Thursday, February 11, 2016

The REMAINS of a day . . .

Hi there!  And welcome to my blog today~
We had a bad snow storm on Monday and Tuesday; February 1st & 2nd in Colorado Springs, CO USA~
I finally got out and around to take some photo's; but these are from Friday Feb 5th.
And here it is, Feb 11th! and I'm just now posting~ *sigh*  Lots of the snow has melted; but really, a majority of it  is still here - probably till spring~

I apologize for the signs and wires in some of the pic's!  but I could not find a place to park where they could be avoided.    God has blessed us - as inconvenient as I know it was for so many - but we needed the moisture so badly!  I am grateful for the 'melt' and the water that is now soaking into our land.  We are semi-arid and always welcome snow or rain.

We often have beautiful blue skies like this!  Isn't it so pretty!?


(in the photo above) - We are looking west.   I work about a mile west from here; down in that valley~
Above, can you see the snow-covered road traversing horizontally across the mountain!?

Below is our beautiful Pikes Peak mountain -The Rocky Mountain range runs vertically through (basically)  the western half Colorado.  We have 52 mountain peaks that are over 14,000 feet!
Many people make it a mission in life to climb them all~  WHEW!  (no, I haven't ; ) but some of my family, including my father, have climbed a good many of them.

 I thank you for taking a peek in today!!!    I hope you enjoyed these photos of our beautiful part of the country~  Blessings to you for a wonderful week!   ~Karen


  1. Hello!
    What a nice blog you have here. I have a question for you. Could you please email me at
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the visit Mary : ) I do not have Internet @ home. You are welcome to ask your question here! I appreciate you taking time to stop by! Blessings to you~ karen

  2. Dear Karen, they are beautiful photos, - the wonders of a blue sky, and the snow covered mountains below, oh what a sight, you have, all over you travel!! I know we can all be used to see the beauty, and almost on some days , not seeing it more, ( like me with "my" sea) but it must ,for you, be a fantastic thing , to every day open your eyes, to such a nature !! Are you sometimes driving the roads on the mountains ? Are they "wild", or totally secure to drive on ? Yes I speak like someone, never ever having been driving in mountains ,LOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
    Hug from Dorthe

    1. Hello Dorthe! Sorry my replies are slower now ~ Thank you so much for the visit and comment! You are a great support to me friend!
      But to answer your question, most of the main mountain roads are secure and black-topped like the highway. But that is only the main roads. There are many many dirt roads that lead to beautiful places; but you need a jeep or sport utility vehicle to travel on them! : ) Have a blessed week dear friend! ~Karen

  3. HI Karen thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us. When I was a kid we took a family trip out west and went to Pike's Peak. My brother and I marveled at the fact that we could have a snowball fight on July 4th, especially coming from Long Island NY where the summers were very hot and humid. How fun was this post! Happy Valentines Day! XO Sue

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you so much for your visit and comment!! Always appreciate hearing from you~
      When I was almost 12, my dad came home (we lived in the Detroit area) and said we were going to move; and live @ the bottom of a mountain! I was so scared (and excited:) I kept picturing one lone mountain in a blanket of snow! Like the north pole or something! : ) Have a great week Sue~ Karen

  4. We have so enjoyed our visits when we go out west to Colorado, those mountains are just beautiful and the blue skies are so pretty with all that white!! I am glad you are getting the moisture you need there. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you, and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in Connie! You are such a peach~ We are blessed to live in such a beautiful spot : ) Take care & hope you have a blessed week ahead~ Karen

  5. Gorgeous land! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Loved these photos. I was raised in Alamosa and went to a one room school there as a child. Colorado holds a special place in my heart.
    Blessings from Shirley