Monday, June 20, 2016

See you all again soon!

I will be hosting 3 different groups of family over the next 4 weeks; and probably won't spent too much time blogging~  I have all my grandkids coming, my 2 daughters and some Ohio family too!
Looking forward to it.

So I wanted to say THANK YOU! for all your visits and comments here on my blog.
YOU are a blessing to me! : ) And a ray of sunshine in my life~
THIS IS MY 50th POST!  I can hardly believe it.  YOU are an inspiration to me : )

I hope you are enjoying your summer!?  I sure love the warmth and sunshine.  And all the smiling flowers dotting my yard!

Here's a few simple  "Thank You"  card tags below.  Made for 2 of my sisters who have been helping me with a backyard project : )

Some  papers are from
(The Scrapbook Diaries)  and the MOP buttons from one of Liz's auctions~

 The 'Paris Arc of Triumph' was a postcard from a really cool set my sister gave me a few years ago~   She often says "Merci, butter cups!"

I (personally) like to see details and texture, so I included a close up of the bow  - in case you do too : )

The birds, butterflies, hearts and flowers are rub-ons.  *Remember my mini lecture about 'using them up' before they dry out!?! LOL

Buttons are so sweet~

Again, thank you dear friends!
 I hope to join in on Wen's next "SIMPLY NEUTRALS TUESDAY" link party! 
Please stop in to see what she has to share in the beautiful world of neutrals~

Take care and hope to return in a few weeks; but I will try to stop in if I can : )
Blessings,  Karen~


  1. Enjoy your family~I will be taking a break soon also. Cute idea for the post card :)

  2. Sweet Karen, how I love seeing your creations. You are so talented and your love for creating shines through in what you make.

    Congratulations on your 50th post - how exciting! :) Your blog is such a wonderful place to visit.

    And have fun with your family. I know many precious memories will be made over the next month :) Love and hugs to you!

  3. Your sweet little tags are gorgeous Karen, and I'm so glad you showed us your closies .. love seeing the details! Have a wonderful time with your family. Looking forward to more of your lovely posts when you return! hugs xx

  4. Your tags are so beautiful dear Karen! I love that they are so very different from what I ever saw. The shabby whites on the second one, combined with the blacks and browns, so beautiful. Wishing you a sweet time with your family, dear. Sending you big hugs and see you again soon. xx

  5. Karen these are just divine! You have a real artists eye! Love, Mimi xxx

  6. How gorgeous, Karen! And a glimpse into your lovely sisterhood. Enjoy your family and grandchildren and I'll look forward to seeing more beautiful creations from you soon :")

  7. HI Karen. I love your tags. I hope you have a wonderful few weeks with your family.. Don't work too hard...make the most of your special time. Hugs, Sue

  8. Hi Karen, Your tags are darling and made with such artist love and care by your talented hands. Have fun with your family and blessings for a memorable time together. Thank you for being such a blessing in blogland sweet friend. Hugs xo

  9. These are so sweet, I had forgotten about the rub ons already, guess I need to make a note to myself, and try that on my card I need to make today :) I wish you the most wonderful time during your visits with family and look forward to when you can get the time to come back with more posts!

  10. Gorgeous tags Karen!! Enjoy your summer! Totally in the same boat...the kids have filled our schedule with summer fun! Have an awesome summer! xo

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  12. So beautiful Karen! I enjoy reading your blog, seeing your creations and am blessed to have met you. I hope you have a great time with all the upcoming activities in your life! I know you will love seeing your Grand kids!

  13. Hello dear Karen, Sorry for only seeing this post today, I don`t know what happened, other, than we have been so busy after selling our house, and buying another one, with packing.
    Your tags are so lovely, and the details I love seeing ,too. So beautiful with bow and tags ,and extra attention with the buttons, too. I`m off to catch my own granddaughter ,she will be visiting here for a week, and I`m sure you are as exited to see yours as I am to see Mathilde :-) Enjoy the family time, Karen, and see you again, later dear !! Hugs, Dorthe