Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Vintage style card~

Hello and thank you for stopping in!
It has been so long; too long really since I posted.  (But some things cannot be helped)

I have only had small bits of creativity!  I cannot explain why~  But anyway . . .
Here is a little card I created yesterday with some free time I had~
The 'stitching' is stamped.  I used some corrugated board (I whitewashed), and an older piece of (heart) chipboard from Bo Bunny.  The flowers are a Tim Holtz die cut - and the sweet image was included in a gift package (sent to me quite some time ago)  from Marie @ Lost Bird Studio Blog~http://marie-lostbirdstudio.blogspot.com
Marie was one of my first inspirations in blogging and encouraged me in so many ways!
There are a few seed beads and some Stickles scattered around as well.  Seam binding bow~
Wishing you all a wonderful Summer!  It is my favorite time of year.  I have enjoyed some blog hopping : )  and hope that that can continue for me; as I love to see what you have been up to!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A little Christmas wish~

Hi there friends!  I thought perhaps I would not be posting again till February, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas (again : )  and share these  'little somethings' with you.

This little mitten ornament fits in the palm of your hand; about 3" X 4" (7.62cmX10.16cm)
I created it with natural batting, (2 pieces - sewn together using a blanket stitch)  some lace, seam binding, micro-beads, Prills, and a <3 stick pin I put together with  stray beads.
The little white snowflake-like pieces are cut from lace; they were the center of a flower : )
I made one quite like this a few years ago and wanted to make another, for a friend~
 The tutorial was from Sugar Lump Studio's talented Nancy Maxwell James Sugar Lump Studios Etsy shoppe

I also put a little something together for my daughter.  This was her great-grandmothers spoon~ I added a bit of colored Stickles to the leaves & berries, and some glitter, prills and micro beads  - - [ though the glitter doesn't show well with my phone. camera!]  : /    *grumble*

I thought perhaps she may want to hang it on her Christmas tree~
Well this time it really is good bye for awhile!  I'll be busy with work; accounting and year end taxes.
I hope to visit your place soon~
And a Happy New Year Too!
Loving hugs,  Karen

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Vintage style Birthday Tag Card

Hello and welcome dear friends.  Here's my (seemingly) once a month post!  But alas it is what it is.
[ I do post on my Instagram - also called roosterhead designs~ but it's the same pics as here. : ) That is where my family follows me to see my cards...]
   This is a quick post of a Birthday card I made for my baby sis~  It's a tag style; using my oldest and dearest paper collections by K & Co.  called Ancestry.
When I first took up cardmaking I went to the local "Archivers" (remember them?!)
and I found a pad of this vintage style paper.  That was it; I was hooked!
* I apologize for the pooor photo quality.  I now use only my phone camera - and when the sky is grey and cloudy there is just no getting a good pic : (
I've incorporated some different textures with hopes of making it an interesting card! Cheese cloth, corrugated board, micro beads . . . The butterfly is cut from a Tim Holtz die.
I actually remembered to do a wet-emboss text stamp! >   When I have the pleasure of visiting Alison @ Words and Pictures https://alisonbomber.blogspot.com/she regularly does that (wet-embossed text) and I love the effect~
On the back I attached a mini envelope as I often do when enclosing a gift card or birthday $.
 The Birthday greeting was added later on, to the checkered paper.

I will be very busy the next several week.  It is year end accounting time~  But I hope to keep up my visits to your place! and see what beautiful things you are creating~

My wishes to you for a blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year Too!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

It's beginning to look a lot . . . (shhh)

Hi friends~  How are you?  I know it is few and far between when I post : /  But I do actually have a small card that I created and want to share with you today!
As I write this post it is early evening and snow is covering the yards and rooftops~
The sky is gray and still.  Winter has infringed upon our Autumn! and seems to be knocking on the door so early this year~
This image was given by a friend (at Scrapbook.com)  She is a very talented paper artist and also has a generous spirit! I ran the image through a paper crimper - and was not real happy with the effect; but decided to work with it.
It is simple, but I felt good to be able to create even a little something~
The papers, bells and ticket, etc.; were in my Christmas misc. from last year.  I used a 'pine branch' punch for the greens.

The Rusty bells came from Etsy!  I used some plaid Washi tape from My Minds Eye Co.

I 'tied' a star to the tail of the moon!  : )  And dotted the image with some white pen marks, stickles shimmer and glitter.
I'm curious to know if any of you are in 'Winter'!?  It has brought on some holiday creativity! but albeit too soon for me ; )  Ah well, I guess I'll go with it~  Perhaps you are already feeling the desire to create for the Christmas Season?  Enjoy! It really isn't that far away~
Much much loving hugs to you and wishes for a blessed rest of the week.
I'm still working full time and enjoying life in MT with my beautiful daughter and family!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Faithful old 'post'~

Hello and Happy Autumn to you!  Thank you for peeking in today~
I am still sharing things from the past : /  but perhaps you haven't seen before~
A journal made with a 7Gypsies book cover, lots of scraps from the craft table! including Tim Holtz ephemera and Maja Designs papers.  The heart was die cut from canvas and stenciled with Gesso & the edges inked.
That gold ribbon was always my favorite!  I used it often; and can now no longer find it : /  (well, not that exact color and texture)   The black clip on the left is a cafe curtain rod clip!
Some eyelets and cotton twine.   Lace and punching. <3 button.
Below are a few pages inside~
   I enjoy making my own paper flowers but
 don't always do so! These I did make~  Bits of washi tape, rub-ons (remember those?! : ) and stamping.
 How have you been these days?  I would love to hear from you.
Our Autumn started early this year (Oct 1) and even snow in the mountains near my home.  But there was a bit of a break this week and we've had moderate temperatures~  I am still able to take walks!  But today the weather looks 'threatening' - so we shall see.

I hope you have a wonderful week-end!!
 Loving hugs to you,   Karen

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Burlap Journal (second time around : )

Hi friends!  Greetings from chilly Montana~  I'm saying a long goodbye to Summer; I never want to let her go!  I hang on to warmth and sunshine as long as possible.
But alas, the leaves are changing and most of the days are now fairly cool (50's-60's Fht) with snow forecast for the approaching week-end!  Wowzer, Life in the Rocky Mountains~

Here is a continued 'blast from the past' with a Journal I made for my sweet baby sis.
She was going to a Ladies Retreat and I put this together for her with a specific theme in mind; hoping this would be a help there in keeping her notes in order~
I saw this "left to right" open idea on a delightful blog called justlilla https://justlilla.blogspot.com/
several years ago and thought it was a lovely idea!
Mine is burlap (about 10" tall) and lined with cotton fabric.  The pocket is made from vintage tea towel.There is also a short burlap pocket & pencil holder. I included bits of this and that; corrugated board, twine, stamping, white buttons, titch of metal, pearl beads, and laces. The closure tie is wide twill tape.
I tucked in a few memento's and  this homemade card for her.  I used mostly  Maja Design papers --> http://majadesign.nu/products/vintage-autumn-basics/

 Do you know the words to the song  "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"?   I included those words on a vintage sheet of paper; tucked in the card.  It was a difficult time in her life and I wanted to include lots of encouragement~ (𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮 . . .I'm sailing right behind . . .)

I hope life is treating you well?
I've enjoyed my Summer very much!  With out-of-state  company coming - and a few trips of my own sprinkled in~
 Have a great week ahead! & God bless~
I leave you with my hearts truth - -
"Really?"   . . . sayin' goodbye to my sandals?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Again, reaching into my treasures for vintage style- textile photo albums (2)

Hello to all who stop in today!  Thank you for your most welcomed visit~
I spent many months ( a few years ago) posting pictures of my art work and 'rambling' on my blog; with -0- followers!  And I was fine with that being the case~  I needed an outlet for my heart and thoughts; and I needed a place to share my work.
  I told myself, "Even if no one follows, this will be a good experience"  and it was; it is!
* Simple fold canvas covered with some white burlap, vintage (and not so vintage) laces, Maja http://majadesign.nu/ papers  (April-so pretty! : ) along with white corrugated board and beads.  On the right edge there is a piece of lace with elastic button-hole loops~

I've learned so  many  things  since starting this blog, and have made some friendships I believe will last me a lifetime~  There are so many out there (YOU! : ) who have taught me so much about art, and many who have shared emotional and spiritual support that has carried my faithless little heart and my tiny wings through many a troubled waters.
*Open album with lace pocket and Battenburg lace doily pockets.  White felt heart covered in vintage white buttons.  Maja paper 'spools' for holding special photo's or journaling.  (PS thats my moms parents : )

Reaching back into my early years of work I'm able to see I had an abundance of creative energy (though perhaps only a few friends to share it with,) and my crafting time was so limited - I remember staying up till 2 a.m. to finish things I could not get out of my head!  And then have to go to work in the morning~ (I still to this day work a full-time job)
 Whereas at this point in my life I have almost -0- creative energy, have a more flexible work schedule, and more friends and acquaintances to share with!  Try making sense of that! : ) LOL
But part of life for me is learning  that God gives lessons in everything~  And I want to learn; not just in one category - but in many categories!  So I will continue my path as I'm lead, and if I've nothing 'new' to share - I'll keep digging up my favorite things as time (and inventory ; ) allows~ Who knows!?

*Here is a teeny mini canvas album that tucks into the right side pocket.   Held with a T Holtz pin and some ribbon~ The clock is a stencil and Gesso I think.

For my 2nd album, I have a  bit larger one I made a few years ago for a dear craft friend~ This one is quite "Froofy' too!  ; )   [The lighting was soo poor for pics]

 *White netting and vintage buttons~  Cotton tags and paper.  Wedding pearl strip.

 *Butterflies stamped on (T Holtz.)   The photo (a copy) is edge-punched.

Much of the fabrics and laces came from my late-husbands grandmother.  Actually most of it did!  Except what I've picked up at sales.  Some stained or unusable hankies had great lace edges to be cut off and reused~
*Quite lacy and 'froofy'!!  The rossette was not made by me; but isn't it lovely?  I would like to find more of those.
  ~And who in the world could that little girl be?  hmmmm . . . . . ( I inserted copies of some family photo's just to give her reference)

(Again I ask,who is that girl?! . . . )    On the right I made a pocket from a vintage dinner napkin.
There is a piece of jewelry (necklace?) adorning the fold.
I think that is a Maja Designs photo; train conductor.     Looks like I 'beaded' everything! lol
*have a beautiful day ---<3
Made these little flowers from a lace edge; running a seam through and pulling the tail string to gather it. 

Well, there are 2 more blasts from my past : )  I hope you enjoyed.
I am still soaking in my Summer.  How about you?  Though the nites are getting quite chilly!  the daytime temps are still flip-flops and Tshirt weather! : ) And that brings me joy.
Loving hugs to you,

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Needle/Sewing book~

Hi friends!
I'm hoping your Summer (or Winter ; ) season is going well?!
I have been keeping busy with family; and that, for me, is the best kind of busy!  I am going to start creating a project soon I hope - - But my heart is still reluctant - as my mojo's been on an extended vacation  (sigh : / )   So,  once again I am bringng a treasure from the past and sharing it with you today : )
I shared this story a few years ago~
I was at my sisters house and we were trying to mend something - but she had no sewing basket or even the basics for hand stitching!  So I got it into mind to create a little needle book & basic sewing kit for her, using this favorite pic of our grandmother.
It started out rather simple, but grandma's photo inspired me to embellish it rather 'fancy-like' ! And I gifted Mariann with this.
The outer layer is white burlap; the inner layer is muslin.  I used a vintage brown handkerchief  to create 'pockets'  for some essentials - and I stitched a piece of wide (cream colored) bias tape across it horizontally, to create some slots for scissors & etc.  I enclosed all the necessities for a basic repair : )

The front cover is a combination of Maja Designs papers (love love love . . .) http://majadesign.nu/products/vintage-summer-basics/   Some machine stitching and pearl-like beads, silver micro-beads, seam binding ribbon, die cut flourishes, bits of glitter and laces. Whew!
The little metal 'envelope'  embellishment was a Hobby Lobby find : ) The key is chipboard.
So there she is, grandma at about 15 years old~  (circa 1925)
And Mariann  now has a sewing kit - should the need arise!!  :  )

Wishing you a blessed day today and a wonderful week-end to come <3
Loving hugs,

Monday, July 8, 2019

Observations Journal; in with the old!

Hi friends~  How is your Summer going?  I'm so thankful you stopped by today!  I appreciate you  peeking in.    I am finding myself busy and not all-to-very-creative I'm afraid~  So rather than leave things go, I'm posting an Observations Journal I made in the summer of 2014.  Hope that's ok!?

I was noticing some burlap posts elsewhere, and it reminded me of this mini I made.  I usually give away as gifts most of the things I make, but this one is a treasure to me : ) and I've kept it for myself to enjoy~
Created with a burlap base, this little (aprox 6"X4") field journal contains lots of organic/textural elements; including mulberry paper, velum, seam binding, older papers from Graphic 45,  some metal and lace - - I guess a bit of everything!  Here are several pics below:

 The Daisies are a tissue paper, decoupaged on to page one.
 A velum pocket on the left side to hold a tag. 
 The bird is a Graphic 45 die cut, and the stem is 'fussy-cut'. 
 Twigs from the yard, and the birdhouse is a stamp~
 Fussy-cut butterflies from Mr. Tim Holtz paper!
 Pockets and envelope to hold tags and notes of observation  : )
 Here is the back
It all ties together closed with some white twill tape~

Thank you so much for looking in today!  I hope you have a blessed week ahead!  We are warm and sunny, so I'm a happy girl : )
Hugs <3  Karen