Sunday, June 16, 2019

Step on out baby girl!

Hello friends!  Did you enjoy your week-end?  I had some great quality time with grandkids and my daughter too~
Quick post - another rather grungy card with a vintage family photo, once again featuring  my mother-in-law.  I believe she is about 5 years old in these photo's.
I've always wanted to use these 2 photo's : ) In the first one she is kind of hiding in the shadows of the front door - and then she "steps on out!" into the sunlight, and the camera's view~
This card was very different, even for me I think.
I used some pressed flowers from several years ago.  My husband made me a flower press and he even grew the little Jump-up flowers you see here. 

 There's a titch of cotton lace, MS wild flower punch on the bottom, and some bits of my usual embellishments~  I snuck in a piece of that washi I've lately come to love, but I now think it was a bit out of place here. What do you think?   I'm a dare devil ; )  LOL!
Thank you so so much for taking time to peek in and see my card!
 I appreciate each one who stops to look. You mean the world to me~
 Hope your week  ahead is filled with beauty~
Hugs,  Karen

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Family Photo Birthday Card~

Hi Friends in blog world! We are having a sunny day today, and I am so happy!  We hit a patch of  very cold  rainy weather - and I'm so eager for Summer~ Perhaps she is here <3

I'm sharing another birthday card, highlighting a photo of my (late) mother-in-law; when she was about 2~
  These post  pics were taken during our few weeks of  cloudy weather- so the lighting is terrible!
The base is white cardstock; stamped.  Then a (generous! ; ) layer of cheesecloth.
I used  My Minds Eye papers and washi tape  
for the layers.  I wish you could see the tape better -
Well wait, you can!  Let me take a pic and add it here*

 I love that stuff! : )
   I added a few sequins and micro beads as well~
 Thank you for stopping in!!  It is back to work now for me~
Is your week going well so far?
I am busy enough : ) with my bookkeeping and accounting (I know, *yawn* ; )
Looking forward to this warm sunny day~
Hugs to you,  Karen

Friday, May 31, 2019

A bit of this and that~

Hi friends~
Your visit is Very Much Appreciated!!
I hope all is well for you?  Are your days warming? (or is it snowing yet! : )  [Our friends in Australia are heading into their Autumn and Winter seasons.]   We are warm and a bit rainy in Montana; but I love to look out my apartment window and see the lush green grass! (rather than mountains of snow : )
I have just a few cards & whatnot to share with you today.

A birthday card for one of my dear sisters-in-law.  I made a copy of a vintage photo.  This is her (& my late husbands)  Poppy - [top left.]
Simple, quick and easy card using some My Minds Eye papers; layered and edges inked. The 'paper-clip' looking cut out is from an old die.  I stamped the tag with a fun sentiment and bike. Twine for good measure! : )
This is quite the vintage shot, isn't it : )
Look at that poor skinny boy next to Poppy!  He should share that candy bar!

 Next is a small tag I made from a piece of recycled Prima packaging~
 When I fell in love with scrapbooking/card making it was both vintage And shabby-chic that made my heart race!
 A little 'ticket' under the bow. A small piece of Kaisercraft brand 'sewing' paper.
The stitching was already on the tag (I think some resin pieces came on this?)
I 'fussy-cut' some small flower clusters from pattered paper and loosely attached.

The last one is a simple 'envelope-style' card made quickly! I needed a Thank You for two special friends~
 This (env. style) idea was shared a few years ago on a blog (no longer active) -  I really liked the look!
 I like to use postal stamping~
 This envelope style is so simple, but I think it dresses up the look of a card so pretty~
Thank you sooo much for peeking in! 
 The warmer weather has brought on baseball and soccer; and so I've been busy enjoying my grandkids games. 
Wishing you a blessed week-end~

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Finding a little time to create~

Hi friends!  I'm still here : )  and have had a bit of time and a little creativity~  Hope you are well?  Are you heading into a busy Summer season?  We had a few very warm days - but (sigh) still in the midst of 'rainy-cool' weather. Perhps this coming weekend we will warm.   That's OK; Summer is bound to be late some years : )  she can get lost along the way - Montana is so far . . .

Here's a large tag    (from >  Graphic 45 )
I used some vintage book paper (Lesson Hour with the Little Ones . .)
I've also used papers and washi tapes from the My Minds Eye paper collection called "Gingham Farm." > 
I added some seam binding in black and gold; and a chipboard hinge from Dusty Attic.
I covered the hinge with white paint, clear crackle medium, distress ink; and some micro-beads~

The chipboard butterfly is covered in micro beads as well : )  There's a little felt flower under the ribbons,  created by a dear friend.
 I always seem to go a bit crazy with those teeny beads!  You should see my desk . . .(they roll all over the pace! : )
That's a little chipboard heart near the top, held fast with a black mini clothes pin.
I attached the hinge with a little "give" so it can hold a few photo's or notes~
Sorry about the shadowy post pic's   : /  There just hasn't been much outdoor light during these cloudy days ( to take good photo's with my phone.)

I think I must say goodbye for now.  I hope you have a blessed week ahead!!  I have one or two small things to share when I can get back~ I'm glad to have been at my craft desk and actually create! LOL ; )
Loving hugs to you'

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Happy May! (& thinking Neutrals)

Hello to my dear friends in Blogland! Yes, I'm still around ; ) and am able to visit around about once a week~  I am seeing beautiful work!  and always lots of inspiration.   May is now here and with it - - -well,   c h i l l y weather!
: )  It has warmed up here in Montana' USA and I'm thankful.  But it is still very chilly and even below freezing for some of our overnight forecasts~  Lots of green though!  so I am very pleased <3
Come the first part of every month I start thinking "Neutrals," in anticipation of Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday blog parties! And although she is taking a well deserved break from that for the time being - my heart just naturally goes there : )
                 Can you handle yet another 'blast from the past'  from my archives!?!?  I hope so!
I am truly working on a few things I hope to post soon - but for now let me share this small journal cover from a while ago~
Pressed board covered with a vintage hankie; on the left is a strip of muslin, pleated & stitched.
Then from the bottom to the top I layered a gazillion things! including laces, vintage buttons, corrugated board, white burlap, fussy-cut flowers (for a sort of 'arbor' effect)  and some white felt die-cut hearts sizzix-bigz-die-hearts-primitive- topped with a piece of wedding lace~
(I believe I've used that heart die far more than any other die I own.)
I know, I know, I shared this not too long ago at one of the Simply Neutrals Party's  : /  but I beg your forgiveness! while I wait patiently for new creativity~
Hugs to you all!  I hope to visit you very soon.
Weekends seem to be my best time to 'get out there' and do some blog visiting <3
And so I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead!  and many blessings too.
Loving hugs,

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sorta grungy vintage-style Thank You card~

Hi friends and welcome!!!
Are things warming up your way?  (Unless you are near my Australian friends who are starting their Autumn? season soon I believe.)
 We are having the 'A typical' Spring rain weather here in MT.  And still very chilly at night!
I'm glad for the rain though - it will make a beautiful difference in the landscape~

I'm just taking a minute to share a card I made many moons ago : )

I used some older 'My Minds Eye' papers, (from their "Lost & Found" collection.) and they are still in my 'favorites' pile today; though not much is available anymore.
 I have always tried to make my flowers by hand - and use the project papers to coordinate.
These colors work so well together, don't you think? : )
The bit of sheet music is vintage.  My father gave me a box full!  It's fun to insert it here & there.
  The large and the small button are from 'Grandma's jar'.  I think the background striped paper may be Graphic 45 Studios  from the "School Days" collection.
Lots of texture and pattern going on!  And thank you Mr. T. Holtz for the great distress inks!  I believe I used 'Vintage Photo' on the edges of the flowers.

And speaking about vintage sheet music! here are a couple photo's of my dad (just for grins) still playing music at 85.
Through his life he has played 7 different instruments; and very well at that.  His piano playing was  professional level for many years - and as a child I remember he would put us to sleep at night with the classics; my favorite being Bach! : )
Wishing you a wonderful week-end!
 And many blessings ahead~  Loving hugs,   Karen

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

looking back~ (waaaay back : )

Hello friends!
Just stopping in to share an older card (I made for my brother several years ago) and to say Hi!  I am still here and have been looking around blogland when I can : )  I hope to stop in and leave some comments soon~
I would like you to meet my  great-great grandfather,   Antoine.
He moved his family  from France to Quebec, Canada, but I'm not sure of the date yet..  He had a son named Fredrick (my great grandfather) and Fredrick had a son named Renee - (my mothers father, and of course) my grandfather. My grandfather Renee (whom my grandmother called "Rey") was raised in Canada but moved to the (US) Detroit, Michigan  area as a man.  He met and  married Juliette (also French) and my mother Emilie was one of their 9 children!  She grew up in a French speaking home, but being in Detroit, all the children learned English (in school) and sadly, the language was lost.
The clever idea of using the vintage ruler as a display came from my very creative and innovative friend; Connie Mercer, at:
I used lots of corrugated cardboard and 'kraft' brown papers.
I cut (a copy of) the photo out with a "tag die"
The 'stars' (and i think the 'pocket watch') are Tim Holtz dies 
and I believe I used his Distress ink (vintage photo) on many of the edges.
There's a bit of sewing machine stitching, raffia and fibers.

I hope all is well.  I still have no 'new' creations~ But that's ok too.  I wanted to share this card over at Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday!!
Our monthly link up partyShe will be taking a break from hosting this "Neutrals" party for a while, so I do hope you'll stop in and see what's entered there! 

Wishing all my friends a blessed week and week-end ahead~
Loving hugs,  Karen

Here is papa Renee, grandma Juliette and their 9 children! I made this card for my mom a while back.  There is some family history "printed' over the photo.  My mama, Emilie Juliette, is in braids; front/left.  (Her dress looks as if it's 'glowing' : ) as she now is;  in Heaven~

Thursday, March 21, 2019

come what may . . .

Hello to all who've stopped by today!
I am hoping Spring is in the air for you?  We are warming to the low 50's (deg f) during the day here in the N/W area of the USA; I'm happy to report! : )
True, we may have another few bouts with snow, but you can bet we are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, flowers!  and that - - smell of Spring!
I was telling someone not too long ago about my early childhood in Michigan. When Easter and Springtime were near.  As the sun warmed the ground and melted all that winter snow, there was the smell of wet earth that permeated the yards. You could smell it as soon as you walked out the door~
The first signs of Spring for me!
                              FRENCH VINTAGE STYLE JOURNAL created Feb 2014
Well, I must confess I was hoping Spring would bring with it a renewed creativity and energy~
I've been longing for that 'creative eye' - rummaging thru my lace and fabrics, papers and trinkets- searching for the perfect compliments for my latest creation~
But it seems I just haven't 'got it goin' right now : /  and I've had to make some decisions- to keep myself from sitting at the scrap table every night; just staring at my stuff! Facing the fact that it's just not happening right now is my first step; and believe me I've been giving it a real effort~

Yes I have created a few things over the last several months, but the love and drive, joy and passion for it seems to have evaporated right now; if I can be honest with you friends~ Yes, it breaks my heart a little.  OK, a lot.
But my attitude is key in times like these.  There may be many reasons why my creativity can "ebb and flow" as it does.

Sooo, I am not going to sit here every evening waiting for my date to Not show! ; ) LOL
I'm going to take a break from the table.  Get some walking in, more time with family,  and start spending more time out-and-about; at least for awhile~  But my heart just isn't ready to say GoodBye to Blogland all together.
I love you all so much! and want to continue visiting when I can.
You are an inspiration to me! even though my 'mojo' tank is on "E" <3

I would also like to keep posting for a while, so I am bringing out some things I created many years ago~ I hope no one minds.  I still want to - share~
I created this journal in 2014.  (before most of my grief had begun- long story)

On the cover,  I used mostly scraps of papers, (some from Maja Designs  including the image.) I stenciled a canvas heart, there's twine, and a few bits of metal.  My flowers  hand-made.  There's also several strips of washi tape and bits of corrugated board.
The base front and back cover were from 7 Gypsies. 
I hope you enjoy it <3

 Wishing you a great week-end ahead!  Lots & lots of blessings & loving hugs to you- till we meet again.  ~ Karen <3

Thursday, March 7, 2019

One of my canvas bags~

Hi to all!  How has your week been going?  Have you had creative time? My visits out to blogland indicate that some of you have indeed been busy creating beauty and inspiration : )
I unfortunately have been busy taking care of other things and have not been at my craft table : /

 It is (once again)  time for Wen's monthly SIMPLY NEUTRALS TUESDAY Link party!
And (once again) I do not have anything new in neutral colors   to contribute : /  so I have (once again) dug into my past posts! (yay sometimes for 'past posts' : ) and am sharing some pics of a  canvas bag I created several years ago.
I believe this is the first one I ever made.  It is a smaller size; will hold a few medium-sized books.
It's a canvas base, with a corner (bottom-right) covered in a vintage hankie piece.  The body is covered with a wide band of pretty (not vintage) lace., and a width of cotton lace too.  I've collected some laces, hankies, and such from estate sales over the years, and was also gifted some beautiful pieces from my late-husbands mother and grandmother.  The pretty corner hankie piece is from Grandma~
The handle for this bag was made from 'ripped' strips of canvas; to which I added a strip of cotton lace to the center (lengthwise) and I re-enforced the ripped edges with zig-zag machine stitching along the sides.
 Here's a peek at the inside.  Made with a simple pocket for separation.
The rosette is a 'twisted & rolled up' hankie that had a bit of damage - so, a perfect use for it here!
I added a loose faux pearl to the center.

 My heart belongs to Simply Neutral Tuesdays!  : )   And I just don't like to miss out < 3
 So I am entering this at
Our monthly link up party
 The Link party runs all month long!  Please stop in to see, and if you have a neutral based piece of art, or photo - why not link up!?
I hope all is well in your heart and soul today~   
The snow is still piling up here!  But I can see the beauty in this and know we will have a wonderful Spring melt because of it.
Blessings to you and big hugs too~

Thursday, February 28, 2019

waiting for April

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well?
There IS a small art project below-    but I did want to share so pics of my surroundings : )
We in the north-west corner of Montana are covered in a thick blanket of snow~
The rural area's near my home city of Kalispell are piled high with this cold white stuff!

 The shopping centers are inundated with small mountains of fresh-plowed snow.  There is just no where to put it!
 From my apartment window~  (no hint for you that there are mountains in the distance)
I am acclimatizing (did I say that right?) slowly; and learning to love the beauty of living in Montana~   My family won't believe I said that!  But what truly makes living here extra special is being so close to my daughter and all the grandkids : ) <3  I am blessed.

My mojo/creativity is still not happy with me.  As if I'm trying to wake it out of hibernation!  "Nooo, it's only February, let me sleep . . ."  Alas, I get some bits and pieces : )  and am just going with the flow right now.
Here's a little hanging tag I made; just trying to keep busy at the craft table.  A bit rustic and grungy; not too bad.  *smile*

Using some pressed and mulberry(?) paper, corrugated board, chipboard grasses painted with T Holtz Twisted Citron distress ink.  The bird is T Holtz tissue paper (reinforced w/a cardstock back).  The branch above her head was cut with a Memory Box die  and painted with a few layers of Tattered Angels  "Weathered Wood" sprays.  I added some Prills [search Amazon]  for dirt around the grass; mixing in some glitter too.
I simply stamped the letters and cut them out individually; inking the edges. [always forgetting about that! but I remembered this time friend~]

Yes, I am waiting for April - I cannot lie~  But learning to enjoy what the weather holds for me today, no matter what.  And not be (too) afraid to get out in it as well!  : )
Wishing you a great rest of your week, and a wonderful week-end coming soon!
I'll be traveling with some of my grandchildren.  A 4 hour trek through some of the Rocky Mountains;  taking them to their other Gram for an extended visit.     Then I'll be on an Amtrak coming home.  How beautiful that will be~
Loving hugs,

Saturday, February 16, 2019

For Dad, with love~

It will be my dad's 85th birthday next month; but it will be the first one without my mom by his side in almost 72 years..
They met at about the age of 12, in 6th grade!  and fell in love~  They have been devoted to each other all these years.
Since my mom went to Heaven in July, we have all felt the loss deeply - and of course, dad has felt it most acutely.   Married 65 years! That really is a lifetime, isn't it?
We are very proud of him and how he is carrying on with his music and doing his best to keep busy and productive; with a very broken heart~
This photo was taken when they were working in an office together for a while.   I believe it was before they were actually married.
I created this on a small paper bag,  and it will be filled with his favorite candy! (Tootsie Rolls : )
 and perhaps a gift card to a favorite restaurant or something~

It's a real 'eclectic' mix of papers and such, but I've incorporated things that have meaning to me as well.
There is stitching, thread, and a few 'button' cards (the yellowish 25c card & the pale green one) remembering all the sewing my mother did~  When we were growing up she made almost all of our clothes.

There's a bit of sheet music paper just above the 'Happy Birthday' that hints of dads musical ability~
He played 7 different instruments in his lifetime, and is still playing the piano and clarinet.
I used bits of ticket stub and filmstrip, reminding me of all the symphony's and musicals they took us too!  For years they would buy 3 season tickets, and each of us 6 kids would get one turn to go out for a special night with mom & dad! 
My love and thanks to you friends!! for taking time to peek in and see my card today~
I am still playing a little bit of 'catch-up' in my blog visiting, but I hope to stop in and see you soon~
Hugs to you,