Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Covering books with scrapbook paper~

Hi there! and welcome to my blog~ How is your week going thus far?  I hope you are not buried in snow! : l  My heart and prayers go out to you in the eastern part of the US~
   We are having  mild winter weather in Colorado USA right now.  Cold and dry.  So typical this time of  year. *sigh* 
I  would welcome rain OR snow!  We really need the moisture here~

Please let me  share with you a project I undertook last year. 
 I love to read.  And not just on my Kindle : )  Although I do love that too~ I like the feel of a real book in my hands.  I like  bookmarks! and how a book sitting on the table reminds me to read. 
Well, I have a bookcase in my bedroom which was very - - unsightly! 
 With books of all shapes, sizes and colors - it just bugged me.   I had seen several articles and 'Pins' about covering books - so I decided to try my own idea!
I had this pretty scrapbook paper  pack of 12"X12"  from My Minds Eye brand  (In Bloom) collection, and I decided to cover a few dozen books with it~
Works so well - with just a few steps~
 I'm not a very good "teacher!"  but let me try to explain what I did.  (Perhaps I should have taken pictures along the way! (:z  hello, Karen?) But I was on a mission! and didn't think to share this until it was done~

1) I measured the height of the book and cut the paper to fit exactly.
2) I measured all around the width of the book, adding about 2 inches to each side (width-wise) for 'fold over.'
 If the paper wasn't 'wide' enough to wrap around the book, I zig-zag stitched strips of coordinating paper to extend the width.  Click on the photo below and I think you can enlarge the photo. *note - I did not overlap the papers; I 'butted' them up against each other and zig-zag stitched them together~

3) I then 'wrapped' the paper around the book and mark where the folds should be. *I used a scoreboard for crisp 'fold' lines; but you could just draw a pencil line on the inside of the paper and make your folds 'around' the book.

4) I used Washi tape (it has a light 'tack' and is removable) to adhere the covers to the inside of the book as you can see below. **These are 'every day' books! I wouldn't do this with rare or special ones: )

4) I opted to add strips of white cardstock to the spine with title and author.
I just printed the info on white cardstock and cut them out with wavy scissors : ]

They look so pretty on my bookshelf!  Much better than that unappealing eclectic mix~ It brings a sense of 'cohesion' to my bookcase.
If you have any Questions, please feel free to ask.  I know my directions are probably lacking.

This was an easy project, really. Took about 6 or so minutes per book,  once I got the technique down : )  I ended up covering about 25 books in 2 evenings~
I used:
1 12X12 scrapbook paper pack
1 Lg roll of Washi tape
 Paper trimmer
 12X12 scoreboard and bone folder
*To attach the labels on the spine I used an adhesive runner.
*I did reinforce the stitched seams on the inside (backside that doesn't show) with a strip of Washi as well. 

** Remember, these are 'everyday' books!!!  Though Washi tape is removable, I would not do this for rare or antique books of course.

Thanks for peeking in!  I hope you have a blessed rest of the week~

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Greetings to you today!  How are things?  I hope all is well~  I am making my way through these winter days as best I can.  I know even this quiet time of year has  so much   to offer~ & slowing down right now feels awfully nice.
I have only recently heard about people attributing a "word" to themselves for the year; and do the best they can to follow it,  'live up' to it; or, emulate it - as the year goes by.  Well, I was making this card, and,  while it was to be a 'thank you' card, I wanted the recipients to know how much I 'genuinely' meant it!
  And then I looked at it.    Genuine thanks.
This simple card is going to some close family (my husbands side) and I showcased a picture of their grandfather, whom everyone called "Poppy."  And as I looked,  I realized
                         Poppy was the most genuine person, I think I have every known~ 
His life emulated that word.  He lived in a 'genuine' state and was one of the kindest and gentlest people.  Ever~  He was - -  himself.
So I got to thinking about that word and said - - "maybe I should do a word this year.  Am I one of those people who  could  do that?    Can I choose a word and live by it!?!  Hmmm."  I'd like to 'be genuine.'  I'd like to 'be myself' and be real.  Be who I am; even while I  S E A R C H  for who I am : )
I'm on a journey guided and directed by God, surly He would want me to be  genuine ?!
So . . I will   'Be Genuine.'   Oh Ohhh  I broke the rules already! That's 2 words. Hmmm.  : )
Are you genuine?  Am I !? : o  I hope so. Or, hope to be as I journey on.  As many of you can relate, I think I've often been afraid to be - - genuine.  Am I good enough?  Will I be ridiculed or rejected?
Am I too - - self-protective to be genuine and real? (yikes)
Let me just say to those of you who would quip back - "I don't worry; I am who I am . . . (la la la)" Well I say
BRAVO! : )  I wish I was as brave as you.  But only if you are genuine.  : ) LOL
Oh,   I'm probably somewhere in the middle,  but I'm on my way.   I'm probably still too consumed in my grief process (losing my husband about 15 mo's ago) to make commitments to living out a 'word' or living by a word (though I see nothing 'wrong' with it! and  a lot of things 'right' about it:) I still want to keep those words close to my heart and maybe even on my fridge!  (hey, I like to stay close to the fridge ; )
THANK YOU! for listening and looking in today~  I appreciate you so very much!
***For the card I used Kraft cardstock for the base, several layers of white textured stock (Bazzill), black photo corners, a strip of black seam binding and a large black star shaped button.  and a titch of B&W twine.  I did a bit of white pen 'stitching' on the button, just for fun~***
                                         Love & Prayers to you!  Karen
 I am linking up with Wen @    AppleApricot     for her bi-weekly Simply Neutrals Tuesday!
Weekly linky partyI sincerely hope you will stop in and see the beautiful  'neutral inspired' contributions!  Something for everyone there~
 XOXO  Karen                                    

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A few eclectic Thank You's ~(and a *note to you)

Hello to you dear friends and visitors!  I have been out of town for several days and was not able to peruse Blogland very well on my Kindle!! *sigh*  So I hope to get caught up with you very soon.

** I need to let you know something!!  I will no longer have internet @ home after today : l
It was a difficult decision, but for several reasons, I am giving it up~
I will still be able to visit and post; but only @ work during the week; on breaks or after work if I stay late.  I will be 'slower' to visit and give my thanks to you!  But please know I appreciate all of you so much - and will have to be inconvenienced for a while. **
The weather here is fairly mild and very dry.  Most of our snow is in the mountains.  I just came from Ohio, where the weather was Much Colder! : ) Or, perhaps it just seemed that way because of the humidity~
I so appreciate your visit!  And I hope for you a very blessed day~  Karen

Here are just a few different cards I made as "thank you's'.  An eclectic mix! but so typical of me!!
I always seem to go in several different directions when paper crafting.  I hope perhaps they will amuse or inspire you~
This little fairy girl is an un-mounted stamp from Lost Coast Stampers.  Purchased at a local craft store in Loveland, CO called "Artsy's"
She could be as sweet or 'sassy' as you want!! If you know what I mean! : ) Just looking at her expression~  I used some Ranger Stickles glitter on her wings and hemline.
The punch along the side is Wildflowers by Martha Stewart.  The paper is Kaisercraft.

I really like the 'feminine/country' look of flowers and checks : ) It's cheery; don't you think?
The flowered papers are from Etsy

Below is a paper bag envelope and a tag card.  The vintage tag /paper  is a gift from!  Thanks Liz, I am having fun! : )
The personal message is on the back of the tag.

The beautiful butterfly stamp is from Stempelglede  in Norway.
I colored the envelope with simple colored pencils~

I guess that's all for now!  Thanks for the visit and have a great week! Blessings,  ~Karen

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Estes Park, Colorado  (USA)

I had a beautiful day here, in the mountain town of Estes Park. 
The trouble with me is, as much as I WANT to be a good photographer *smile*
I can't seem to remember to have my camera ready!  And I left town (after a nice visit and lunch
 with Alan's uncle & aunt)  and realized I took  zero photo's!  (Good grief girl : l )
So I stopped; just outside the edge of town near the lake, and snapped a few.
(I wanted you to see the quaint city, but another time )

These novice photo's do not do the grandeur of this place justice; but you can get a glimpse anyway~

"NO BOATS" : ) is a good idea on a frozen lake! LOL

Below is a peek at some of the mountain residences, and the highway that will take me home.

When I saw this frozen waterfall (below)  about 20 miles out of town, I knew I had to stop.  It instantly brought to mind a song by contemporary Christian music artist, Nicole Nordeman.
It's called "Every Season" (you can find it on youtube if you're interested.)
She sings of each season; Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring -  and how she sees God in the present beauty of the moments in time.  Here is what she had to say about Winter~

. . . And everything in time, and under Heaven
Finally falls asleep
Wrapped in blankets white, all creation
Shivers underneath
And I notice You when branches crack
And in my breath  on frosted glass
Even now in 'death', You open doors for life to enter
You  are Winter~

There IS great purpose in Winter~  And in this season of  ' stopping to rest a little while'  and collect my thoughts and bearings, I too want to see all the beauty and learn all I can with God's direction. 
He is the only One worth following *smile*, and I want to know more!
Wishing you all much blessings and love~