Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You are not here by chance~

Welcome friends!  So happy you could stop for a moment today~
I was visiting @   Sue's blog   "Miss Phoebe's Perch"  last week and she mentioned
finding a quote on the piece of cardboard that was packaged in a new calendar she had gotten.
It reminded me "Hey, that happened to me a couple years ago!"  so I thought I'd share that little experience with you today.

I opened our new (then) 2014 Barn calendar and found a 12X12 piece of cardboard slid in the back; helping to keep the calendars' shape of course.  But as Sue said, it wasn't just a blank piece of cardboard,  it had this wonderful quote printed on it! What a nice surprise~   I thought perhaps it would come in handy &  I knew I wanted to make something for my sweet Alan with it.
Fathers Day was not far around the corner, so I put together this framed (I called it a plaque, but it's really just a framed)  quote : )  The frame itself was a gift from Al's mother (who passed away the year before Alan did  : (   so it was special to him.
 Who knew, just a few months later, his purpose would be fulfilled and he would be gone.
Missing him with my whole heart . . .

I'm grateful for the reminder Sue : ) and I will be entering this in Wen's bi-weekly linky party!
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Weekly linky party
Please stop over to visit Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday link up.  You'll find a host of neutral treasures there!

For this project I used:
*some vintage style paper behind the quote
*some white corrugated board under the quote
*a leather zipper pull
*and 3 truly vintage nails
*The heart is made from natural batting; stitched to look a bit primitive and pitiful! LOL  A button from  grandmas' jar was added, and a stick pin and seam binding bow.
 The frame is glassed, ( you can see the glare.)

How are you this week?  I just came down from a busy week-end of cleaning, clearing and sorting.
It's time for some household changes : )  And less junk and clutter is already helping me feel - - better~
 There is truth to the saying that less is often better.   There is a peace and joy I feel from my surroundings when I 'rid' it of superfluous stuff!  It just sneaks up on me.  I don't realize how I add to the landscape until months or even years later; and I start looking around going Oh My Word!  : P

I hope your days are filled with blessings! And let me encourage you to undertake some de-cluttering this Spring season.  Oh, I bet many of you are already in that mode? : )
Hugs to you,  Karen


  1. All so true! P.

  2. I'm so glad that God doesn't compare us... I really like your sewn together stacked hearts and that lovely colored seam binding! Oh and the rusty nails. Your mix is all so charming. I'm so glad that you were able to get some de-cluttering done. That always feel SOO good. I think I'm always in that mode. It seems we always have a pile to take to the thrift stores.. but then we bring more back for projects tho. LoL I hope you're having a lovely week. I'm packing to go to Phx with one of my daughters.

    Blessings to you Dear one..
    Tamara <3

  3. What a beautiful quote .. and so very true. We are all here by His design. Let us just hope that we fulfil His purpose. I love your framed quote Karen, one can actually see the love that went into the making of it. Love the way you assembled the hearts and also just adore the addition of the rusted metal parts. We are actually heading into winter down here in Aus but I also need to do some de-cluttering. Have done a bit, but nowhere near enough. Find myself hanging on to things 'just in case'. Need to bite the bullet and just let them go .. LOL!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!! Blessings and hugs xx

  4. Hi Karen. What a lovely post and a beautiful piece of art you made with that quote that we both love. I'm so glad that you linked to Wen's party today. Enjoy the rest of your week. XO Sue

  5. Karen,
    I love this framed work of art! The hearts, the rusty nails, the binding(ribbon) and of course the lovely quote all add up to one beautiful, neutral masterpiece! I am impressed!

  6. As always, simply beautiful. I'm de - cluttering my studio, dear Karen.
    That is a major project,lol. Have a lovely week.
    Sending hugs and love,

  7. Yes. Spring makes me want to clean up my act. It's so freeing when the doors are open again. There is always such a pleasant tone to your posts. Unhurried and deep. Makes me want to put more meaning in a day. Your framed quote is just lovely with all the nice old touches.

  8. Oh Karen what a wonderful piece you have made, that is so neat that you were able to use his mother's frame. I have never came across a quote like that it is so neat, I would like to Pin it. The distress and layering is so cool, goes so good with the frame and the nails and zipper pull are cool touches too! Love the addition to the hearts it gives it a balance of softness, Beautifully done! Hugs to you my friend!

  9. Waw karen what a amazing project, love the heart and the wonderful colours, hugs pia

  10. A beautiful and heart warming reminder, dear Karen. So sorry you have to be missing Alan. This is a precious frame for more than one reason. And you embellished it with the most beautiful little heart. Hugs xx

  11. Hello Karen, what a special memory you have created. The distressed layers add to the aged feel. I know what you mean about clutter, but I find it so hard to let it go!!! I tend to rearrange it to clean it, so that feels better.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Hi Karen~~ my heart was touched as you shared your heart with us through this gorgeous detailed gift for your husband, yet also a part of his dear mother. That is just wonderful.
    So sorry to hear of your missing him.
    The Lord bless you, dear friend.

    Don't you just love purging?!
    I feel like I've accomplished a great deal after I purge our home and sheds. I wished my husband was on the same page though. :-)
    It's so good to visit with you.
    Have a wonderful week ahead of you~~

  13. Dear Karen, how come I have not seen this post, I don`t know.
    It is a very beautiful framed quote - so lovely a gift for your husband, dear friend.
    The 3 hearts saying so much, and such a lovely memory with the frame from his mother, too.
    I know it is so painful for you Karen, and that you miss him every day!!
    May your week be lovely, and with sunshine smiling to you.
    Hugs from Dorthe