Friday, October 5, 2018

A quick (re) post, and big hello!

Hello friends!  I am honored by your visit; thanks for peeking in~ This happens to be my 70th post!

(Have you noticed how much I use this - - ->  ~ ~ ~  little crooked squiggle line!?!
* I don't even really know what it is supposed to be used for to be honest.  Oh right, I could Google it ; )  But I call it my little cartwheel.  IDK why~
Anywho,  I only wanted to say hello and share with you an older mini book cover I made - waaay back when.  I believe it is on a very. early. post.
When I first started, I did not know (at all) how to blog, and was just 'winging it' all the way.  Now I only wing it   part  of the way : ) lol
Actually I would just load up my posts  with tons of pics, (of different projects & things) not knowing it's probably best to just share one project per post - - - - and talk about the process ; ]
So again, ANYWHO~
Here is a little cover I made a few years ago.

 I wanted so much to contribute something and be a part of  Wendy's (October)
Simply Neutrals Tuesday Party
 Our monthly link up party
But I have "nothing new as of late" to share,  - so I searched my archives and found this little cover.
**Please  take a few minutes to stop in and see what treasures Wen is sharing at her  neutrals party!

So, to create this 6" journal cover:
Stiff cardboard and a piece of hankie lace created the base.  I pleated some cream seam binding along the left edge and machine stitched it on.
Then  more layers - of linen, vintage buttons from my Gramma's jar, and distressed corrugated board.
I added a square of  white burlap, some 'fussy-cut' flowers (from old K&Co scrapbook paper -named "Ancestry")
 and a layered heart made of quilt batting.  I topped that with a piece of wedding lace.
I attached a little 'door knob,' and small key (can you see it?!) to invite you into this mini journal~~

Oh yes, I stamped the sentiment; " beautiful   day "  on teeny scraps of white linen~

I enjoyed making this, back in the day when creativity flowed from my heart quite steadily : )
And today?  Well  . . . Things are different! and I don't take the mojo for granted~  lol
Wishing you Gods peace and blessings for the week-end friends!
Hugs and lots of love,


  1. Hello dear friend,
    I found your tiny key, and doorknob , so sweet, to make it a door to the secret world, of private thoughts Karen.
    Your layering of beautiful pieces is gorgeous, and I love the fussy cut flowers, and leaves, on top of the lace.
    Also the hearts with the wedding lace is such a lovely idea , a beautiful, beautiful cover , and so perfect for Wen`s Simply Neutrals Party - I love it dear friend.
    Blessings to you, and a loving hug from Dorthe xo

    1. Thank you dear Dorthe for the visit to see my little book cover! It was so fun to make. I know I am due to write to you soon : ) Blessings, Karen~

  2. I LOVE seeing your beautiful creations, my friend. This is absolutely stunning and I can tell it was made with a lot of love and care.

    Wishing you a blessed Sunday. Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! You are one very busy lady, and still you stop i to visit; I appreciate you!~ Hugs, Karen

  3. Hello dear Karen, I'm so happy you could join us at Simply Neutrals! I absolutely don't mind seeing your "old" work, because if I didn't see it before, I'm glad I do now. And if I did see it before, then I'm very happy to see it again ;) In this case, I hadn't seen your gorgeous mini book cover. I love how you added the layer of those beautiful cut flowers. And the detail of the doorknob and key are such a fun and great idea to add! It's like a welcoming door to a hidden secret world now. Do you have photos of the inside of this beautiful book too? I'd love to see them! Sending you big hugs and wishing you a peaceful week, xx

    1. Hello Wen,
      & Thank you! I really enjoy being be involved in SNT's, even if just to visit and comment -(I have found many talented, inspiring people there!) I love the party and friends so much - and of course because I love neutrals!
      There is always beauty to beheld~ Hope you are well. <3 love & hugs to you, Karen

    2. PS Wen,
      I have no photo's of the inside - it was for a blank journal; no art inside as of yet : )ko

  4. Beautiful creation, glad you shared it again, love your use of the lace and the sweet, white heart!

    1. Thank you Connie! I appreciate your comments and encouragement!! Have a blessed day~ Karen

  5. That's such a sweet cover for a Journal Karen. Love the fussy cut flowers draping over the soft batting hearts. It is really delicate and the key and knob are so sweet giving us the invitation to come inside. Beautifully crafted with lovely layers! I love the use of all of those materials you used. Keep it going girl! You have so much talent and thanks so much for joining the SNT party this month.
    So glad you did,
    Love and hugs,

    1. Hello and Thank You! dear Suzy~ I always love a visit from you, you encourage me~
      I had a wonderful time creating that little journal cover; some times it all just works ; )
      My heart is attached to the SNT parties! and when possible I want to be a part~
      Wishing you blessings throughout the coming week~ Hugs, Karen

  6. Karen, I am so happy you re- shared this as I have only recently discovered you and would not have seen it!
    What a gorgeous cover! Perfect to join in with Wen and the rest of the gals!
    I just love each lace,button and element you used to tie these all together! And those fussy cut flowers were a beautiful addition! Truth be told, I thought at first glance they were pressed from your garden!
    Thinking of you and hope you are doing well,
    Jackie xo

  7. O my goodness, Karen, this is stunning!!! I know it was created a while ago, and sometimes it's easy to look back and wonder if the same person was even capable of such art (I promise, I do it all the time!!!) but it's also an opportunity to reflect how we are capable of doing some truly incredible things, and it's ok that it ebbs and flows out of our lives! The important thing is to just keep creating and doing it because it fills our heart (and others' hearts) with joy. And your art always brings me so much joy! Hope you are doing well, sweet friend!