Wednesday, April 3, 2019

looking back~ (waaaay back : )

Hello friends!
Just stopping in to share an older card (I made for my brother several years ago) and to say Hi!  I am still here and have been looking around blogland when I can : )  I hope to stop in and leave some comments soon~
I would like you to meet my  great-great grandfather,   Antoine.
He moved his family  from France to Quebec, Canada, but I'm not sure of the date yet..  He had a son named Fredrick (my great grandfather) and Fredrick had a son named Renee - (my mothers father, and of course) my grandfather. My grandfather Renee (whom my grandmother called "Rey") was raised in Canada but moved to the (US) Detroit, Michigan  area as a man.  He met and  married Juliette (also French) and my mother Emilie was one of their 9 children!  She grew up in a French speaking home, but being in Detroit, all the children learned English (in school) and sadly, the language was lost.
The clever idea of using the vintage ruler as a display came from my very creative and innovative friend; Connie Mercer, at:
I used lots of corrugated cardboard and 'kraft' brown papers.
I cut (a copy of) the photo out with a "tag die"
The 'stars' (and i think the 'pocket watch') are Tim Holtz dies 
and I believe I used his Distress ink (vintage photo) on many of the edges.
There's a bit of sewing machine stitching, raffia and fibers.

I hope all is well.  I still have no 'new' creations~ But that's ok too.  I wanted to share this card over at Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday!!
Our monthly link up partyShe will be taking a break from hosting this "Neutrals" party for a while, so I do hope you'll stop in and see what's entered there! 

Wishing all my friends a blessed week and week-end ahead~
Loving hugs,  Karen

Here is papa Renee, grandma Juliette and their 9 children! I made this card for my mom a while back.  There is some family history "printed' over the photo.  My mama, Emilie Juliette, is in braids; front/left.  (Her dress looks as if it's 'glowing' : ) as she now is;  in Heaven~


  1. Such loveliness and charm. I do love how you honor your family members with your cards. I love reading about them all and it's so nice to meet your great great grandfather. And the folding vintage ruler adds is nostalgic for me. I remember my dad having one of those. What a rich family heritage you have. And of course I love your cards as always. Layered with such enchanting colors and wonderful textures. Layer upon layer of goodness. Doilies and fibers and flowers... so lovingly mingled together in beautiful craftmanship! I'm glad you're still posting. Maybe what you need is rest and a lot of pampering yourself. Take good care sweet friend. And thank you for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings to you
    Tamara xo

  2. Such gorgeous and beautiful cards, both, and holding memories, and little details of the lives of your family, from before you was ever thought of dear Karen .
    He looks a noble man your great great grandfather, beautifully dressed, and you gave him wonderful frame to be in- with the rusty elements. Your mother looks so adorable , and sweet and all the others, too. Yes a pity the French language was not kept a part of your family , -did you ever try to learn and speak it ? They are both wonderful family cards, I`m sure your mother loved it , dear friend. Warm hugs to you- Dorthe xoxo

  3. Oh Karen your card is fabulous, always love your wonderful layering , that watch to frame the photo is so cool, love the tearing, I really need to remember that next time, I especially like it for masculine cards.

  4. I just love the idea of using family photos in cards for the family... what a perfect celebration of your heritage, and of those wonderful vintage photos. The rugged cardboard and earthy kraft tones seem to suit your great-great-grandfather. Like all those who moved across continents in search of a better life, he must have been a strong character. I love the family group with the family history hovering over them too. I'm so inspired by this post, but sadly all the family photos are in storage... next time we visit there though, I'll be doing some digging!

    I hope you find some time for some fresh creative work soon. I'm settling back in at home and enjoying having my craft room back.
    Alison x

  5. Hello Dear Karen what a beautiful tribute you created for your Great Great Grandfather! How special! I love the background papers, the watch and stars so fitting for this special piece.
    The other family card is so special also featuring your loved mother Emilie Juliette dressed so beautifully in her white dress with braids. Both are wonderful historical memories which you can treasure.
    I also love your Blogger background with all the vintage photos - where did you find that dear friend.
    Wishing you hugs and very warm wishes too,
    Take care my friend,

  6. Oh Karen, your family cards are exquisite! What a lovely idea to celebrate each person in your family tree, and also to share them with your family. The old wooden ruler is a gorgeous display base, very clever. The layering looks so great. I love the torn fabric and flower embelishment, and the framing is perfect for the photo below. I have not been creative for a while either. I am catching up with stuff and tidying the garden after a long hot Summer where I didn't bother! I haven't been motivated to be creative as things are in a muddle around here, but I'm gradually getting it under control.

    Hope you are feeling more like creating now you have your craft room back. Tidy up - that's always inspiring!
    Jesse XXX

  7. Oh Karen as much as new creativity can be missed it's a heartwarming post to see a creation from the past as although the content is from time gone by it is a new discovery for me. Wonderful history I can imagine the joy your Brother felt when he received this. A treasured treasure to know so much about the past. Your Great great GrandFather looks a might fine fellow.
    Also the piece you share of your Grandma with her 9 children including your Mother, how lovely that her dress glows like a heavenly sign. How hard wash days must have been to boil and starch those linens so lily white.
    Thank you for sharing a little piece of your history with us, it's so important to keep those good times alive.
    Take good care, creative Hugs Tracey x

  8. Hi Karen. Hope you are keeping well. I'm lagging a bit behind in my commenting at the mo but hope to be keeping up with it now. I love that you've used old family photos in your cards. Such a lovely idea, especially for your family members. Have often wished I had more photos of my family from before we emigrated to Australia. I do have a few but they are really small and I'm trying to get them into a little album but that project has been in the pipeline for quite a while now. Not sure if I'll ever get that finished.
    I love the card you created for your brother. The corrugated board and kraft papers are perfect for a rugged male card. Love that you printed some family history over the second one too, such a great idea.
    Enjoy what's left of the week Karen and have a wonderful weekend. hugs xx

  9. Dearest Karen, I'm in love with this gorgeous card! And with the story behind it. Lovely to read a little bit about your roots and family history. Like you, I have French roots (I'm even born with the French nationality), and like you, unfortunately I hardly speak any French (because I grew up in The Netherlands)... just a little bit we learned at school and the basics for when I need to do groceries when we are on vacation in France :)
    But now back to your card. I so much love the layout of this card, it's so very creative and playful! And the photo on the tag :) Gorgeous work!
    Big hugs and love, xx

  10. Oh my goodness, Karen! I loved reading about your family history! And these 2 cards are so, so beautiful and very creative! I LOVE that your cards have such a beautiful, vintage feel!!! I have always wanted my kids to learn French, but alas, they decided to peruse different languages in school instead. One of my favorite vacations ever was when my hubby and I visited France. We hope to go back one day. Hugs to you, my friend!