Saturday, February 16, 2019

For Dad, with love~

It will be my dad's 85th birthday next month; but it will be the first one without my mom by his side in almost 72 years..
They met at about the age of 12, in 6th grade!  and fell in love~  They have been devoted to each other all these years.
Since my mom went to Heaven in July, we have all felt the loss deeply - and of course, dad has felt it most acutely.   Married 65 years! That really is a lifetime, isn't it?
We are very proud of him and how he is carrying on with his music and doing his best to keep busy and productive; with a very broken heart~
This photo was taken when they were working in an office together for a while.   I believe it was before they were actually married.
I created this on a small paper bag,  and it will be filled with his favorite candy! (Tootsie Rolls : )
 and perhaps a gift card to a favorite restaurant or something~

It's a real 'eclectic' mix of papers and such, but I've incorporated things that have meaning to me as well.
There is stitching, thread, and a few 'button' cards (the yellowish 25c card & the pale green one) remembering all the sewing my mother did~  When we were growing up she made almost all of our clothes.

There's a bit of sheet music paper just above the 'Happy Birthday' that hints of dads musical ability~
He played 7 different instruments in his lifetime, and is still playing the piano and clarinet. 
I used bits of ticket stub and filmstrip, reminding me of all the symphony's and musicals they took us too!  For many years they would buy 3 season tickets, and each of us 6 kids would get one turn to go out for a special night with mom & dad! 
My love and thanks to you friends!! for taking time to peek in and see my card today~
I am still playing a little bit of 'catch-up' in my blog visiting, but I hope to stop in and see you soon~
Hugs to you, 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

2nd time around~ & Please follow on Bloglovin!

Hi friends~  I hope all is well for you?  I'm doing pretty well, despite the 'deep-freeze' that has settled down upon us here in north-west Montana, USA.  Near freezing and below for several days/nights.
Even next week we will have <minus> over-night temperatures! Brrrrrr!

Please know that Google+ will be gone soon!! and so I've added a button:
 "Follow me with Bloglovin"
 near the top right on my blog - if you would care to follow that way  <3
I am pretty I.T.  illiterate! and don't understand what exactly will happen in April; but I hope to get better informed - so I don't loose my following at your place!  I enjoy Every blog I follow, and don't want to miss anything because I can't find you!~

I wanted to tell you, I have grown to love   Our monthly link up party  Simply Neutrals Tuesday at Wens' blog every month,
And so  - - I had to reach back into my past and find a "neutral"  to enter!
My creating has been so - - limited lately, and I did not have the time or mojo to get something new ready for today~  : /
                  "It's A Good Day"
This is one of the  . . .grungiest! cards I've ever made, and it happens to be one of my very favorites as well~  A birthday card for my nephew.
 I know Wendy is flexible about adding bits of color, so I'm hoping she will accept this for submission : )
I used:  Lots of layers of kraft cardstock, Kraft patterned paper, Burlap, twine, stamping words and postage, metal 'screw' brads - and the colorful bird w/music is actually from some (Prima?) packaging~
There's lots of  washi tape too, and if you can see him, the little bird resting on the "fun day" sign? he was die cut from some paper that was covered in pieces of washi.

So, there it is for me today.  : )  I hope you have a blessed week-end ahead!  And happy crafting time too~
Hugs to all.