Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A little Christmas wish~

Hi there friends!  I thought perhaps I would not be posting again till February, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas (again : )  and share these  'little somethings' with you.

This little mitten ornament fits in the palm of your hand; about 3" X 4" (7.62cmX10.16cm)
I created it with natural batting, (2 pieces - sewn together using a blanket stitch)  some lace, seam binding, micro-beads, Prills, and a <3 stick pin I put together with  stray beads.
The little white snowflake-like pieces are cut from lace; they were the center of a flower : )
I made one quite like this a few years ago and wanted to make another, for a friend~
 The tutorial was from Sugar Lump Studio's talented Nancy Maxwell James Sugar Lump Studios Etsy shoppe

I also put a little something together for my daughter.  This was her great-grandmothers spoon~ I added a bit of colored Stickles to the leaves & berries, and some glitter, prills and micro beads  - - [ though the glitter doesn't show well with my phone. camera!]  : /    *grumble*

I thought perhaps she may want to hang it on her Christmas tree~
Well this time it really is good bye for awhile!  I'll be busy with work; accounting and year end taxes.
I hope to visit your place soon~
And a Happy New Year Too!
Loving hugs,  Karen


  1. So so adorable dear Karen, the sweetest mitten, and beautiful spoon, it looks gorgeous with the colored Stickles there, and all the beads and Prills with the glitter on both mitten and spoon is devine, dear friend.- I love your use of all that, and the sweet pinn you also created . Sending you a warm hug, and all the best for your December, -don`t stress and take care .
    Thank you for pm- you will hear from me. xoxoxoxo

  2. You are so kind Dorthe! Thank you for the visit and encouraging comment! Loving hugs to you friend~ Karen

  3. Oh your little ornaments are so very sweet, I just love the little mitten you always have such a way with the microbeads, and love the stick pin too with it. I am sure your daughter will love the ornament to put on her tree, great to pass on her great grandma's spoon that way!
    So sad you will have to be away from your blog for so long, hope all goes smoothly and not to overwhelming for you!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too!

    1. Thank you! for the visit and sweet comment Connie~ It was a good feeling to create these little things : ) And thanks for the Holiday greeting! Christmas is a blessing~ I will try not to stress! lol I have been doing my best to get ready early; that is helping. Loving hugs, Karen

  4. The mitten is utterly charming - I adore the cracked ice (glitter) around the seam, and the flower centres are perfectly repurposed as snowflakes. The spoon is such a special heirloom, made even more lovely by your subtle additions - adding artistry to antiquity - what a wonderful thing to be passing on down the family. Thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comments - especially at such a busy time of year (and yes, the tax is in January for me, so I sympathise!). I do hope you will enjoy a peaceful and joyous festive season full of light and warmth, and I'll see you in 2020!
    Alison x

    1. Oh Alison much thanks to you for your visit and kind words! Merry Christmas to you and a happy New Year too~
      Yes, the end of year is busy for bookkeepers : ) with much work to do - but I hope to stop in sometime soon~
      Hugs to you, Karen

  5. So petty~love both ides and creations!!! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thank you for the visit Connie!! Your blog is a huge inspiration to me~ Have a Merry Christmas! and I hope to see you in late Jan; early Feb~ Hugs, Karen

  6. Thank you so much Amalia, for your visit and kind comment! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead~ Your blog is such a delight! Hugs to you, Karen

  7. Karen I am so sorry I am so late to visit, online time is so limited and i'm taking the opportunity whilst the house sleeps to say my Hello's and wish you and the family a very Happy Christmas. What a wonderful little mitten, beautifully decorated with the off cits of lace and edged with stickles. The silver upon the white looks magical.
    I adore the idea of the spoon hanging from the tree, I may have to borrow that idea as my Christmas Tree is full of odd, quirky and handmade decorations although our new puppy has taken a real shone to all that glitters upon it..
    Have an amazing day Karen, what ever you are up too. Will catch up with you in the New Year Hugs Tracey xx

  8. Karen, these are both DELIGHTFUL! I saw one on insta and the other on SB.com and I'm so enjoying getting another peek - the details you add to your art inspires me so much! I hope your friend and your daughter loved their new little treasures. I wanted to wish you all the best this New Year and hope that the accounting YE season ahead goes smoothly. Sending the biggest hugs!!! xoxo