Friday, April 6, 2018

Dreaming in Vintage

Hi friends~
Recently I made a purchase from a wonderful shop at Etsy. "suziqu" (fabrics, textiles, journals, cards)
   The owner is Suzy Quaife, and it's an amazing place. Vintage is the key word  for me :)    here is the link>
I just had to show you what I recently received.

 So many lovely vintage patterns, fabrics and lace.
and ribbon! OMW it's a dream~

 Netting is gorgeous~    fabulous images and tags!
 And look at the black lace!
 Toile   ~love love~

I just had to post this!  I feel so blessed~   I am dreaming in vintage and hoping to do some creating soon; if time will allow.  Suzy, I'm inspired!  And I  hope the 'creativity' is there for me~  My heart says yes!

Thank you for peeking in to see my  ' vintagey ' purchases <3  I appreciate you and all the encouragement I receive from my blog friends~
Lots of love and hugs,   Karen


  1. Dear Karen, truly the most stunning collection of fabrics, and laces, from dear Suzy. She is one of my closest friends, and I love her creations of beauty and always with her heart, too. I know you will create beauty, too, with this wonderful collection of fabrics , and gorgeous pieces, from her shop. Enjoy it all, take it in with your eyes and soul, and soon you will find yourself creating little wonders with all this .
    I hope all is well Karen ? and wishes you a lovely weekend , my dear friend.
    Warm hugs from, -at last-- sunny Bornholm. xoxo

    1. Oh thank you dear Dorthe! I enjoy Suzy's blog and seeing her creations! Her store is wonderful~
      I hope to be able to create some things; before I must leave to go see my mother for an extended time . . .
      So happy to hear you have sun: ) Now your beautiful island is coming to life! Enjoy exploring the beaches and finding some beautiful natural treasures there~ hugs to you, Karen

  2. Oh my such beautiful patterns in the fabrics and that lace is just gorgeous, I can just hear the excitement through your writing, can't wait to see what you come up with using all these goodies!

    1. Thank you for the visit Connie! Although things are (again) complicated in my life, my heart wants to do some creating with these beautiful new textiles : ) Hugs to you, Karen

  3. Wonderful things! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Susi

    1. Thank you Susi for the visit! It is much appreciated. Yes, so many wonderful textiles to enjoy : ) Hope all is well~ Karen

  4. Oh my heart be still!! These are all so gorgeous and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing, Karen! Even though I've moved away from shabby chic art, I still can't help myself but to love all the beautiful lace, neutrals and antiqued bits! Gorgeous!