Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Generations  Wedding  Album 

 Hello, and Thank you for stopping in today!  I'm so glad you've joined me. 

 I wish I knew what the future will hold 🎔  -but for now, it looks like I will be away on an (extended) visit to see my parents and family - my mother is quite ill . . . so,
 I will not have a craft room for the weeks to come~ But here is something I wanted to share again:
  I hope to post a few of these photo's (below) to Wen's SIMPLY NEUTRALS TUESDAY Party!
Please take a moment if you can to browse the beautiful entries there ~

  ***This is adapted from my post - September 2015~
Several years ago I made an album for . . . myself! It doesn't happen real often ; ), but I had acquired some great family generational photo's and wanted to make a keepsake~ so I  created an album of wedding pictures from some of my late husbands family; and mine as well~

It is my most cherished creation ❤ because of the precious photo's it contains, and the love I poured into it.   - one of the pic's dates back to my Great-great Grandparents on my fathers side~

There is something about vintage B&W pictures that... makes me want to create!
To see them displayed with beautiful papers, laces and bits of ephemera.
I am often inspired and filled with idea's when old photo's are in my hand.

This is the cover (about 6"X6")
Made with white corrugated board & some vintage sheet  music (a gift from my father!)
 Most of the chipboard in this album (like the lovely mannequin) is from > Blue Fern Studio's.
Most of the papers used in this album are from Prima >  http://www.primamarketinginc.com/ ( their Almanac and Printery collections)

This page above is my mother's parents~ Juliette and Michael (Rene' was his middle name & I remember  Grama often called him Ray)  They were French Canadian.
The fussy-cut bird and nest was G45" Little Darlings" paper. The chipboard vines are Blue Fern Studio's and the bird cage is a die cut.

My husbands grandparents (mothers side);  Kate (Catherine) and Chuck -  but we all called him "Poppy"~  He was a gardener by trade and had several green houses where he made his living. Grandma Kate was a kindergarten school teacher for many years.
The cute hanger ppr clip is from Tim Holtz.

Here are my parents.  I shared this photo a few weeks ago and posted it to Wen's Simply Neutral Tuesday Party!! http://appleapricot.blogspot.com/   
Aren't they a lovely young couple! ; )
I used lots of home made flowers (Prima papers) and the chipboard butterfly is Blue Fern.

This is my fathers grandparents~ I've heard some stories about them!!! Can you see the twinkle in their eyes?  
  *All of the buttons used in this album are vintage - from grandma's jar.
This is my husbands parents on their wedding day of course~ With the Grooms parents (Grandma & Grandpa "O") on the left; and  the Bride's parents (Kate & Poppy) on the right. I used some lovely wedding Appliques, home made flowers, lace, blue seam binding and the beautiful bird paper is from the "My Minds Eye" Co.   The stick pin was made by a gallery friend @ Scrapbook.com

What a fun page this was!
Alan's Great-Grandparents above (*this is their Anniversary party - there are no wedding photo's that I am aware of.)  I've always known them as 'Oma & Westy'  He was quite the old salty dog! &  Joined the army/navy? by lying about his age. He had stories for sure ;)  and claims that he helped chase Pancho-Villa through Mexico~

There are a few more pages in the album . . . but I think I will end with this page below.  My fathers parents~ And I think my favorite collage.
Again, a mix of chipboard, hand made flowers, corrugated board, lace, netting, and Prima papers~

I am blessed by your visit!    ~~Thank you again for joining me~~
Hugs and God bless,


  1. What a lovely keepsake --- your talent to craft shines through!!!

    1. Hi Sally~ Thank you so very much for your visit!
      It was a delight to create this album and I appreciate
      your comments <3 Hope it's a great weekend for you,

  2. Oh Karen, no wonder it's one of your favourites - your book is so special. My favourite page is the one of your mother's parents with the bird nest. I think it's so strange that the older photos with their very tricky technology are often more atmospheric and artistically posed than our more modern ones with our quick and easy technology (relatively!) where we just capture the moment.

    Perhaps you should consider a box of paper things you can play with when you go to your mother's side - I like to cut out butterflies, fairies and birds when I go away, as I hate being idle. Then you will have some pretties ready for when you are back in your craft room. Alternatively, you can bring a limited palette of stuff and try to make collages using what's in your box. I pack scissors, glue and double-sided tape. And perhaps a magazine or two for inspiration? A Stampington mag does it for me :)Wishing you inner strength and peace for the weeks to come,

    1. Hi Jesse & thank you for peeking in to see my Generations album!
      I wanted to mention the page w/ my moms parents - If only you could see the details of the back drop for that photo shoot; it is very grand! It is visible in the original picture. Yes, so atmospheric~
      And thank you for your recommendation about bringing along some busy-work. Jesse, I don't think I would
      have thought of it! So I'm grateful of the reminder. Yes, I can bring some sm. scissors, make flowers or fussy cut butterflies and such. You're a peach! Oh and yes, a Stampington does it for me too <3 Appreciate your friendship~ Have a blessed week-end, Karen

  3. Sweet Karen, this is ever so sweet and precious. Indeed, I can see why it's one of your favorites.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and special piece with us. Love and hugs to you!

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      I appreciate you peeking in to my blog!
      Yes, this Generations Album was a blessing to create~
      Precious are the old photos . . .
      Have a nice week-end! Hugs, Karen

  4. Dear Karen,
    it is a most beautiful album, you created , with the treasured photos, from long lost days. I so love all your pages, - the soft colortones, the handmade flowers, and lovely laces, and papers. So inspirational, and so gorgeous, put together. I would love such a keep sake too, but am not the lucky owner of old wedding photos.
    Dear Karen , I`m so sad to hear your mother is still very sick, I thought that maybe it was better with her, but now understand , it is seriously . My friend, I hope she can get well again, and you can return to your new life, again, after happy time with tending her. Thinking of you, dear. Warm hugs from Dorthe- xoxo

    1. Thank you dear friend! I am so happy you stopped by to see my Generations Album.
      It was my dearest thing to create with the precious family photo's.

      Yes Dorthe, my mother is still very ill. The Dr.'s prediction is not good and I want to
      see her as soon as I can. Perhaps the summer will possibly be our last; but we are not
      God to know for sure - so I will stay as long as I can. I always appreciate you and your
      visits! And I look forward to your Blog posts always! and though I may not add to my blog
      for awhile, I will be watching yours and others; to cheer me up! Hugs and love to you, Karen

  5. Oh Karen, I pray that when you go to be with your parents it is a time of loving, sharing and sharing of memories, sending hugs to you!
    This book is a wonderful tribute to all your family members, you used beautiful papers and your embellishing of each page is so lovingly done!!

    1. Hi Connie and thank you! for your visit today~
      I did enjoy making this Generations album so very much.
      I too am hoping my visit with my mother and family will be filled
      with loving sharing times. And help us to create new and lasting
      memories~ Hope its a great week-end for you! Karen

  6. O my goodness, Karen, I am so incredibly in love with this beautiful album, and I can see just how much love went into every single page - the details are simply breathtaking! I completely agree - B&W photos with lace details and vintage notions - nothing can be sweeter! Karen, I am so happy to see your beautiful creations, and I sure hope you are able to get back to crafting when everything is settled. I am so sorry to hear about your mum and I wish her and you all the best. Sending many prayers, much love, and many hugs your way! (Soooo happy to see your beautiful creations again!!) With love, Ivana

    1. Hello my friend~ I soooo appreciate you taking time to stop at my blog and look into my last several posts!
      Ivana you're a peach <3 Yes, I don't know where this road, or should I 'bend in the road' will lead me right now - but I do hope to continue creating at some point~ I will head to CO soon to be with mom and family.
      Blessings to you! Hugs, Karen

  7. Hello Karen
    I so enjoyed this post you shared with us showing the wonderful album you created from your amazing family photos of grand parents weddings etc. You have embellished each page so beautifully and it will be a special keepsake forever. You are so fortunate to even have these photos. I only have a couple sadly but I cherish them!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It is so important for you to be with her at this time and creating may come a second for some time but I know this matters not at the moment as your mother's love and care is uppermost.
    Sending you loving kind thoughts as you travel this road.
    Take care of yourself also,
    Love and hugs,
    Suzy xxx

    1. Hello Suzy~
      I was so happy to see you had stopped in my blog to take a look at the Generations Wedding Album!
      It was such a fun project and my favorite < 3
      I will head to Colorado soon to be with mom and family; but I'm sure I will be visiting about in Blogland to see what my friends are creating : ) Thanks so much for your thoughts, love and hugs! and happy creating dear Suzy~ Hugs to you, Karen

  8. Hello sweetie, I'm so happy you're sharing this precious album again! It is not only very beautiful but a true keepsake as well. Your family looks so beautiful! I love how you honor your family with such a gorgeous creation made by you. I'm so sorry your mom is not doing well sweetie, take care and best wishes for you all. Big hugs and love xx

    1. I appreciate you Wen! Thanks for stopping by~ I am leaving soon to go see my mom and family.
      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and hope you are doing well! Love & hugs to you too Wen~ Karen

  9. Hello Karen! What a lovely post and a really gorgeous family album. I love old black & white photos too .. there is just something about them isn't there? I am so pleased you decided to re-share this album. Such a beautiful creation honouring your family. A truly beautiful keepsake. Take care on your travels my dear and lots of love to you. hugs xx

    1. Thank you Marg! I truly appreciate your visit and sweet comment~
      My 'mojo' seems to be mostly MIA : / so I re-posted the album and shared it over at Simply Neutral Tuesday.
      Seeing as it is my favorite- I thought Wen wouldn't mind! : ) <3 lol
      I may be gone for several weeks; my mother is on hospice at home (in CO) *tears* but I will stop in to see
      your blog when I can. Blessings & hugs to your dear Marg~ Karen

  10. Dear Karen, I am a bit late and you are most likely away, but I wanted you to know that you and your family are ever close in my thoughts and daily in my prayers. I do hope your time together brings many special memories besides the gentle love and caring that will be needed for sure.
    You are a sweet soul Karen, I am am grateful to know you,through here and wish you all the best! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and love- they mean so much!

    your album is just exquisite and I needed to say that before i forgot! What a gorgeous tribute and fabulous keepsake!
    sending love & hugs,Jackie

    1. Thank you dear Jackie!
      Yes, I am away from my studio (fancy word for office & craft room!:) but I'm still checking Blogland and visiting around when I can. Your words of kindness really made my day friend : ) <3
      Hoping you are feeling better each day and taking care of yourself~
      Hugs & blessings, Karen

  11. The album is amazing~hurry back you are such a talent :)

    1. Thanks so much for your visit Connie~
      You know I love your work! I hope to do more
      crafting at some point; I miss it~
      Take care friend, Karen

  12. This is a cherished keepsake in deed!
    You certainly graced it beautifully with your hands, gorgeous!
    Alan's great grandfather must have been a hoot!! I bet he had some stories to tell. ;)
    You wouldn't be able to lie about your age now a days in the service.
    My grandmother lied about one of her son's age as well. Ha!!
    You are so creative,Karen.

    I'm late reading this post and I pray your mother is doing well?

    Bless you~

    1. Hi Debbie and thanks so so much for stopping in my blog and leaving a sweet message : )
      I appreciate you. My Mom is hurting very much (cancer can be very painful) but has some
      strength in other area's so we thank our Lord for that. Take care~ Karen

  13. Karen,
    These are beautiful! I love the old black and white photos too! I would like to find time to do this with some family wedding photos. It's just such a nice keepsake. Your embellishments are lovely! So sorry to hear about your mom. How is she doing? Hope she is improving! xx Linda

    1. Hello to you Linda! So blessed you could stop by~
      I appreciate your kind comments; this album is prob the most
      favorite for me - with all the family photo's~
      Mom is in Hospice (at home) and we hope she will have at least the summer
      to be with us; God alone knows . . .
      Have a great week-end ahead dear Linda - I really love your blog : )
      Hugs, Karen

  14. Dear Karen!
    This album is so utterly beautiful, a gorgeous tribute and fabulous keepsake. I love every single collage you made with your fantastic old family wedding photos! Youhave such ahand for style and elegnace!
    For now it is important to be with your mom ,she needs your love and care. Sending you kind thoughts and power for the time you stay with your mom and take good care of yourself !
    Hugs, Susi

  15. Thank you so much Susi! I appreciate your visit~ This album is truly special to me <3
    Yes it is so good to be with my mother and some family; she is in much pain but still in good spirits~
    Have a great weekend ahead! (how are those beautiful dogs of yours?! Hope you have fun with them.) Hugs to you, Karen

  16. I wish you a happy July! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!
    I hope all goes well - wishing you power and sending hugs

  17. Hi Karen,
    Somehow I missed this most amazing and stunning album. WOW! what a work of art and all with family included in it! you have some amazing photos for sure! Each page has amazing detail and lovely embellishments! Sending you big hugs!

    1. Hello dear Nancy,
      Thank you so much for the visit to my blog. The Generations Wedding Album is probably my favorite 'creation'; as I poured my love into it <3
      I hope thing are well for you.
      As of this date, my mother did pass away; on 7-14 : ( With broken heart I go to CO for her services and to be with family. I can't even express myself - -
      I appreciate you so much friend, and wish you a blessed rest of the Summer~ Hugs & love, Karen

  18. Karen, I just came over from your comment on Stephanie's blog and wanted to send my condolences on the death of your mother. How wonderful to have these lovely old photos, including your parents' beautiful wedding picture.

  19. I truly thank you Jean for stopping in to my blog and offering your sympathies. I appreciate that very much~
    Yes, I feel so blessed to have these precious photo's. Wishing you God's best~ Karen O [aka Roosterhead Designs]