Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweet little things~

I was reading somewhere lately that it's  'the little things'  in life that mean the most.  And I do tend to agree.  There are many  'sweet little things'  in my life that have great significance and importance~
And when you think about the little things, like, someone who genuinely smiles at you, or, sends a note or gift 'just because' (thks Shirley, thks Marylou:) or a simple hug or prayer sent just for you - well, that really does mean a lot!
But as I was sitting in my kitchen/dinette area   I was thinking about how those 'little things' usually link to something much much bigger.
The little things in my life usually link to - Relationships.  And those are BIG things to me : )
And of course I'm sure you feel the same~
I recently made a 'stick hanger'  to hold this sweet old toddler slip, and finally got it hung up where I could see it (not just sitting in a basket of linens:)  This slip was in amongst a small box of linens that came from my dear mother-in-law  (who passed away in 2013.  I blogged a bit about her  in Oct, but I can't get the link to go there ~ *sigh)

I do not know if the slip was hers as a child, or something she acquired from elsewhere - but if I could guess, I would say it came from HER mother (who I knew for many years also; "Grandma Kate" : ) and may very well have been moms.  There is no way now to know for sure~
I just know I love it and cherish it!  And it was 'moms.'  She had it in amongst some beautiful hankies and other linens; and my sweet and generous sisters-in-law were kind enough to think of me. 
Here's a few more shots,  for those who like a closer look! : ) LOL

The hem is so sweet.  I like the scalloped edge~

I had to repair a rip in the bodice; left side near the arm hole.
I'm probably not the one to be entrusted with a job like that!  I can sew, but  
I worry when something is truly vintage and special.  I did my best~ 


Would you like to see a few other treasures I acquired in that box?! <3
Baby doll sox!

Oh.  My.  Word.  These stockings were hand made.  I turned one inside-out to check: )
So sweet.  So simple.  And you can see they were well played with~

There were several handkerchiefs in the box as well; and I've lately been cleaning, ironing and placing them on an old baby crib rail I found in a "freebie" pile.  I hope to show you the crib sides in another post.
My photography leaves a lot to be desired! : J  (I need lessons.)
Beautiful details on this one~
So, there you have it.  And there are several more special pieces that I hope to display.
Isn't this last one so pretty?! : )
And each one makes me think of 'mom' (my MIL) and grandma (GMIL).  And it's interesting, even without knowing for sure if these were 'family heirlooms,'  or just acquired 'little things' along their life's pathway,  my heart only knows them as "moms."  And that relationship means the world to me~

As you ponder the little things in your life, I hope (and am quite sure) you will find the "link" to what makes them matter most.  And often times it is our relationships~
Let's make the most of them. : )

I am late and not sure if there is a deadline - - but if I can, I will be linking up to > AppleApricot Blog!  Where our dear friend Wendy is hosting the by-weekly "Simply Neutrals Tuesday"  party!
Weekly linky partyI hope you will take the time to visit if possible.  She hosts a beautiful array of neutrals photo's, fabric, paper projects... I think you'll find some wonderful ideas there.

May the Lord richly bless you dear friends!  I am honored you took the time to stop in; and especially if you made it to the end of this long post!! :) Thank you~  Karen   PS:  It was snowing on my way to work this morning~


  1. Dear Karen, I so love visiting you, here, reading your always loving words, concerning your family ,their lives and doings.
    It is like you take me with you back in time, to enjoy things, happened ,to know a tiny bit of your life , and to see the beauty.
    The dress is so lovely, and also the socks are the sweetest. I can imagine how special they are to you, knowing they have been in your dear mother in law`s position , like the beautiful hankies. It all looks so wonderful in your photo, is it your kitchen part?
    I agree with you, dear friend, about the little things in life, and that they often are connected to much bigger things in our lives...but some, like seeing a beautiful flower, when out walking, is another little ting making me feel happy, and thankful, too.
    I hope you are well, and feeling good, and send you a warm hug.

    1. Thanks dear dear Dorthe~
      Yes, little things like flowers can bring such joy and smiles to our face! And happiness to our hearts~
      I appreciate you so much my friend. And hope all is well. It is still very cold here and for the next few days; some snow. OH, that slip is hung in the dinette area of my kitchen. Separate from the kitchen but close. I have a small table in there : ) Bless you! Karen O

  2. You are right it is the little things in life that mean the most and put that smile on our face. Lovely arrangement of the "little things"

    1. Thank you Connie! You are a sweet friend and a source of inspiration to me~ Hope you have a great week-end! We will be cold : / but some of my sisters and I are headed south of Denver for an Antique Festival, in doors ; ) Karen O

  3. Your lead photo drew me right back in again. Beautiful little dresses tug at my heart strings. Your considered musings are food for the soul too. I wonder about all the people and connections to old objects too. Especially my own people. I must say I took a gasp of pure pleasure at your last wonderful photo. But all the little details you show delight my heart too.

    1. Well thank you Jacqueline, coming from you that means a lot! Sincerely~ I LoVe your blog posts and enjoy all you share. Your serine quality is unique and lovely.
      In my last photo here you can see the shelf; it is a Warren Kimble that I've had for years and treasure~ (Wish the lighting had been better.) Have a great week-end. We are having some snow and cold, but myself and 2 sisters will be heading a bit north of here to the Rocky Mountain Antique Festival! So that will be a blast~ Karen O

    2. Such a lovely post as you share with us your beauty in all its simplicity, Karen. You have many a treasure in your possession from those you hold dear to your heart, and your display of them is gorgeous. That hanger you created is special for hanging that lovely slip.
      Yes, those little things in life are all around us should we look ever so carefully through eyes of thankfulness.
      Beautiful post~~

    3. Thanks so much for the blessing in visit form Debbie! : ) I always appreciate your comments and kindness~ I do have many sweet family treasures and am very thankful! I hope you have a great upcoming week Deb! I think warm weather is on our horizon: J Hugs~Karen

  4. Oh my .. what a lovely, lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful and precious keepsakes Karen. Such a sweet little slip (and I think your sewing is perfect)and such beautiful hankies as well. Love the way you have them displayed .. must be such a pleasure to look at these each day and reminisce. I so agree with you about the little things .. they usually turn out to be the most important, don't they! Thank you so much for sharing this Karen, your lovely words are certainly food for the soul. Thank you also for the lovely comments you left for me on my blog, you warm my heart. Hugs and Blessings xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Margaret~
      I goofed up my last reply to you!
      I said angels, but should have said that I saw you had posted a Gift Bag! and am heading over to see it! So sorry~ Please know I appreciate your visits Marge!! And am always blessed by your comments and encouragement.
      And now, I can't wait to see what you've been up to! Hugs, Karen

  5. I love the stick hanger that echoes the age and simplicity of that little dress from a bygone era. Love those linens and laces.The final picture says to me that you are actually a good photographer.It's a charming picture of all the different elements of your post.
    Thank you for your post.

    1. Oh Judy, thank you for the visit! (I'm a bit slow with replies - no PC @ Home; only work) And I am so glad I found you : ) Your hearts and books are incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I appreciate you stopping in & hope you have a blessed day~ Karen

  6. I so love that you made that stick hanger to display this sweet slip, I love the hem on it too, so sweet, it looks great hanging among the other linens in your space. You did a great job taking pictures of them all, such pretty details on them too. I agree if they were in her things they were hers because they meant enough to her to have them :) I just love when we can get use out of things that are old and those that came before us also loved.
    I saw on the news the state was getting more snow, oh my, winter is just wanting to hold on isn't it. Take care and hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hey there Connie~
      Thank you mam! : ) I always appreciate your visits and encouragement. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment! and appreciate you taking time to peek in Connie~ Yes web have had lots of snow *sigh*, but warmth is on it's way this week! Have a blessed week friend, Karen

  7. Sweetie, the treasures you shared with us here are so gorgeous! And I actually think you took beautiful photos of them, showing the gorgeous details, and the beautiful natural light that falls on them. A precious gift you received, filled with so much beauty and sweet memories. I agree with you that the most precious things in life are the ones that relate to our loved ones, to our relationships. Thank you for sharing, dear, and the link ups are up almost until the next party arrives, so you can hardly ever be too late to link up :) Sending you hugs, xx

    1. Hi there Wen~ So glad you could stop and comment today! You always cheer my heart with your kindness : ) Thank you very much friend!! Hope all is well for you. Enjoy your week-end! We are having warmer weather for a few days : ) yea! ~Karen

  8. Every little treasure tugs at my heartstrings and especially how you made them into such a beautiful vignette! That little dress is just the sweetest and the hanger it is placed on! Oh my! thank you for sharing the beautiful pieces with us and a slice of your sweet world!