Sunday, June 16, 2019

Step on out baby girl!

Hello friends!  Did you enjoy your week-end?  I had some great quality time with grandkids and my daughter too~
Quick post - another rather grungy card with a vintage family photo, once again featuring  my mother-in-law.  I believe she is about 5 years old in these photo's.
I've always wanted to use these 2 photo's : ) In the first one she is kind of hiding in the shadows of the front door - and then she "steps on out!" into the sunlight, and the camera's view~
This card was very different, even for me I think.
I used some pressed flowers from several years ago.  My husband made me a flower press and he even grew the little Jump-up flowers you see here. 

 There's a titch of cotton lace, MS wild flower punch on the bottom, and some bits of my usual embellishments~  I snuck in a piece of that washi I've lately come to love, but I now think it was a bit out of place here. What do you think?   I'm a dare devil ; )  LOL!
Thank you so so much for taking time to peek in and see my card!
 I appreciate each one who stops to look. You mean the world to me~
 Hope your week  ahead is filled with beauty~
Hugs,  Karen

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Family Photo Birthday Card~

Hi Friends in blog world! We are having a sunny day today, and I am so happy!  We hit a patch of  very cold  rainy weather - and I'm so eager for Summer~ Perhaps she is here <3

I'm sharing another birthday card, highlighting a photo of my (late) mother-in-law; when she was about 2~
  These post  pics were taken during our few weeks of  cloudy weather- so the lighting is terrible!
The base is white cardstock; stamped.  Then a (generous! ; ) layer of cheesecloth.
I used  My Minds Eye papers and washi tape  
for the layers.  I wish you could see the tape better -
Well wait, you can!  Let me take a pic and add it here*

 I love that stuff! : )
   I added a few sequins and micro beads as well~
 Thank you for stopping in!!  It is back to work now for me~
Is your week going well so far?
I am busy enough : ) with my bookkeeping and accounting (I know, *yawn* ; )
Looking forward to this warm sunny day~
Hugs to you,  Karen