent the last few years more involved in designing  her own templates, stamps and stencils, but she does manage to blog every now & then <3 and I'm always so happy to see anything she creates~

 Sometimes I just need to go back to the beginning; (for me that was around 2009-2010,) and use it as a jumping off point.  Not sure where it may take me, but I hope it's someplace happy : )

Thanking God for all of you and the loving support and inspiration I find in each of you!

Monday, August 6, 2018

To Every Thing . . .

To everything, there is a season
And a time to every purpose under Heaven . . .
 Ecclesiastes ch 4

Dear friends and visitors,
My mother has died  : (   and I am once again dealing with grief; while also learning some important life lessons in this mean time.
 It was in April that I decided I better get myself to Colorado and be with mom & dad.
I spent the entire month of May with them and I'm so so glad I had that opportunity.  We celebrated her birthday (3 different party's! : ) and also spent Memorial Day together.  I was able to 'work from home' at their place so I had lots of time with them.  We created some wonderful memories which I will cherish always~
In May, Mom seemed to be rebounding and doing pretty well - -so what a shock/surprise it was to us to lose her suddenly in mid-July. (insert broken-heart here)
I of course went back to Colorado for her funeral services and have since returned home to Montana.

I often fail in the "thank you" department dear friends - but PLEASE know I really truly appreciate your love and support~

Sometimes we learn to 'grow; under the load'  - that is to say, we learn from difficulty and actually grow in grace and character because of it.  Even while 'in' it.
I hope that will be me~
I also hope my love and passion for crafting and creating will return again and the ideas and excitement for it will once again flow : )

I'm including a card I created a few months back, for a very dear friend; using a beautiful image from Suzi @ Etsy's:

I will be offering this photo @ Wen's blog
for submission in her monthly Link Up  "Simply Neutral Tuesday"
I'm snitching a bit of color into this 'mostly neutral'  party; but I'm hoping that's ok : ) <3
PLEASE take a moment to view her beautiful blog and all the lovely 'Neutral' entries~

This card includes washi tape, white corrugated board, layers of distressed paper, and a bit of ribbon.
 The image was trimmed with antique-edged scissors and white paint.
Here is another view with white background~

I'm beginning to feel like the "downer blog" !!??  Sigh* With much in the way of sad news.
  It seems as though I start to get 'back on my feet' and something else happens to bring pain and heartache.
But I'm still determined God WILL see me through and I will have much happy things to report as time goes on! <3   One happy thing for me is that Summer is still very much here in MT; and I'm enjoying flip-flop weather!  Lot's of sunshine and even hot days.
And if my creativity will find it's way home, I will welcome it with open arms : )

Wishing you much love and hopes for continued beautiful weather!