Thursday, March 21, 2019

come what may . . .

Hello to all who've stopped by today!
I am hoping Spring is in the air for you?  We are warming to the low 50's (deg f) during the day here in the N/W area of the USA; I'm happy to report! : )
True, we may have another few bouts with snow, but you can bet we are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, flowers!  and that - - smell of Spring!
I was telling someone not too long ago about my early childhood in Michigan. When Easter and Springtime were near.  As the sun warmed the ground and melted all that winter snow, there was the smell of wet earth that permeated the yards. You could smell it as soon as you walked out the door~
The first signs of Spring for me!
                              FRENCH VINTAGE STYLE JOURNAL created Feb 2014
Well, I must confess I was hoping Spring would bring with it a renewed creativity and energy~
I've been longing for that 'creative eye' - rummaging thru my lace and fabrics, papers and trinkets- searching for the perfect compliments for my latest creation~
But it seems I just haven't 'got it goin' right now : /  and I've had to make some decisions- to keep myself from sitting at the scrap table every night; just staring at my stuff! Facing the fact that it's just not happening right now is my first step; and believe me I've been giving it a real effort~

Yes I have created a few things over the last several months, but the love and drive, joy and passion for it seems to have evaporated right now; if I can be honest with you friends~ Yes, it breaks my heart a little.  OK, a lot.
But my attitude is key in times like these.  There may be many reasons why my creativity can "ebb and flow" as it does.

Sooo, I am not going to sit here every evening waiting for my date to Not show! ; ) LOL
I'm going to take a break from the table.  Get some walking in, more time with family,  and start spending more time out-and-about; at least for awhile~  But my heart just isn't ready to say GoodBye to Blogland all together.
I love you all so much! and want to continue visiting when I can.
You are an inspiration to me! even though my 'mojo' tank is on "E" <3

I would also like to keep posting for a while, so I am bringing out some things I created many years ago~ I hope no one minds.  I still want to - share~
I created this journal in 2014.  (before most of my grief had begun- long story)

On the cover,  I used mostly scraps of papers, (some from Maja Designs  including the image.) I stenciled a canvas heart, there's twine, and a few bits of metal.  My flowers  hand-made.  There's also several strips of washi tape and bits of corrugated board.
The base front and back cover were from 7 Gypsies. 
I hope you enjoy it <3

 Wishing you a great week-end ahead!  Lots & lots of blessings & loving hugs to you- till we meet again.  ~ Karen <3


  1. Dear Karen, please do not be so hard on yourself we all go through these days/weeks/months and sometimes years of uninspired creative belief in ourselves but you must never give up. Leave those scraps right where they are and when the moment gives play, stick, sew and create. It does not have to be something shared it can be something just for you. Whilst you take this time to find yourself and be with loved ones maybe use a camera to document what you see creatively around you. It may be the inspiration you need and this instant art may create an almighty spark.
    Seeing your past post creations are inspiring to me and I thank you for sharing things of beauty that I may have not seen before.
    I do not know what (grief) you have suffered but be sure your blog friendship is highly valued. I hope you can find inspiration and comfort in knowing that.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy that Spring Fresh Air. I will be waiting for you when you decide to return like everyone else.
    Big (((Hugs))) Tracey xx

  2. Hi Karen! As you are heading into Spring, we are heading into Autumn. Although you can't really tell by the weather. It is still quite warm (low 30s C all this week)and we have had no rain since before Christmas. Really, really hope that will change soon.
    I am so sorry that your mojo is still MIA. Had that happen to me a while ago but, luckily, it didn't last too long. Don't give up on your crafting completely though. Just go into your space and play every once in a while. You never know, it may just jump out at you all of a sudden. I love your journal. It is gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with posting up things you created in the past. Always so nice to visit here with you so I hope you will keep blogging! Take care my dear friend. Sending love and hugs from the other side of the world. xx

  3. My dear Karen,
    I`m sorry to read that you still miss the drive and feeling to sit quietly and create ,- but I agree that no good results comes from pressing and forcing anything through - I just wish for you it will be back , both for us to be able enjoying your creative outcome , which I love , and for your own soul to have the gift of creating, back again. In the meantime yes, spend time with your loved family and enjoy nature soon starting to -as you say- smell of spring and summer .
    I love the cover of your 2014 journal , dear friend,- it simply has all elements to make it a gorgeous creation.
    Karen I will write you in the weekend, which I hope will be a lovely weekend for you.
    Warm hugs and love from Dorthe

  4. This cover is such a rare beauty! Hope your muse returns soon - give her time to rest!
    Big big hugs,

  5. Thank you for sharing! We all know how heart breaking it can be to struggle with your creativity. I love your work! Go explore for awhile, visit a museum. You will find your footing. Just imagine your on a sail boat, ride the waves.

  6. Big Hugs to you Karen, sometimes we need a little change of scenery in order to come back and feel creative. I am so glad you are hanging on and sharing your beautiful creations of the past, you have done so many amazing creations and I know there is more inside you waiting to come out, just waiting for the right timing. You never know what will spark some creativity. Maybe when everything starts to green up and flowers start to bloom will peak your interest again, until then we will enjoy your posts of the past :)

  7. Karen, I know exactly what you are speaking of..... when ideas just don't come easily and you find yourself just staring at your materials!!! Please don't leave us, I love your beautiful handwork and it is so inspiring! This journal is just gorgeous...yes please do share some of your older items, we would love to see them. Your creative spark will return, of that I am sure! Hugs!

  8. You have done so many wonderful creations - I love those amazing journal - so don't worry - the muse will come back when she is geared up again ! Allow yourself to pause and take a break - it is a reason for your muse to do so -- maybe something completely different will occur through your creativity and art!

    Have a happy time and enjoy and don't mind blogging or the community. We are here and we can wait!

    Big hugs and happy spring!


  9. I love your honesty, and you know, it's alright to step aside from your love and enjoyment of creativity and let yourself take in a deep breath of your sweet spring air while thinking on other things.
    I believe this happens to all of us at times, so don't feel bad.

    I don't mind you sharing some of your older creations, I just love seeing your beauty.

    Take care and happy Spring to you 💖

  10. Hello sweet friend,
    I'm not sure how I missed this but I'm glad I clicked on your link instead of just scrolling my feed! I'm sorry you're not able to find your lovely creativity. I can understand that it makes you sad. Your outlook is so inspiring tho and I've read that we shouldn't ever pressure ourselves to create. And I'm sure your family will enjoy that extra time with you! Your charming inspiration will hopefully return soon. In any case, you seem to know what you need right now. Your French Vintage journal is just lovely. So much to take in and enjoy. I hope the promise of spring will bring you some joy and peace. I was out today cleaning up and watering. It was so lovely to have you come by and say hello. It always adds a bit of cheer to my days to find lovely comments. Wishing you a Happy April and I hope to see you back very soon as you are such an inspiration and I know it makes you happy to create your beautiful treasures.

    Hugs and Blessings!

  11. Hi sweet friend, it is so refreshing to hear you talk about your creative journey so candidly. Good on you for deciding to step back from something that just isn't jiving, or is adding pressure that doesn't need to be there...There's already enough of that in life! :) I've found that a creative mojo is a wonderful, but fickle and fidgety little thing, and there is nothing wrong with taking some space + waiting it out until it comes to find you! Sending you so many hugs and wishes for a wonderful Spring, lots of time with family and plenty of 'earthy' whiffs! :) These projects are absolutely delightful!! xoxo Ivana

  12. I think you're so right about the ebb and flow of creativity, and the first thing is not to beat yourself up about it. If it's not giving you joy at the moment, then leave it be and find something else to do... maybe even in a different creative sphere - cooking or gardening or listening to/participating in music. The mojo will return when you have the mental and emotional space for it. It's never gone, just resting.

    I, for one, am perfectly happy to see your older creations, especially this glorious collage. The gentle colour accents amidst the neutrals are so pretty - like a glimpse of spring. The glow of the ribbon and those delicate blue flowers are simply charming amidst all the layers and textures here. The vintage styling of the journal is so elegant, so I'm very happy to see that too. I'm only sorry I'm so late visiting.
    Alison x

  13. AW Karen, sorry about my comment on your later post, I didn't realise how you're feeling. That was insensitive of me! I'm so sorry you can't find your mojo as your creative work is stunningly gorgeous! Anyway, keep posting your old artworks as they are all worthy of showing off. Maybe you could try reading a book? Tamara mentioned one by Elizabeth Gilbert called 'Big Magic', on creativity. Or maybe a good sad novel to get in touch with others' pain and sadness, which makes me feel like my own burden's not so heavy. I loved these:
    When I feel really down, I love to lose myself in a book, in someone else's world for a while. It gives you a rest from your own, and often takes you on your own journey too. If you're not a reader, you can listen to audio books via your phone. I love that, and listen while driving or doing chores. I feel for you, Karen, it's a difficult time. I'll email you soon.
    love and hugs,
    Jesse XXO