Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A few more Holiday flutters~

Hi friends!  Thank you for peeking in today~
I have some inspiration to create!   Thanks to you out there in blogland ; )  giving me the (holiday) nudge~  You 'creatives' are inspiring and encouraging me.  I'm still working in the familiar and simple- but for me that is OK <3    *I'm very thankful to be sitting at my table and doing something!  Isn't this a great time to peruse blogs? Some are in holiday mode (yay! thank you:); others are out shooting photo's of our beautiful earth and sky; and some are sharing peeks of their home, life & art~
So many of you bloggers may have no idea what seeing your art does for me!  Well, I'm sure for most of us really.  I for one just love to see the notice that says 'you'  have something new to share~
 I do work full-time, so for me, when I have the chance to check,    my 'Reading List'  is always a welcome  sight~

Well, for today here is a Christmas gift tag.  I find inspiration from Beatriz Jennings Youtube videos from time to time~  I believe this one is simply "Christmas tags"
I have used things from my box of Christmas paper and supplies; nothing new : )  As you can see my photo's are not the greatest (sorry) so some of the details do not show.
I used some dots of red Stickles on the punched branches. A piece of ribbon to separate the 2 papers, and paper doily for the little skirt~

 I have quite a bit of accumulated ribbon; this country brown plaid used to be such a fav! : ) It does warm this tag up nicely don't you think?

  I think I mentioned I'm still working in the familiar and simple? : ]
I decided to make a few fast & simple Christmas cards; about 4" X 4" (10.1CM)
It keeps me active and keeps me going.  Simple is good for me~
 The bell above is a punch~  The "Noel" I've had for about 112 years! : )  Decided I better use it~
Someone gave me these 'primitive star' die cuts;  I wish I had the die!  I 'frosted' the stars with some picket fence Stickles from Tim Holtz and perhaps a titch of glitter.  A 'joy' tag on a bit of corrugated ppr and a sequin.  I like postage stamping and add it often~~~
I thank you for taking the time to check out my simple cards, made with love!
I am enjoying a few more days of B E A U T I F U L weather, before the cold rolls in again~
Lots of blue skies and 60+ degrees! (about 16 Celsius?)
Brilliant autumn colors are lighting up my world here in MT USA and it helps me to truly feel better.

Much love and hugs to you!
Blessings,  Karen


  1. Lovely!! That gift tag would be a warm welcome just as a gift!
    You have such a flare with your creativity, gorgeous Karen!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather while it lasts. :}

    1. Thank you for stopping in my friend! Enjoy the CO snow~~ Hugs, Karen

  2. Your Christmas tag is so beautiful Karen! I love the old world look of it. I love the background paper and the mix of ribbons suits it all so beautifully! Will be gorgeous attached to a gift and, I think, would look just as lovely as an ornament hanging from the tree! Love all of your cards too. They may be clean and simple, but each of them is beautifully designed and stunning!! Enjoy your lovely weather while you can my dear and take care! God Bless. hugs xx

    1. Thanks for the visit Marg! I never thought of the tags as ornaments, but that is a splendid idea!
      You could create a very pretty 'themed' tree by making ornaments~ Wishing you a beautiful Spring!
      Hugs, Karen

  3. I love your beautiful creations...the design and colors you used.
    I'm Granny2One from Scrapbook.com. Thanks for your support and I'll be checking you out from time to time.

    1. Oh my goodness Lois, how wonderful to have you here!! :) *big smile* I was looking for your 'blog' when you visited last time~ I am so blessed by your visits~ Thank you and have a wonderful day~ Karen

  4. Oh Karen your creations are just gorgeous, I love your vintage tag, great images and so love your use of the lace to border it and your lovely combo of ribbons too! Your second card has such an elegant feel to it, love the papers on the second with the bell and love the stickles used on the star card!
    Glad you were able to have some time to create!

    1. Hello and thanks so much for the visit Connie! I appreciate your encouragement~~
      I am glad (also) that I've been able to do some creating; it sure feels good : )
      Hugs, Karen

  5. Karen, your new tag and cards are gorgeous!! Simple? you say?Just elegant I say! I laughed about the brown checker ribbon,didn't we all have it at one time? I think it looks splendid-right at home!
    Thank you for your beautifully inspiring post Karen, I think I will work on some holiday pieces soon as well!
    sending big hugs,Jackie

    1. Hey Jackie, So blessed you stopped in! I will be happy to see some of your Holiday pieces when you get to it!
      I think there has to be a bit of a 'mind-set' when creating for a holiday, don't you think? The mood hit and I was actually able to do a few things. I hope you are taking good care of you! big hugs back to you, Karen

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!! for your visit Jacqueline~ it's a privilege (and I mean that sincerely : ) I have to tell you after my last stop in your blog; I HAD to track down the Flea Market Holiday magazine!
      That saying is true - "you can't judge a book by it's cover." If I had not seen some of the glimpses of the inside that you shared with us, I don't think I would have picked it up. (Since I'm not too much of a Santa girl,) I probably would have passed it by. But I am soo glad you shared! I 'tracked it down' : ) and love love it! Lots of great articles and beautiful images~ Thanks for your insight~ Have a blessed week-end. Karen

  7. Fearest Karen, your christmas tag is so very beautiful. Love everything about it, and the sweetness you added with lace and ribbons. Lovely and sweet fast ones, too- and soo love the white star ones, too- they might be simple, but oh so elegant and serene looking.
    Dear friend, also here it starts to get colder, and the winter jacket is on ,- I think it is for real now .
    I will soon write you , I`m sorry , but still have some troubles, - just had new blod test made today ,- but you will hear from me, very soon .
    Biggest hugs from me, and love. Dorthe

  8. Thank you my friend! I am always blessed by your visit~ At least I am having some creativity in my life again; so yes- simple or not I am glad to do something at my desk! I hope your recent tests will prove good information for your troubles and find some answers for you. I don't like to know you are still suffering : (
    No worries to write until you are ready ; ) Yes, the winter coat is on for real now here also. It has been mild lately, but snow is in the forecast next week~ Hugs to you dear Dorthe, Karen

  9. Sigh!! These are GORGEOUS Karen! There is not a single one of these cards that reads 'simple' to me! Not that it would be a bad thing if they were - I agree with you wholeheartedly, sometimes simple is just what we need :) BUT, these are SPECTACULAR! Elegant, cozy, and so warm. You're right about the ribbon too - it adds a whole heap of warmth and coziness! I hope you know how much joy your sweet blog brings to us all too! You are a radiant, wonderful person and I love visiting here :) Hugs to you, sweet friend!