Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Covering books with scrapbook paper~

Hi there! and welcome to my blog~ How is your week going thus far?  I hope you are not buried in snow! : l  My heart and prayers go out to you in the eastern part of the US~
   We are having  mild winter weather in Colorado USA right now.  Cold and dry.  So typical this time of  year. *sigh* 
I  would welcome rain OR snow!  We really need the moisture here~

Please let me  share with you a project I undertook last year. 
 I love to read.  And not just on my Kindle : )  Although I do love that too~ I like the feel of a real book in my hands.  I like  bookmarks! and how a book sitting on the table reminds me to read. 
Well, I have a bookcase in my bedroom which was very - - unsightly! 
 With books of all shapes, sizes and colors - it just bugged me.   I had seen several articles and 'Pins' about covering books - so I decided to try my own idea!
I had this pretty scrapbook paper  pack of 12"X12"  from My Minds Eye brand  (In Bloom) collection, and I decided to cover a few dozen books with it~
Works so well - with just a few steps~
 I'm not a very good "teacher!"  but let me try to explain what I did.  (Perhaps I should have taken pictures along the way! (:z  hello, Karen?) But I was on a mission! and didn't think to share this until it was done~

1) I measured the height of the book and cut the paper to fit exactly.
2) I measured all around the width of the book, adding about 2 inches to each side (width-wise) for 'fold over.'
 If the paper wasn't 'wide' enough to wrap around the book, I zig-zag stitched strips of coordinating paper to extend the width.  Click on the photo below and I think you can enlarge the photo. *note - I did not overlap the papers; I 'butted' them up against each other and zig-zag stitched them together~

3) I then 'wrapped' the paper around the book and mark where the folds should be. *I used a scoreboard for crisp 'fold' lines; but you could just draw a pencil line on the inside of the paper and make your folds 'around' the book.

4) I used Washi tape (it has a light 'tack' and is removable) to adhere the covers to the inside of the book as you can see below. **These are 'every day' books! I wouldn't do this with rare or special ones: )

4) I opted to add strips of white cardstock to the spine with title and author.
I just printed the info on white cardstock and cut them out with wavy scissors : ]

They look so pretty on my bookshelf!  Much better than that unappealing eclectic mix~ It brings a sense of 'cohesion' to my bookcase.
If you have any Questions, please feel free to ask.  I know my directions are probably lacking.

This was an easy project, really. Took about 6 or so minutes per book,  once I got the technique down : )  I ended up covering about 25 books in 2 evenings~
I used:
1 12X12 scrapbook paper pack
1 Lg roll of Washi tape
 Paper trimmer
 12X12 scoreboard and bone folder
*To attach the labels on the spine I used an adhesive runner.
*I did reinforce the stitched seams on the inside (backside that doesn't show) with a strip of Washi as well. 

** Remember, these are 'everyday' books!!!  Though Washi tape is removable, I would not do this for rare or antique books of course.

Thanks for peeking in!  I hope you have a blessed rest of the week~


  1. How pretty are these! Great idea Karen, and what a great way to use up some scrapbook paper that we all no doubt hoard. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a great week! Hugs, Sue

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment Sue~ Yes, I have more scrapbook paper than I will ever use in my lifetime! No problem using it up for me. I like to use what I have; and try Not to hoard: ) Have a nice week-end! Karen

  2. Hi Karen, I love this project and using scrapbook papers. You are so talented and design the best ideas. I've used heavy wrapping papers for covers in the past but I like this idea so much better. Looks so nice on the bookcase like you said and having the titles on the spines is a special touch. Thanks for sharing my friend. Hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend ahead. Blessings to you. xo

    1. Celestina you are a peach! Thanks for the visit and comment! Means a lot 2 me~ I liked the idea of using paper to cover the books because each book looks different; but coordinated! : ) Blessings to you for a nice weekend~ Karen

  3. Beautiful paper pack to do this with and I like your idea of zig zag stitch if you needed a larger piece. Great idea for the washi tape also and gives it a pretty clean look on the inside too. Pretty idea!!

    1. Hi there Connie! Thanks for the visit and comment~ I appreciate you! Had fun with this book cover idea. Have a blessed week-end friend! ~Karen

  4. So pretty! I would much rather look at this too!

    1. Jacqueline, thanks ever so much for stopping to comment! Yes, my book shelf holds some of my precious reading material; but - -ugh, those covers! LOL This coordinating paper really did the trick for me. Harmony on the bookshelf now- ahhh : ) Have a great week-end! Karen

  5. Hi Karen,
    what a great idea and so pretty.Thanks for the tutorial.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Marie! I appreciate your comments always~ Your artistry is such an inspiration to all of us out here ; )! Hope all is well for you, Karen

  6. These are all so beautiful! I love the papers you selected. I also noticed all the lovely Longaberger's! I used to be a consultant back in the early 90's and at one time had 86 of them. I have been slowly selling them and downsizing, but they sure are lovely! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy! I had fun with this book covers project :J I have family in OH and one was a Longaberger consultant as well~ So I've been blessed with lots too. I've downsized a bit - - by giving some to my 2 daughters'! LOL I dearly enjoy my baskets friend~ Happy day to you, ~Karen

  7. Fabulous idea and your book covers are wonderful.

    Hugs Diane

    1. Hi there Diane! Thank you for the visit : ) I appreciate you so much~ I was enjoying your beautiful Valentine cards on your blog! Such creative work~ Karen

  8. Wonderful look. So pretty, lined up together!!