Wednesday, March 14, 2018


To my dear sweet friends and acquaintances~
     It has been quite a journey for me; since I last blogged well over a year ago~
When my younger daughter was killed in that auto accident (10/16) my life was changed forever.
And since then, I have felt a little bit like - -an onion (for lack of a better analogy).
Ever- - So- - Slowly,  the layers peeling away - and revealing what God is re-creating in me;
 as I yield my heart to the lessons that are opening up~

and so, my heart wants to go on and on - pondering and talking of all that I have learned through this 'crushing event';
but space and time will not allow me at the moment...  SO - let me address what is on my heart and mind concerning all of you - - my blog-world friends : ) <3
I'm not really one for 'picking a word'  ; )
 - but this is my word for you.  Support.  I have received so much from the blog community that
It left me speechless for a long time~  You have reached out to me with loving kindness and
sincere gestures of  sympathy and - - support.  Thru your comments, e-mails to check on me, and even  creative gifts sent right to my door - I have received love and uplifting, encouraging help.  You are women of a generous spirit - who take this art of blogging to an emotional level; by your outreach and care.

I realize we are friends 'from a distance' - since we come from 'all over the world' (literally) and many of us have never met each other.  But you bring more than just creativity, inspiration and ideas for the things we have in common (... <3 art ...) you also bring (the universal word) LOVE into the equation - and I cannot thank you enough for all the Love I have felt along this last year~~
Thank you so very very much.

In case a few may be wondering, I am now living in the north western part of Montana, USA. I am still working full-time from home as before (accounting) but I am now just minutes away from my elder daughter and her family; as well as my (widowed) Son-in-law and grandkids.  This is soo healing for me~
  It is a snowy and beautiful place to be!  And Spring arrives at a slower pace here - but with it comes the hope of warmth and Summer ahead.  So;  I'm waiting for April . . . <3

I want to share just a few of the things I received from the beautiful hearts out there~
Lets hope I can find the photo's and post them here!  I no longer have the type of computer I was used to for blogging -so I'll need time to learn a different route~ (you will notice the lighting and camera need work : )
 From dear wonderful Karen  @ Todolwen blog.
She sent me a beautiful gift at Christmas ~ this tiny box (maybe 3-4inches,) personally addressed
to me <3   My photography does Not do this lovely piece justice.
You really can't see all the gorgeous details here - but this is on her blog as well. I encourage you to stop by and see her amazing work~
She included some lovely sheet music snowflakes and wonderful card.

 I also received something from my dear friend Ivana, @ papergirl crafts
an assortment of the sweetest softest card-making supplies!  She has been so good to me over the years I've known her.  Taking interest in my hearts concerns; sharing with generosity, and keeping in touch.

Dear dear Marie at lost bird studio
sent me a gift a few weeks ago; and it has been the focus of my first 'creation' in over a year; albeit a simple one~
She sent gorgeous laces and ribbon, vintage paper-people : ) some metal, some vintage buttons., tags, & on and on!  And if the next image looks familiar - she had shared/started this collage on her blog in her Feb 13th post - and included it in my package~

It is a very cool vintage style gift bag with the butterfly girl,   and on her wings it said:
So, I did! : )
I made her some paintbrushes (toothpicks,) and I added some canvases for her to work on : ) using some of the things Marie included in my gift.

I am blessed more than words can say. 
And I wish you all so much love and Gods very best for the coming new year~
Hugs and blessings,


  1. Oh, sweet Karen, what a precious post...I have tears in my eyes. You have been through so much and your desire to lean upon the Lord and learn from Him is truly inspiring. Bless you, dear one. Sending much, much love to you!

    1. Thank you for the visit Stephanie! I appreciate you and your mom so very much~ Hugs, karen o

  2. I was glad to see a post from you, and, also, a comment from you on my blog. I've always enjoyed your blog, I'm a wanna-be paper crafter, but try to use my time to quilt with fabric. Your photos are always beautiful and inspiring. We lived in north eastern Montana for five years before returning to Colorado. What an adjustment that was ---- we have no family there, and it was very cold, snowy, and lonely. It's wonderful that you are close to your daughter there. Take care, Sally

    1. Thank you for the visit Sally! Wow, n.e. MT; yes that can be a desolate area. I lived in Havre for a while~
      CO was my home for many years - so this is an adjustment; but here in the Glacier Park area it reminds me so much of CO. Hugs, karen o

  3. So glad and happy to hear from you. You are missed my friend. Make something it will do your soul good. (((hugs))) (((love))) (((prayers)))) cm

    1. Hi Connie~ I'm working on a few small projects : ) Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, karen o

  4. Hello dear Karen. How wonderful it is to hear from you again and to see you are slowly coming back. You have been on such a difficult journey and it so warmed my heart that your faith in the Lord is helping you to recover. Lovely to see that you have had so much support from your friends .. the gifts you received are so beautiful and I thank you for sharing them. I really love the way you completed the collage, it is just gorgeous and I hope you will be able to create more even if only once in a while. Happy to hear you are now living closer to your family, must be wonderful and comforting for you. I wish you all good things and hope we will see more of your lovely creations. Sending love and hugs and Blessings. xx

    1. Thank you my friend~ You are so kind Marg. Hope its is a wonderful weekend for you! <3 karen o

  5. Oh Karen I can't tell you how good it is to see a post from you, and to learn that you are close to your children and grandchildren, that brings much happiness to me to know that you are close to them now. I am thankful to that time has brought upon some healing, may God continue to bring peace and joy back to your life :) I loved to see that you have done some creating also, beautifully done!!

    1. Hello Connie~ Yes, I am finding strength and I do want to start crafting again; as long as I let it be a 'help'- and not become a 'must' do - if you know what I mean. : / Wishing you a nice weekend! : )
      <3 karen o

  6. Dear Karen,
    Welcome back!
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely heart felt and love filled post- you made my heart swell with the generosity of love and support that you shared about.
    A truly wonderful love filled posting!

  7. Thank you so so much Jackie! You are a blessing~ hugs to you and have a great week-end : ) karen o

  8. Dearest Karen,
    I`m so happy to see this post from you, showing your fantastic mood, and ability to go on, even the sorrow of loosing first your husband and then your daughter, will always be there, and I know,- have changed your life for always .
    Noone can imagine how hard it is for you, and I`m happy you are now so close on your family, being able to be with them, as often as you wish, without having the huge distance to fight ,first !!
    I so agree with you, that friends from a distance , can give as much to ones life - as the one living close by- it can be other ways we feel connected, but it was always a gift coming to know you Karen.Thank you for that !! Also your art have always given me happy and joyful hours, when watching them here, and I dearly hope , also for your own sake, your creative muse will soon be totally back , dear friend.
    Such lovely and wonderful gifts from your online friends, they are all send with the heart, and from such loving persons.
    I send you a warm hug, and love from Dorthe Have a wonderful weekend !!

    1. Oh Dorthe you are sooo dear to my heart! <3 Thank you for your comment and visit. I appreciate your steady outreach all these months; it has meant the world to me~ and the inspiration I feel every time I look into your beautiful blog :)
      Wishing you much love and peace. Hugs, karen

  9. I am glad to see you have posted again. I cannot imagine what you are going thru, but I am glad you have the support of your family near by and hope to see your beautiful work again. Thank you for being a beautiful soul in this world! We are all blessed to know you! HUGS!

  10. Thank you for visiting Nancy!
    Your friendship (and beautiful artwork!) has made a difference in my life and I'm so glad to know you~
    I have been very encouraged by your blog these last several years and I appreciate your strength and courage~
    Hugs right back <3 Karen

  11. My dearest Karen, my eyes fill with tears as I read this beautiful blog post. I don't quite recall ever reading words that were so full of emotion, love, kindness, and uplifting spirit. Despite the many challenges and difficult times in your life, you still find a way to shine a light that is so bright and hopeful. It takes a very special person to do that, and to spread love the way you do. I couldn't be more blessed to have you in my life, and just want you to know how very important you are to me. I am so glad to know that the little bits and pieces of this blogland collective have helped in some small way in your unimaginably difficult journey. I wish I could be there to hug you. I hope you will always know how very special you are and how much I appreciate you. Sending so much love, my dear friend.