Saturday, February 16, 2019

For Dad, with love~

It will be my dad's 85th birthday next month; but it will be the first one without my mom by his side in almost 72 years..
They met at about the age of 12, in 6th grade!  and fell in love~  They have been devoted to each other all these years.
Since my mom went to Heaven in July, we have all felt the loss deeply - and of course, dad has felt it most acutely.   Married 65 years! That really is a lifetime, isn't it?
We are very proud of him and how he is carrying on with his music and doing his best to keep busy and productive; with a very broken heart~
This photo was taken when they were working in an office together for a while.   I believe it was before they were actually married.
I created this on a small paper bag,  and it will be filled with his favorite candy! (Tootsie Rolls : )
 and perhaps a gift card to a favorite restaurant or something~

It's a real 'eclectic' mix of papers and such, but I've incorporated things that have meaning to me as well.
There is stitching, thread, and a few 'button' cards (the yellowish 25c card & the pale green one) remembering all the sewing my mother did~  When we were growing up she made almost all of our clothes.

There's a bit of sheet music paper just above the 'Happy Birthday' that hints of dads musical ability~
He played 7 different instruments in his lifetime, and is still playing the piano and clarinet. 
I used bits of ticket stub and filmstrip, reminding me of all the symphony's and musicals they took us too!  For many years they would buy 3 season tickets, and each of us 6 kids would get one turn to go out for a special night with mom & dad! 
My love and thanks to you friends!! for taking time to peek in and see my card today~
I am still playing a little bit of 'catch-up' in my blog visiting, but I hope to stop in and see you soon~
Hugs to you, 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

2nd time around~ & Please follow on Bloglovin!

Hi friends~  I hope all is well for you?  I'm doing pretty well, despite the 'deep-freeze' that has settled down upon us here in north-west Montana, USA.  Near freezing and below for several days/nights.
Even next week we will have <minus> over-night temperatures! Brrrrrr!

Please know that Google+ will be gone soon!! and so I've added a button:
 "Follow me with Bloglovin"
 near the top right on my blog - if you would care to follow that way  <3
I am pretty I.T.  illiterate! and don't understand what exactly will happen in April; but I hope to get better informed - so I don't loose my following at your place!  I enjoy Every blog I follow, and don't want to miss anything because I can't find you!~

I wanted to tell you, I have grown to love   Our monthly link up party  Simply Neutrals Tuesday at Wens' blog every month,
And so  - - I had to reach back into my past and find a "neutral"  to enter!
My creating has been so - - limited lately, and I did not have the time or mojo to get something new ready for today~  : /
                  "It's A Good Day"
This is one of the  . . .grungiest! cards I've ever made, and it happens to be one of my very favorites as well~  A birthday card for my nephew.
 I know Wendy is flexible about adding bits of color, so I'm hoping she will accept this for submission : )
I used:  Lots of layers of kraft cardstock, Kraft patterned paper, Burlap, twine, stamping words and postage, metal 'screw' brads - and the colorful bird w/music is actually from some (Prima?) packaging~
There's lots of  washi tape too, and if you can see him, the little bird resting on the "fun day" sign? he was die cut from some paper that was covered in pieces of washi.

So, there it is for me today.  : )  I hope you have a blessed week-end ahead!  And happy crafting time too~
Hugs to all.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

just getting started~

Greetings friends in Blogland!  I was able to finish my business in CO earlier than planned <3 Whew~ and I've been home in MT now for a week; barely! : )  It was a good (and adventurous) trip - perhaps I'll share some of that one day ; ),  but for now I want to share the little bit of inspiration I have found at my craft table, since being home. (Mind you, the weather is Dreary! so lighting is bad)
A little tag I put together with some things on hand.  About 5"X3" (12.7X7.62cm)
The base paper (roses) is from an older collection by  Mr. T. Holtz,~  I punched the black strip, added T. Holtz tissue paper (nest) with some Modge Podge, and the 'bird and words' are paper by Jenni Bowlin.
I framed the edges (of the bird & words) with some tiny snippets of cotton lace that I recently received from my friend Jesse @ Lace Age Girl blog- Thank you dear Jesse!!  She blessed me with some belated Christmas cheer : )

 I think it added just the right touch to my simple start of new year creating.

 I must admit, the first card I created when I sat down to 'craft' (after being gone for weeks)  I really don't want to show you! (yikes)  Does that never happen to you?  It happens w/me more than I care to tell  : /   I start out with some (great wonderful fantastic) ideas; and then it's all Downhill from there!!  Oh well, I'm learning as I go~  I keep trying!  And feeling free to have fun AND make some mistakes along the way.  How 'bout you? 
Wishing you all a creative week ahead and lots of blessings too~

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>
I have no real idea what I'm doing!  But I hope to sign up with "Bloglovin" since Google+ will be going away~

Friday, January 18, 2019

Big hello and some old treasures too~

Hello my friends in Blogland : )   And I noticed little 'ol me has a few new followers here @ Roosterhead Designs; and I want to sincerely Thank You!! for including me in your Reading List!
 I am not sure how to find your blog? to properly pay a visit : ) But thank you all the same~

 I'm still away from my crafting for a few more weeks, but I just wanted to say hi to all and wish you a blessed week-end ahead <3
I am including 2 (7") paper bag cards I made from Maja Design papers.  This was Many Moons Ago!
The tag is for writing out your sentiment and then it slides into the bag,  along with a gift or little treat.   I layered several papers from the "Vintage Autumn Basics" line,  and did some machine stitching too.  There's a bit of white corrugated board and twine and seam binding bow; {per usual : }
     I've also added a few buttons from Gramma's jar.

 Here below is one with a sewing theme!  Love the teeny wood spool accent and the 'scissors' washi tape~  There is a band of lace under the pale blue horizontal bow.  Some paper punching and postal stamping too~
I don't know that I ever had some much fun with any one paper company than I have with Maja design papers.  Although they come from Sweden (so shipping is $$,) they are of the utmost quality; thick and lovely! The colors and themes are rich & beautiful.  OK, that's my free commercial for Maja.

I am enjoying the little time I do have (while on work assignment) to visit around blogs and see what winter and pre-spring ideas are popping up!  I think momentum is building : ) LOL
Again,  have a blessed week-end, which I hope includes a bit of outdoors and creativity too.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

Hello to you and a great big Thanks! for looking in~
I want to let you know I may not be posting anything for a while; well, possibly till February~
I am a full-time bookkeeper and do lots of accounting and some work related travel  at the years end.  This is a busy time any way, with Christmas and New Years just a few weeks away!
Perhaps I'm jumping the gun a bit - - but just in case I don't make it back for a while, I wanted you to know why~  I certainly hope to do some blog visiting though;  So I'll see you at your place! :)

Well today I am posting a card I made a looong time ago!  - but is a favorite for me.
Old world Santa and burlap
I used a distressed card base, a layer of red burlap, then white burlap, a piece of corrugated board with some Gesso 'snow', the image from a friend, and a few berries & such, & a whisp of raffia. The white button is from Grama's jar.  There is a generous amount of white glitter too~

How are your holiday preparations going?  From what I see in my 'Readers List' there is much Creativity going on!!  Hard to believe Christmas Eve is just 2 weeks from today.  In my family we love the festivities of this celebration of Jesus' birth - along with reaching out to others with gifts of love, good will, and best wishes!
I Thank each one of you for your loving support and dear friendship~  My life has seen it's share of difficulties these last few years and I truly and sincerely appreciate your love and encouragement!

Wishing for you a very blessed Christmas and very Happy New Year!
Love and hugs,

Monday, December 3, 2018

Neutral Christmas card~

Thanks to all who stop in!  I sure appreciate you taking time to look~
Hopefully  : ) just a quick post for me to share a card I created last week.
I couldn't seem to get a good clear shot of this one.  The sky has been quite dark and grey for days and so with just the artificial light - I get the shadows . . .

There is a bottom layer of pale pink cardstock, then black cardstock, cheesecloth, a pale greenish-blue that you can hardly see 'peeking thru'; and then the image. (From ShabbyArtsBoutique blog - KerryAnne is so kind.)
 I tucked in some white Prills beads, glitter and sequins.  Added bits of texture paste and paint, not too much,   just here & there along the top & bottom sides.
 A little punched snowflake~
I am hoping to enter this tomorrow at Wens:    Simply Neutral Tuesday's Party!!
Hope you can peek in on Tuesday and see what's new~  Always delightful art!

 Two white jingle bells, white cotton twill tape, seam binding, cotton twine and a pearl on top.
Thank you for the visit!  Wishing you a wonderful creative week~  We are cooold and a bit snowy up here in NW Montana~  Sure fits the Christmas Season to be sure~
Loving hugs to you,

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Paper bag Thank You~

Hello to all!! Thanks ever-so-much for stopping in~
I wanted to share something I made many months ago; but just recently got sent out to our friend Marie at Lost Bird Studio.
She is an artist with great talent; and a woman of generous spirit~  I hope you'll take some time to enjoy her blog~  She was (and is) such a blessing to me during some extremely difficult times- and this is a very (very) long over-due little thank you card.

This is a small paper bag; lightly painted with white acrylic around the edges.  I then added some papers, a bit of cheese-cloth, some scraggly-torn tissue paper and the image- which was gifted to me by Marie~ Isn't that a sweet vintage girl!   The 'crown' punched piece of paper at top is the sentiment card that fits inside.  I wrote a few words &  tucked a few small things into the bag for her and finally got it sent off~

There is a smattering of prills, beads, sequins and glitter here & there.  Look at those boots! : ) <3 
(PS, I am such an amateur at this blogging! and don't know how to remove the spaces and gaps between photo's & text sometimes : p)

I hope this day finds you well?  And enjoying some creative time~  I am feeling Christmas so early this year.  I don't usually start things till after December rolls in; but my trees have been up for a week! That's just Not me~ hmmm
My dining table is covered with wrapping projects.  I don't shop this early! (who am I?:)
Well so-long for now dear friends.  I am still working full-time and my job awaits.
Wishing you blessings in the days ahead~
Love and hugs,  Karen

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Birthday tag, and a sweet old pic~

Hello to you friends!  Thank you for joining me today~

How are things in your corner of the world?  We are cold and grey today, but the bright spot for me is dinner tonight with my daughter and grandkids!  (Then off to church.)  I count myself fortunate to be able to see them so often~~  This is the first time I've lived closer than 900 miles away!  So it's been wonderful to be just a few miles down the highway.

I created a little tag for my baby sis's birthday.  She is 7 years my junior, but we are super close friends!  I do miss seeing her,  like when we lived in the same city, but we talk often.

I have used Kaisercraft papers (Romantique collection) and a piece of Tim Holtz filmstrip.  A resin frame from Prima and (of course) some bows and ribbon.
I 'fussy-cut' a bit of flowers to attach to the frame,   and a single little blossom for the filmstrip; mounted with a foam dot for dimension.  *Can you read 'Paris' behind the film? : )
The 'love' is cut with a T Holtz die.

My sister, Jane, is the youngest of the 6 kids in my family. (I was child #4)
She is such an amazing woman!  full of life, love and compassion - and is deeply committed to several very serious causes (one being the fight against human trafficking . . .)
As a toddler, we used to carry her around everywhere! Always soo cute; she was our "baby doll."

Here is a picture of her  on the right,   when she was about 4 years old.
See those little 'arms open wide'?! : )  she is still that way today.
Jane is also a very avid hiker in Colorado and has climbed many of the " 14ers" (mountains in CO over 14,000 ft-- there are 52 peaks in that category).  The photo is from a mini album I made for her Many years ago.  That is our parents on the left~

 I thank you so much for peeking in!  And hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.
I would love to hear what you have been up to : )
Wishing you blessings and hugs,
Karen <3

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My new journal; A place to share my heart ~

Welcome!! to my blog today.
I hope and trust you are doing well?!  And finding Joy in many things~

My heart has been in (desperate) need of journaling;  so I decided to make myself one. Well, I  'covered' myself a notebook anyway  : )  I guess you might call this "semi-homemade" ; )

I found some composition books so reasonable I could not pass them by.  I covered the front with some beautiful Prima paper; from their Salvage District collection.
 Before adhering it, I did a bit of script and music note stamping, some dry embossing with a 'harlequin' folder; and added a bit of TH (pumice stone) distress ink.   **Please know I'm not one to intentionally advertise online supplies co's; but I want you to see what I'm talking about : ) I know some are interested in specifics~ Please feel free to ask.
 I'm afraid you will almost always find a 'bow' somewhere in my work~
 I.Can't.Help.Myself.~ *sigh*

This resin frame is also from the 'Prima Marketing' family.
The sweet bird  image is trimmed from a Tim Holtz die-cut. 
I made the flowers from the paper I used on this project (again, Prima Salvage District) and I've added quite a bit of German glitter glass, sequins, gems, micro-beads and & glitter here & there.
There's a strip of lace at the bottom (cotton) -  but she decided she would not 'stand up' to get her picture taken!! (she's a lot like me)
The text "from the heart" is stamped on a titch of linen lace, and mounted on a bit of white corrugated board; for dimension.  I made myself a little pencil from a toothpick end : ) 

I included a simple pocket for the inside/front; to hold a few bookmarks, notes, and my writing pencil.

Thank you!!! for peeking in today~  It always blesses my heart.
 I am planning to enter my page at Simply Neutrals Tuesday Party!! 
 I wish wish wish you would pay a visit there and see what beautiful neutral projects will be showing up in the days to come! : ) <3

We are in the mid to high 30's (deg) today, and they are forcasting snow! (Brrrr) We shall see.
If it happens and if it's a pretty one, I'll try to post a pic!

 Much love and hugs to you~   Karen

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A paper bag birthday card

Hello friends~  I am so happy you peeked in today.
I want to share a little card I made, and just say hello to all who stop in.

Are you ready to welcome November with open arms? : )  I think perhaps most of you are!
And for those of us who prefer a warmer climate? [let's speak truthfully here, I don't like the cold! ]  --well, that's where the scripture  "be content . . .  In whatever state you find yourself"  comes in to play~
 Our circumstances, our 'situation' in life may be far from ideal;  but if we can't control it (like, say, the weather! or even my [still active] grief,)  then finding 'contentment' is a wise thing to do.
I don't care to much for the cold, but I love the colors of November! and the smell of fresh air and that great 'musty' smell of the piling leaves! So, if I bundle up good enough, the walks I take will be a blessing and help me to press into the changes in the air and give me plenty to still enjoy~~

Today I want to share a sort of grungy paper bag card I made for my sweet SIL; my brothers' wife.
Using some older My Minds Eye papers and a lot of distressing and peeling, this is all layered on top of a small 8"X4" (20.3X10.15cm)  kraft paper bag.
I'll write the sentiment on this tag; which has a little pocket to hold a gift card for her~It slides into the bag.
The little white happy birthday tag is dry embossed (with a folder.)
A little love spilling out of her mailbox : )  [and a bit of washi tape across the top left.]

Thank you!! for the visit~  And happy wishes for the rest of the week ahead.  Please know your blogs bring me so much happiness and inspiration!
Hugs to you,