Thursday, September 3, 2015

 Starting over... And some of my older grungier paper crafting!
Hi and Welcome!  I was a blogger for a short time - - and have returned to try again! : )
Please let me explain~
I recently  read a post from Rue @  An Old Fashioned
(I found her on the   'Saturday Spotlight'   from Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage…)
She was talking about how she had (deliberately) erased 4 or 5 years of blog posts
as she  . . . ' moved on to a new life ' . . .
and as she continued, she said "Looking back, I consider it to be one of the dumbest
things I've ever done."
Dear Rue, I can concur.
It was about a year and a half ago.  I had been blogging only about a year? And it WAS
experimental - I said so myself! I gave full discloser to my (6?) followers! : ) that if it got to be
too much for me (I have a full time job, and at that time my husband was disabled w/ MS)
well I told them I would have to stop.
OK, it wasn't my husband OR my job that caused me to stop; it was (Mr.) Google himself.
I had soo much trouble with it (I am woefully behind in PC/IT knowledge) and also some …'intrusions'
and unanswered e-mails trying to fix things...  *sigh*  I got angry, fed-up - - and quit!
The worst thing about it all  is,  that out of anger, I deleted ALL of my 50 some posts. 
I HAVE done  'more dumber things'  Rue, (PS I don't even 'know' Rue, but I feel like I do : )
But I do regret the delete's immensely~
WITH THAT being said, I have been sensing this return for several months now~
I WANT to try again, and I   T H I N K   I can handle the pitfalls; come what may!
Even if there is no one out there - even if no one reads - even if it's just me; talking
 and posting my  'crafting'  photos…    : ),  even so, I want to try again.
I don't even know for sure  why the 'draw'  back to blogland; maybe the start of my own  'new
journey'  in  life -  -
But at any rate, here I go!
I am mostly a paper crafter, but I also dabble in fabric and lace journals and small projects~
The name Roosterhead  came about  because I have been collecting Rooster and chicken décor
for many years.   Well, in my early years of scrapbooking I found a great (Stampin' Up) rooster stamp
and decided to use it as a signature on the backs of my cards and projects.
The thing is, I felt like the 'whole rooster' was a bit too big looking - so I just used the head part of
the stamp; and Roosterhead Designs was born!
  This is where I live~ (well, in a house, in the city  : )
Winter of 2011  Colorado Springs, CO
I'd like to post some of my older work~  This is some of my  'grungier'  older work!! 

A Christmas card using lots of burlap! Some corrugated board and a 'pik' from Michaels
 I used some Gesso white medium on the corrugated board to resemble snow.

This is a journal.  I used scraps of all sort on here!

 My mothers family.  She is the girl front and left - with pigtails and a white dress. ^

 A few paper bag cards and sentiment tags; made with Maja Design papers~

 And finally, a cover for a mini album; which I haven't finished yet!!
There is fabric, lace, corrugated board, burlap, vintage buttons and 'fussy-cut' paper! WHEW! The hearts are cut from batting material~

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! for peeking in today~ Karen


  1. Lovely to have you back sweet friend!! You work is always inspiring!! xo

    1. Thank you Gabi!! I'm honored with your visit. Your work has been so legendary, inspirational and influential to me!!!

  2. Ouch, that's nasty... Dear Karen, if you need any help with cruel Mr Google (believe me, he can be a very annoying person, lol) then please feel free to ask me. I'm a bit computer savvy and have conquered some of Mr Google's pitfalls, so I might be able to help you. By the way, you have one follower now on bloglovin: me :) See here: Beautiful art work!

    1. I just feel so honored and blessed Wen!! Thank you for your kindness; and Yes, I am "hollerin' help!" I will contact you thank you~

  3. Hi Karen, I've followed you too. Your work is simply delicious! I love your paper choices and what you have put together. I hope your blogging goes more smoothly this time! That's a sad story about deleting your stuff. What frustration!



  4. I have enjoyed your work..Just lovely designs. I did not see where I can follow you....if you have a spot let me know..