Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This is a gift for my mom.  It is a photo of her own mother, and grand mother.
(so, this photo is my grandma & great : )
 Hello to you dear friends.  Your visits are so encouraging!  <3  Thnks for peeking in~

This mini collage is for my mom.  It is a photo of her mother (on the left) and her grandmother, (rgt)
Hence, 'mon mere et mon grand mere' = my mother and my grandmother~

Moms grandmother was born in Canada to French immigrants, and her mother was also born there-
but then the family migrated to the Detroit area.  (which is where I'm originally from.)
Mom grew up in a French speaking home, but with her 8 siblings all speaking English, the language
was not practiced and eventually lost : (  although moms mom and dad spoke French to each other
often; I remember that.)

I included one of the extraordinary butterflies that Jesse at
was so kind to gift us.  It is on her March 28th post.
As for the beautiful black rosette, that was a lovely purchase from SuziQu at Etsy  
I shared about this in my last post~~

I used older scrapbook paper and a spool pattern for the base.  layering a paris postcard, dif. snippets of lace, seam binding and 3 mop buttons.  
I 'fussy cut' the images from a photo and then traced it onto some black cardstock; & cut it out again for a backing.
I included lots of beads and glitter and glass; spilling out from the folds and tears - like in my grandmothers own life~ Like little treasure seeping from the richness of who she was, and out to all who knew her. Never complaining but always encouraging and positive~
I remember her well.  Mysterious and wonderful.  With her beautiful French accent!

My camera is still acting up and it may be a while now before I can take time to work on that, as I will be heading to be with my mom very soon; for and extended time.  She is very ill and on Hospice in their home . .  I can take my accounting job with me and have family to take care of my place here in MT.
I'm trying to prepare myself for this difficult journey ahead; as there has been  so. much. loss.  in our family in the past 6 years.  But God goes before me~

Would you look at those hats : )   FANTASTIQUE !!

I wish you a blessed weekend ahead!  I appreciate your visits so very much~
Hugs,  Karen


  1. Oh Karen this is such a lovely creation, such a great picture of them and such great memories you have of them, such a special project to remember the two ladies that are important in your life. Gorgeous embellishing of it also. I grew up in Michigan also and my sister lives down in the Detroit area now.

    1. Hi Connie, I seem to be having trouble with my reply posting so let me try again - THANK YOU! for your visit and comment : ) I do think my mom will enjoy this photo of her mother and grand mother~ Have a blessed week-end <3 Karen

  2. This is such a charming project .. and lovely dedication to your mother and grandmother... I love the mixed media approach using paper, ribbons ’n'lace and buttons to collage a frame... Such creative work..Thank you for sharing your fond memories....Hugs

    1. Hello Zaa and welcome! I truly appreciate your visit~ I hope to stop in your place soon : ) Have a nice week-end~ Karen O

  3. Dear Karen ,
    Such wonderful memories, from your mother and her family,- almost exotic with the French speaking grandparents .
    Your mother looks so beautiful,- and so are your gorgeous creation, Karen. I love the many details , butterfly , trims, flowers, pearls, and glitter , so romantic, and bringing lots of happy thoughts to you, - and will also for your mother.
    Thank you for the history told , so lovely with little visits, to your life, dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe xo

    1. Thank you dear friend~ I always appreciate your sweet comments Dorthe! The photo is of my mothers` mom, and grandma. I hope she will enjoy~ Hugs to you! Karen

  4. Hello dear Karen!
    Sorry for my late visit, I was very busy the last time- hope you don't mind!
    Oh this piece is wonderful!
    And I love that you tell us the story how french got forgotten in the family! That is normal- my girlcousin migrated to Australia and even though both were Austrian and spoke German the kids and grandkids doesn't speak a single word of German now. It was very sad for my aunt,as she couldn't speak any English and when she visited her grandchildren she couldn't communicate with them. She died last year.
    I wish you all the best for this hard time - I feel with you - that is not easy!
    I lost my mother 5 years ago,she died of cancer and stayed at home with her husband nearly to the very end. We just brought her to the hospital for the last three days of her life.We were not able to get help to bring it to an end at home. That was sad.

    All the best Karen for you !
    oxo Susi

    1. Thank you Susi! I am always so happy to see your visit! And appreciate you stopping in at any time~ I will go to see my mother very soon. Yes there is much sorrow attached when the one's we love fall ill and then are gone : ( I hope mom will still have some quality time left to see the family that is traveling to her. All the best to you as well friend~~ Karen

  5. wow, what a beautiful photograph and history of the beautiful ladies in your family. I am so in love with the way you created this collage, Karen! It's so beautiful and all the little detailing and those sweet beads! Love the butterfly too - it really is quite lovely! Such a fun post to read - learning a bit more about your wonderful family! Btw - I know exactly what you mean about a mystique to that french accent ;)

  6. Wow Karen, What a lovely creation for your Mom! So beautiful! I am sure she will love it and treasure it! xo