Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some of my Canvas Bag creations~

Over the last year I purchased  bulk canvas to make some tote bags~
It's been a lot of fun! and easier than I thought ; )
With just a few basic sewing techniques and some lace; these humble bags were born!  Most
were made with an inside pocket as well.  If you can sew straight lines, (and have a little patience)
you can make one too~

Here I used some canvas (lite-weight)  pleated  'ribbon'  in 3 different neutral colors~
Very easy but takes some time. I actually took time to change out the thread and bobbin  to match the darker color of ribbon! (yes 'mam) But you surely wouldn't have to~
 **Be sure to sew the ribbon on BEFORE you sew the side seams closed!  I used the Selvage edge for the top of the bag; so no  hemming at all!!  The handles are not hemmed.  They are strips of canvas; reinforced with a Zig-Zag stitch along each side. Easy-Peasy~

An ideal larger sized bag - for my daughter; she takes her kids to the library quite often.
 The Handles are made from wide cotton lace folded in half length-wise;  and the bag top is on the selvage edge. ZERO
hemming here!
                           Just a close up.
Most of my laces are from estate sales and vintage shops; but some is new.  The mini rosette's ribbon are  from  (click here>) Prima.

For this one I did not  hem the handle.  I ripped 2 strips, added the dark ribbon in the center and reinforced the ripped edges with double Zig-Zag stitching~  I did NOT turn the edges 'in' on the sides.  I just did a rustic stitch; leaving the rough edges exposed~
 The back side

  A smaller sized bag for my 3 yr. old grand daughter!  The black rosette is (click here>) Maya Road.
I used the good corner  (of a damaged hanky)  for the rose to sit on.
I simply used some wide & stiff seam binding (twill tape) ribbon for the handles~

This was the first one I ever made I do believe~  It is  canvas covered with a vintage handkerchief.
You can see I placed the  'fancy'  corner in the bottom right. : )
Then another piece of wide lace on top; and some crocheted lace  and a rosette twisted from a piece of old hanky.  The bad lighting and my 'genius' camera skills make the handle look yellowed; but it's not! (Whew)

What a privilege that you stopped in today!!!
Thank you and blessings for a great week~

Here in CO we are still experiencing very warm weather during the day (with chilly mornings.)
And I am SOOO HAPPY for that! As our winters are looong~
I want every drop of summer I can get!
~ Karen

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