Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Love love love

Hello dear friends~  I am so glad you chose to stop in today, and I truly thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

 There is something troubling me, and I really don't know how to approach this except just to say it;
My mother is very ill.
  She has been weak for quite some time and very inactive.  She has also battled cancer for years
and it is taking it's toll on her and my dad - her care giver~
Life has been so full of challenges for me; especially  these past 6 years. So much "trying of my faith" and so much testing of myself- my courage and strength . . .
And all with  'just enough  time'  in-between to keep me from truly falling under the weight.  Perhaps that is a bit dramatic; but maybe a little justified too.

And what of blogging?  I've been away so long, and lately wanting to follow my heart and get back into 'creating' and sharing things with all of you.  But serious and difficult things can re-align us!
and lead us "elsewhere"  once again.
Some of us blog to share art, some to share life lessons and stories, and many - to do both!  And my heart is here, but
my 'life' may not lend to it right now.  We shall see~
I may need to go back to Colorado soon (temporarily) and help any way I can.  I should know soon.

So for now,  I will share 'past' posts and creations, and that will have to be enough for me : )
Thank you for looking!

This is my mom, Emilie Juliette, and my dad, George Joseph - their High School graduation pics.
They met in 6th grade.  YES! And fell in love and never looked back <3
I made this collage as a small gift for her several years ago.  A layer of cardboard & heavy cardstock, layers of scrapbook papers, lace, linen stamping and distressing~

Here they are on wedding day of course.  Isn't she so beautiful!?
This is a page from a small album that I actually made for - - myself!  It holds wedding pics from both mine and my late husbands family.  Perhaps I can share more from the album another time~
 My page here is a mix of ribbon, layered paper, a painted chipboard butterfly, and all the flowers were hand made by me.  I really enjoyed creating this.~  <3

I'm hoping to enter this page into Wen's Simply Neutral Tuesday party~
I wish you would take a moment and stop in to see what she is sharing from other bloggers in the way of  "neutrals" just click on  -->         http://appleapricot.blogspot.com/   
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Thank you so much for peeking in! I appreciate you : ) and hope you have a blessed and beautiful day~
Love and hugs,  Karen O


  1. Karen, your Mother is just stunning and I so love her name! And your Dad, well he is quite the looker as well!
    Both of these pieces are just gorgeous! I love your combinations of elements, so vintage, romantic, shabby and all around fine!
    Hope things get better in your world soon,sending hugs

  2. Jackie I was so thrilled to see you stopped in! : ) Thank you very much. (I'm taking things one day at a time)
    Hugs to you and have a great rest of the week~ Karen

  3. Oh Karen, your mother is incredibly beautiful and your dad is ever so handsome! What a darling couple :)

    Sweet friend, please know that I will be praying for your precious mom and for you. I wish I could do more, but oh, there is power in prayer. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

    1. Much thanks to you Stephanie for your prayers and support! My parents are very dear to me~
      I hope all is well and you have a very Blessed Easter! <3 Karen

  4. Dearest Karen, this makes my heart heavy for you,- my friend. You have had enough of worries, sorrow and difficult life situations, and now your mother- I`m so sad for you, and hope you can keep her for more years . I have also lost my mother, and miss her much.
    Lets pray this is not the time ,for her to say goodbye .
    Seeing her on your amazing pages, she is such a beautiful woman, and merried to a very handsome man, too- Thank you for showing these beautiful creations, Karen- I so hope you will be able to meet us here, again, very soon, I love visiting you and your gorgeous creations, dear friend. All the best and prayers for your mother. Your Dorthe , Hugs !!

    1. Hello to you Dear friend~ Yes, I am facing more difficulty; but yes, let's pray the time will be extended for my dear ma ma. I appreciate your support and friendship so much! You are an inspiration for me Dorthe, and I love to see your new posts showing up; with lots of encouragement~ Hugs back to you, Karen

  5. Oh Karen I am so very sorry to hear about your mother, You have been through so much these past few years and to now have to face this, I pray that God will give you strength to get through the days ahead as he has brought you through these past years. Your post was a lovely tribute to your parents, and yes she was a lovely bride. big hugs

    1. Hello to you Connie and thank you for stopping in; and know I truly appreciate your prayers and support!
      You encourage me friend; and I will pray for strength for the coming days~ Hugs to you, Karen

  6. Karen, What a gorgeous story of your Mum and Dad's fairytale love. You really are so lucky to have parents who truly loved each other. I think it's rare. And so handsome, both of them! I do feel for you, having to deal with your Mom's illness when you are still grieving and coping with your own problems. Do reach out to others honestly for a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand when it gets too much - sometimes it's just too hard for us to bear alone. I have a friend who cared for his dying Mum (cancer) for her last two years, and he grew so much, as he experienced their relationship at a new level of caring. He felt he had really had an opportunity to show his love back to her, after all her years of caring for him.
    I will pass on a quote I love from Kahlil Gibran:

    'The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain' Wishing some joy would come your way...
    Jesse XX

    1. Thank you dear Jesse, for stopping in today and for your encouraging words! I know that even in difficult (even crushing) times; that we learn so much - and as we open up and reach out to others there is so much to be learned and received. Trusting God for strength and I know the joy will come too : ) Hugs to you Jesse, Karen

  7. Hello sweet friend, it's wonderful to see you here on your blog again. But I'm so sorry though that your mom is so very ill now and that it's all taking its toll both on your dad and yourself, with everything you already have to cope with. You're such a strong woman, dear Karen! Take care my dear, you're in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.
    The collage and album you created to honour your beautiful parents are so very gorgeous.
    Sending you big big hugs and warm love!
    xx Wen

    1. Thank you Wen! I appreciate your visit and kind words too~ And I am holding on to all the prayers, words and kind thoughts from all! Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Wendy~ Hugs, Karen

  8. Hello there! I'm joining you from this week's Simply Neutrals Tuesday party and wanted to offer my wishes of comfort after reading your heartfelt blog! I love your artwork, you have created such stunning settings to showcase the beautiful photos of your parents - amazing 😁. Thanks so much for sharing such preciuos memories and wishing you well! J 😊

    1. Hi there and what a delight to have you stop in and visit today! Thank you for taking time to peek in; and for your kind comments~ Hope it is a great weekend ahead for you: ) Karen

  9. Both of these pieces are just gorgeous! Your parents are so good looking and your art shows all the love you have to share! Wonderful Mixed Media style Karen! I wish you all the best for those bad times - I feel with you, I lost my mother in 2013 - it was similar, her husband, my stepfather took care for her until the last days.
    Great to meet you via Wen's blog. I am sorry for not visiting before, but the Easter week is so busy here.
    You asked about our dogs in the picture- they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks and such good dogs!

    Take good care of you and I hope to read soon from you again!
    Will follow your blog, so I get your updates!

    oxo Susi
    Greetings from Austria

    1. Dear Susi I was very excited to hear from you! Thank you for taking time to visit my blog; and to follow! it is an honor~ I have enjoyed your blog very much and love to see your creativity~ I'm sorry for you loosing your mom; the sadness must be very great. : (
      I do wish for you a blessed Easter celebration and good weather too. Your dogs are so beautiful! They are a herd dog? Soo pretty! Hugs to you, Karen

  10. Oh my dear Karen. I am so sad to hear about your dear Mother. You have had so much heartache to cope with recently and now, to have your Mother so ill, it is heartbreaking. I pray for God to give you the strength to cope and also, that this is not yet her time to go to Him. Stay strong, my dear friend. I know there are better times and still much joy to come for you.
    I really love your collage and sweet mini album. They showcase the love you have for your parents and I'm sure they treasure your gift. Thank you for sharing these with us and sending much love your way. Take care my dear friend and God Bless. xx

    1. Ooo thank you so much Marg! You encourage me & I will do my best to stay strong. I appreciate you taking time to stop in! *big smile* And I do love to see your creations too; your blog is a highlight for me! full of great inspiration and beautiful creations. <3 Take care and have a blessed Easter~ Karen

  11. Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet mom and what she (and your and your family) have been going through these past few years. It saddens me to think of these things all piling up - I cannot imagine how difficult it must be. And I couldn't agree more with your beautifully eloquent writing here and how you so gently remind us the joys, and at the same time, difficulties of blogging and sharing. Art is such a personal thing, and can demand so much of our creative side, which sometimes needs a break so that our souls can heal from other things in our life. I sure hope that should you find the strength, joy and ability to keep crafting, that you do. And to also know that if you need a break, that is okay too! Sometimes life has a bigger plan for us, and we must follow what our hearts tell us. I am sending you so much love, and I hope you know that I am always here. Love, Ivana p.s. Your layout of your parents is breathtaking and so very sweet. Your mom is a true beauty and your father so handsome! It's so incredible to hear that they met in the 6th grade! My husband and I met in the tenth grade, and are still the best of friends to this day. It sure is a special blessing to find one's soulmate :)